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5 Effective ways to market your skills.



Effective ways to market your skills.
Effective ways to market your skills.



In other to market your skills,  you ought to have one already or be  in  the process of acquiring one.

Skill acquisition is spontaneously becoming the most effective way towards attaining financial freedom . The economy is gradually becoming so unaffordable which has triggered a lot into sourcing for other alternatives so as to meet up with their daily expenditure. With skills, A lot of people with several responsibilities no longer have to  depend on their salary alone which hardly takes care of their expenses.


Skill acquisition has equally helped a lot of youths who unfortunately found themselves in a congested labor market, where the rate of unemployment supersedes the limited number of jobs available. So many are leveraging in this opportunity, rather than to keep waiting for a white collar job which they ain’t certain about.

There are quite number of others who have  developed this Entrepreneurship mindset that they no longer deem it necessary working for anyone. All their desire has always been to be their own boss, pursue their dreams,  create their own employment opportunities,  and still  manage their Time . whatever reason that derives people towards acquiring skills, the most important of it all is knowing how to market it and attract revenue.

Marketing is the most challenging aspect. It is one thing to acquire a skill, it is another thing to have it seen by various audience especially people in dire need of your services. This is where a lot of people gets discouraged and may decide to quit. Imagine going through the rigorous process of mastering a skill, and then, still having the need to convince the audience to patronize you.

Marketing is a skill of its own. Every Entrepreneur desiring to be successful in his or her endeavor really need to adopt this skill.  It is not a science rocket, it is achievable. In this article, I will explain some  effective ways by which you can market your skills and have it being demanded by millions of people.



1. leverage  on the power  of Networking- 

Networking is powerful when it comes to marketing. Search around you, there are people who are expertise when it comes to your field. Make friends with them. Form a circle of friends who are knowledgeable and fits in to your niche or area of expertize.  Don’t neglect your friends too. They might be familiar  with some influential  People or refer you to one. It could be their relation, or colleague. Try and reconnect with old friends too, you never know where opportunity might emerge from. Always spread your tentacles, don’t rely on one source.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA-  the word is becoming more advanced since the advent of technology. Gone are the days where people walk from house to house, street to street, in search of costumers.

These days, with the help of social media, you can have your business or skills seen globally. To market a skill effectively, social media is quite necessary.

It is no longer news that Many people does not own  a physical shop, yet they make massive sales on daily basis. Even the ones with physical shops are still boosting their sales majorly from social media. It is a fastest way to reach out to people and brands  in various countries and regions within a limited period of time.

However,  having social media profile is not enough, you must learn how to advertise and market yourself on the different platforms. Instagram, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and the rest.  First, you have to start by creating a professional profile of you and your services.

Then always post your services, and ask your friends to share them.

If you have sufficient income, you can run a paid sponsored ads to ensure more reach and gain more followers who might likely patronize you in the future.

It doesn’t cost much if you really know how it works, or you can engage in the services of people who are expert on it.  You can be  doing  it gradually,till you achieve your desired result.

Focus on your location and Targeted Audience.

The success of a business a times depends on the location and targeted costumers. For you to market your skills effectively, you must pay attention to your environment and the need  people around you  there desire to get.

Every business or skill have the tendency of thriving well, if targeted at the right location and audience. Whether you intend to promote your business offline or online, you must target only people who will be likely  interested in getting your product, as well as the audience. Imagine selling a fitness equipment and targeting it to people in their advanced age. They most likely may not need it, but rather it should be targeted to the younger  ones desiring to loose weight.

This is the major mistake people make,  especially when running a social media ads. You will definitely loose your money and record no sales, if you don’t target the right age bracket and location.


Promote others too.

We grow by helping each other. Forming a network of skilled and talented individuals, who are ready to help each other is one surest way to success. Look for other brands in your area of expertize, promote their product in your page and always tag them. You can never tell  that which will bring you to limelight. You may be recognized someday.


