Month: August 2019

Does long courtship guarantee successful marriage?

  Long courtship is so common this days especially with the high rate of divorce and broken homes. Yet major reason attributed to rushing into marriage without having an indepth knowlege of whom you were about to marry. But is quite unfortunate that People have this wrong perception or should […]

Unleashing your greatness

      Your greatness in life depends solely on your ability to discover who you are,  your purpose and value.  The word “unleash” means to free, release  or let go. You can’t release what you are not in possession of. You first have to understand that your greatness is […]

How to handle an Egocentric partner


How to balance your love life and goals.

Love life and goals are one the vital aspects of life. Both are important because they help to build one into a better individual in the society. Going into  each stage could be a life transforming moment as they prepares you for  another phase of life.  Let’s look at importance […]

How to handle different Phases of a relationship .

Five signs you are in a committed relationship

  Being in a committed relationship is the  desire of every singles. Especially singles at a marriageable age. What is a committed relationship? A committed relationship is one in which both partners invests their time and emotions in other to ensure that things works out perfectly. In other words, nobody […]

jealousy in relationship. A bad or healthy habits?

Jealousy in relationships are very common habits. They are totally normal, As human, we always crave to guide/protect what we value so much. We get furious when we notice that something we desire, or wish to have all for ourselves is gradually slipping out of our finger. With the crave […]

Excelling with your skills

Excelling with your skills Is one of the greatest way to relieve financial burden especially in this harsh economy. Skills are your ability or potentials which can be used to earn a living. Getting a skill is an essential way to improve one’s life, since white collar job are recently […]

dealing with inconsistent partners.

Inconsistent Partners can be unpredictable. Today they are on, tomorrow they are off. One minute they show some level of commitment, the next minute they begin to act non-challantly. Initially, your relationship was awesome. They shower you with so much care and affection. But at the moment you want to […]

Emotional differences In men and women.

Emotional differences is a generic term, used to describe various ways by which both genders react to emotions. Men and women are created differently as regards to their emotions. And understanding this will go a long way in restoring peace, trust, love and understanding in Your relationships/marriage. It erases all […]

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