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Getting rid of toxic relationships when in love

  Getting rid of Toxic relationships should be included as one of your new year resolution. What is a Toxic relationship? Just as the name implies, it is an Unhealthy type of relationship which rather than become a benefit to you poses as a threat to your emotion and future. It is […]

5 mistakes to avoid on a first date.

And so you’ve finally accepted to go out with him/her on a first date after so much deliberations and persuasion. Taking a decision to go out with them on a first date either implies that you want them for a lasting relationship or probably want to have a nice time […]

5 Red flags to look out for in a relationship

There are so many red flags which often indicate an unhealthy relationship. but unfortunately, so many folks pay less attention to it till they are taken unawares either by break up or signs exhibited by their partner indicating that they are loosing interest. Break up doesn’t just occur. there are […]

How to build trust in a relationship

How to build trust in a relationship is an article which provides a detailed guide line on the steps needed to achieve a trust worthy relationship. Trust is vital in everyday aspect especially in our interaction with others. You did a business transaction with someone and entrusted your hard earned […]

3 Signs of obsession in a relationship

Obsession in a relationship is an unhealthy habits in relationship that has led to so many heartbreaks. It is often associated with exhibiting worried attitude and misinterpretation of love. There is huge difference between loving your partner and being obsessed about them. Love is a wonderful feeling, being in love […]

4 reasons why Love is not just enough

Love is not just enough is a detailed article explainning while love alone wouldn’t make a happy relationship. But tolerance understanding and trust. Some couples started off good, with lots of spark and mutual feelings for each other intact. Often got admiration and envy from people. Had a very strong […]

4 ways social media influence relationship

The influence of social media on relationships is an article focusing on some of the ways by which social media has posed great risk in so many relationships today. The presence of social media is one of such ways in which life has been made easier since the invention of […]

4 Best ways to respond to silent treatment

Best ways to respond to silent treatment is an eye catchy post which gives a detailed solution on ways to handle being at the receiving end. Silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse whereby an individual deliberately ignores the other with the intention of making him/her feel bad or […]

Importance of self love in a relationship

Importance of self love in a relationship is an eye opener for women who deserves to be respected by their significant other Have you ever imagined giving out a car to someone when you can’t even afford a tricycle, sounds funny and absurd right? This is exactly what happens when […]

3 ways to communicate effectively in a relationship.

3 ways to communicate effectively In relationship/marriage is a post aimed at helping couples understand the effective ways to communicate with each other to avoid conflicts With the sudden rise in divorce and break up on daily basis, one could easily deduce that most relationships and marriages today lacks effective […]

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