Keep Learning- sometimes, results produces more effect than every other method. If you are good in what you do, a client will most likely refer you to other clients after rendering your service. I’ve seen it happen couple of times. That’s why you mustn’t stop learning and unlearning in other to be competent. Knowledge can never be saturated. Some skills are highly competitive, but what will give you an edge over others is your competence. Learn to accept criticism when necessary.  Sometimes, criticism paves way for enhancement and growth.







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men are scum! How true is this?


All men are scum
All men are scum

All men are scum! This statement is one of the most common statement that usually emerge from ladies who’ve had  several bitter experiences in relationship. The statement is usually borne out of brokenness, bitterness, emotional trauma and severe heartache.

Sometimes,  this mindset or perception occurs in ladies who sacrificed  their time, effort and resources towards a relationship, but at the end, their effort became fruitless as they were ditched out of the blues.

They were not just ditched, but substituted for  what seems like a preferable option to their lover,  Which often results to a broken heart and  inferiority complex. A case of building a castle for some other to abode on.

At some other times, the perception that men are scum   can emerge from  feminists, Who have developed some kind of resentments towards men, with the feelings that they can do without them.

Experiences still remains the major reason for the common statements. “All men are scum”.

Accidents happen on daily basis, auto- mobile  crash, plane crash, yet people never stopped traveling  Anyways .

Believing that men are scum is synonymous to saying” I would rather miss that appointment than risk my life, because I’m scared of the accident that occurred  in  the same route days back.

Unfortunately, this mindset has made a lot of women loose their potential suitors, because the bitter experiences engulfed their mind that it became difficult to convince them that there are exceptions.

And now the question is,  how can such negative mindset be erased from the victims?

Are men really scum? Find out how to erase such mindset.

understanding the Emotional differences in men and women .

All men are scum
men are scum

And so you’ve dated several guys, you just found out  one similarities among them. And that could be, being so lovely and romantic at  the honeymoon phase?( early stage of a relationship).

But then, when they began to adjust, it seemed as though they are gradually withdrawing or loosing interest. And so the next thing is to start  nagging,  being clingy and desperate till they became bored and walk away.  This is the mistake a lot of ladies make, and they thought it has to do with the insensitive nature of men.

But the fact is that, men and women react differently when it comes to emotions. Men are naturally hunters, and during the chase period, they are so overwhelmed and thrilled, hence the excessive attentions and affections.

But then, as the relationship begins to adjust, and familiarity sets in,  they tend to withdraw not completely, but gradually. Is just a natural phenomenon, and has nothing to do with interest most times. It is synonymous to that exciting  feelings we often have after purchasing a new favorite items, the feelings begins to depreciate as the item gets warn out, even tough we still find it useful.  If you don’t understand this, you will keep nagging and the cycle continues even in your next relationship.

A man can equally need a   space to think through, if he’s pressed or burdened, unlike women who loves to confide in their lover at challenging times. It is called Alpha- male Ego. They don’t want to be seen as a weaker vessels. Understanding all these will make you realize that All men are not really scum as presumed. And so rather than become insensitive, you will learn to play it cool.


your spec. 

Your spec or desired quality in a partner could be another basic reason of assuming that All men are scum.

Most times, our spec are unrealistic. We tend to  give more priority to the physical/ superficial  attribute, hence neglecting the  attitude of the individual which should be the priority.

A lot of women who  complained that All men are scum, may have at one point or the other turned down the request of a genuine man simply because he doesn’t fit in to their spec.  Probably not handsome or rich.

Then unfortunately, fall prey to the good looking ones who have no interest of keeping a relationship, but just to flirt around.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a spec, but then you have to know where to draw your boundaries and set your priorities right. As unfortunate as it sounds, you may not find it all in one individual, so is up to you to focus more on the traits capable of sustaining  a healthy relationship.

dating for the wrong motive. 

It takes two to tango, a successful relationship comprises of two individuals who have the same motives and are willing to input their effort towards its success.

