Why am i too emotional and sensitive?

why am i too emotional and sensitive? This question has kept so many people in a devastated state. The more they try to ponder, the more confused they become. You get easily hurt by people. You react easily to your partner’s attitude. You get paranoid every now and then. You […]

Six tips in becoming a successful entreprenuer.

Becoming a successful entreprenuer is very possible when the right approach and method is applied. Entreprenuership has become so popular and common in this 21st century. With the advancement and development in technology, and also high rate of unemployment, entreprenuership has come to be the most alternative source for so […]

Coping with a difficult spouse.

Coping with a difficult spouse could be challenging and tasking. Who is a difficult spouse?There are different ways to define a difficult spouse. A difficult spouse is that partner whose needs and desires are insatiable. You can hardly please them because they are always out looking for fault every now […]

Overcoming inferiority complex.

Overcoming inferiority complex Inferiority complex is a feeling that occurs when we  think less about ourselves . Or see ourselves incapable of doing certains things or accomplishing certain task. Inferiority complex is usually accompained with fear,  low morarle  self esteem,  pessimism, negative feelings and self rejection.  Inferiority complex is not a […]

Is he ready for marriage?

is he ready for marriage? This is one of the vital question any woman Within a marriageable age desires to know or never hesitates to ask somewhere along the line in any relationship. especially before getting herself to commit. . Not every relationship would definitely lead to marriage, that is […]

Four things to do when he says he needs space

He has told you he needs space on several occassions, And you keep wondering what it actually meant. You are scared it might mean a break up or loss of interest. You aint sure but the thought of break up sends goose bump to your body. You can’t imagine it. […]

How to cope with a workaholic partner

Coping with a workaholic Partner is one of the toughest challenge in Every relationship. the feelings could be devastating because they seems to focus more of their attention towards their job. Getting their attention seems almost like an impossible task as their job seems like their priority. And that may […]

How to cope with loosing a job.

Loosing a job or contract could be a devastating moment in one’s life especially When there is so much responsibility to take care of at that monent .As the bread winner,, you feel like your entire world has crashed. That thought of not receiving the usual monthly alert to take […]

Domestic violence

Domestic violence a call for concern in our society. You are a useless woman!!! I would have left you where you were abandoned by your good for nothing parents who never valued your existence. I regret ever picking you from the dust bin and giving your life a meaning. I […]

Why you must let go of your past.

The more you tried to let go of your past, the more its experiences keeps hunting you. Does that look like your story? relax, it is something that often happens. A lot of people had gone through this at one point in their lives or other. You aint alone on […]

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