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Coping with long distant relationship challenges.



Coping with long distant relationship challenges
Long distant relationship challenges


Long distant relationship challenges can put a strain on a long term relationship if not handled carefully. A lot of relationship has ended in an unplanned way because both couldn’t handle the distant barrier.

No matter how busy we tend to be, there are times when our emotions yearns for urgent attention.

Even though we may try to ignore it and push it aside, but at such time, it seems like a difficult task because is only natural to experience the warm affection of people we love and care about.  is natural to have the urge to be cuddled, caresses and pet.  Is not out of place.

However, how we handle it a times matters especially if the relationship is a long distant one.

Long distant relationship challenges can only be curbed if couples begins to understand what relationship is all about. Unfortunately, a lot of folks have a wrong view and ulterior motive as regards to relationship. To some, is a way to curb their sexual desires, while to others is a gateway towards their financial benefit. Hence, I tag it ” friends with benefits.  rather than Relationship.


Here are some things every couple should know about long distant relationship.

Relationship entails friendship. 


Coping with long distant relationship challenges

In other to overcome long distant relationship challenges, we have to understand that the basis or foundation of every relationship ought to begin with friendship. Friendship connects the heart and bond the souls irrespective of the distance.

In friendship, people can stay together as long as they wish irrespective of the distance.

You still remember those friends you once met in school,  you had great moment with them, but as soon as you graduated, it seems as though you’ve lost  sight with them for several years especially if you reside in different states.

However, while you might loose sight with them, you won’t loose the bond you shared with them especially if you still have their contact..similarly, distant relationship will always survive once there is friendship in a relationship. While romantic partners may forget each other, True friends rarely does.

Out of sight shouldn’t be out of mind

We’ve often hear the popular saying that out of mind is out of sight.

This assertion usually result as a result of building a relationship based on infatuation and mere attraction.

Such relationship usually becomes a night mare as soon as the romantic aspect is no longer viable.

In a relationship built on true love, distance can only separate the physical body, but can never separate the heart.

Once the heart is for each other, separation becomes evitable. Even though the romantic aspect is eliminated, both souls will still long for each other, despite the number of years they’ve been apart.  

long distant relationship challenges and how to cope with them

Emotional challenges.

One of the greatest challenges facing folks in long distant relationship is the issue of expressing their affections with one another.

When we are in a romantic relationship, we often  crave for romantic affections and physical intimacy. Ranging from kissing, caressing, and petting. And to some extent love making.

Even couples practicing  Celibacy may still long for romantic expressions and togetherness. It is quite normal. This one of the huge challenge in long distant relationship. And most times, if not guided properly, might result to Infidelity.

This is where building of friendship becomes a necessity. Couples whose relationship are built on friendship can easily survive this challenge than couples whose relationship are built solely on romantic attractions. 

Another way to curb this issue of emotional challenge is via  communication.

 Communication is a strong pillar holding every relationship especially long distant ones. Gone are the days when one need to spend a fortune before communicating with his/ her partner. These days, communication has been made easily accessible via various channels including social media.

The recent invention of video calls has equally made communication more fun and adventurous. With face/ face calls, you can easily understand each other’s mood and gestures, detect each other’s demeanor or countenance, and see each other’s facial expression which are more effective than mere chats.  


Insecurity and trust issues

This is another huge challenge for couples in a long distant relationship. As human, is normal to feel insecure especially when our heart is full of doubts.

Sometimes, this doubt may not be as a result of a past experience, but as a result of our imaginations and negative thoughts.

Even couples who are not in a long distant relationship do feel insecure a times, let alone couples who rarely see each other. There is usually this thought of who is she with at the moment? Where is he at the moment? Who came to spend the night with her? Such thought no matter how we try to erase them keeps occupying our minds especially if the relationship lacks trust. And this lack of trust sometimes is prompted by an encounter the affected partner might have had with the other.  We know that trust is not gained but earned.

This is to say  that any form of suspicious behavior can reduce or derail the trust one have for the other.

So in other solve this mind puzzle associated with insecurity, couples need to learn how to trust themselves. And in the case where one of the partner have broken the trust in the relationship he/ she needs to work on it i n other to have  Regained.







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How does men show commitment?




How does men show commitment? This is one of the vital question asked by every lady who desires to be in a Healthy relationship .

To men, commitment is not just a “mere” not even an act. But an investment.

You know how crucial investment is in the lives of many especially goal getter and people who desire to be successful and make a lot of fortune out of their lives  right?

Before people begin to consider about investing their fortune on something.

They must have considered the possible outcome and its possible yield in future. That implies that they have to undergo a thorough thought and make a well detailed analysis.  After so much thoughts,

They must have reached an uncompromising  decision of whether on not to invest. At this point, they must be certain of their decision and be sure there is no doubts or double minds about it.  Similarly, this is just the definition of commitment from the male point of view. And this is why so many men develop commitment phobia in a relationship.

Men’s view about commitment is quite different from that of the female gender. This is why men show commitment when they are certain of the future and not just at the beginning of a relationship.

Recall that the Emotional differences In men and women ain’t similar. While women are guided by emotions, men tend to be more logical and realistic.

For example, when a woman is in a new relationship, and probably so much in love with her partner,she will become overly attached to the point that she will  expect everything done within a short time.

Ranging from commitment to formalizing the union. Women can’t really wait to be proposed to. Every woman regardless of how long they’ve dated their significant other is hoping and anticipating for that moment when he will pop up the question concerning marriage.

While men on the other hand sees commitment and marriage more like a huge responsibility. Hence the reason why they don’t rush it. They usually take their time to be certain they are ready and much prepared for the responsibilities ahead.

However, despite the fears associated with commitment. A time will definitely emerge in a man’s life, when the need to commit will be so intense and mandatory. This is the interesting part every woman desires to know. How do men show commitment?  What are the signs to show that he  longs  for a   long term relationship.

How does men show commitment

Several ways by which men show commitment.

Involving family members

This is one typical ways by which men show commitment. While a woman may be eager to meet  his significant other’s family or probably introduce hers to him even at the early stage of the relationship.

Men loves taking it slow and steady. They hate to be pressurized on such as that is a bold step.

This explains why men who just want flings  avoid involving the family members because that is a huge part of commitment. They often imagine a likely scenario of promising to sponsor someone only to abandon  them and leave them devastated.

Except a man has developed some sort of trust and confidence and is rest assured that she is whom he desires to spend the rest of his life with, he will never take the bold step of involving family members yet.

This explains  why a lot of them abscond from involving  their family members at the early stage of the relationship. To women it might seem like a normal act, but to a man, it means a lot.

Entrusting you with his personal items.

One of the apparent ways men show commitment is by entrusting you with things that are valuable and confidential to them. Commitment goes with trust.

For a man to commit,,he must have established some kind of trust for her significant other.

And when there is trust, security becomes certain and a necessity. With that, he can easily leave some of his personal items without having fears.  Some of this items ranges from his house keys to his ATM cards/ pin numbers. and so forth. These are items he wouldn’t  leave for to just any individual.


He will discuss confidential matters to you.

Another vital ways by which men show commitment is by confiding in you in their personal/ family matters.

There are some personal matters we may not like to share with our friends except the one who is so close and dear to us. So when he sees the need to confide in you, that is a big sign of commitment.

Such confidential matters can only be discussed with family members, this shows that he wants to include you as a part of his families too.


He shares his goals with you and seeks for  your opinion. 

He has other friends, yes!!! But your opinion matters a lot to him and he sees it as a priority. Soon, your opinion will always be the first to sought for when you both finally settles down.

And so seeking for your opinion now implies that he’s looking forward towards that in the future.

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