Is quite unfortunate that a lot of women date for material benefits, hence they keep attracting men who date for ulterior motives as well such as sex, in exchange for money.  At the end of the day, they will still lament that “All men are scum” when their supposed lover had finally gotten enough and decides to ditch them.

As a young lady who desires a healthy relationship, learn how to be self dependent.  It will enable you  set a standard in the kind of relationship you desire, so you don’t go about inviting guys who are ready to entice you with gift, but will jilt you afterwards.  Be Responsible, so you can get yourself a Responsible man.


Not defining  a relationship.

A relationship not defined paves way for heartbreak and emotional trauma. Every journey has a destination tend to be reached, same as Relationship. No one just parks their bag without first considering their safety and shelter.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the question ” what exactly are we doing? And where’s this relationship heading to? Women who ignore this question initially often end up in regrets, they are often the ones who yell that “All men are scum”.  People have different aims of being in a relationship, that’s why is necessary to ask questions. It doesn’t mean you’re desperate. It only means you are wise enough not to have your time wasted. Don’t assume things, try to be certain by asking the necessary questions.

Also check out for:

3-reasons-why-you-should-never conclude about men.






















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Should i take a break from relationship?


Should I take a break from relationship?

Should I take a break from relationship? This is the common question from people who have gone through a lot emotionally,  while it is the wish of every young person to have a successful relationship that will end in marital settlement, having a healthy romantic relationship, is still not guaranteed. No matter how we try.

A lot of persons have diverse reasons of being in a relationship, to some it could be for fun, or to curb loneliness. while  to others, it is to establish a lasting ( union) with their significant other.  The former often have no reason to worry, if the relationship doesn’t last.  But this article is specifically  meant for the later(I.e the category of people who desires to have a great love story, but unfortunately keeps getting  series of disappointment, and the cycle keeps repeating itself.

It is not uncommon to harbor some negative thoughts like, everybody being against you, nobody wants to date you or perhaps something is actually wrong with you. A times,  you can’t help but blame yourself over and over again. Maybe you could have done it this way, or that in other to avert the situation.

At a juncture, you finally came to the conclusion that taking a  break from relationship is the best and only option you’ve gat in other  to regain your sanity,

But then? Is that really the best option? For how long do you intend to do that? While taking a break from relationship might seem like a good option, it is equally advisable to examine the reason behind the consistent  heartbreak you experience. Just like the the saying goes thus, ” there’s no smoke without fire”. You can only solve or tackle  a problem by identifying the root cause and not by shying away from it, else the same challenge will keep reoccurring. Here are the steps to take before considering taking a break from relationship.

Should I take a break from relationship
Should I take a break from relationship?

steps you ought to take before considering taking a break from relationship.

Check your Attitude. 

Before taking a break from relationship, you should first examine your character to be certain that the fault is not actually from you.

Most times, we are quick to blame others for their  misconduct thereby paying less attention to our own lapses. Why Drafting out the list of your spec in a partner and the qualities you expect your partner to possess,  don’t forget to work on yourself too. Just like yourself, every other person deserves the best.

Why trying to point out figures or blame your significant other, the problem  could be you repeating the same mistakes over and over again.  You can’t be repeating the same routine, and at the same time expecting a different result. First, work on yourself before drawing conclusions.

check the foundation of the relationship.

Before considering taking a break from relationship, is best to understand how the relationship began in the first place. A relationship without the right foundation will never lead to a healthy union.

Some examples of such relationship are one sided relationship and Rebound relationship.  Such relationship was never meant to be, it is tagged ” A relationship based on circumstance, and so more shouldn’t be expected.








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petty factors that ruins a relationship


Petty factors that ruins a relationship
Petty factors that ruins relationship



There are so many factors that ruins a relationship, but amongst them are the ones I termed ” petty factors”.  You know why they are called petty factors?

Even though they seems like a big deal to us, they are almost insignificant.

We actually take them serious, but the truth is that sometimes, they absolutely means nothing, but our assumptions and self- imposed fear keeps our mind so locked up with so much fears and insecurity to the point of picking up a fight,  nagging  or initiating a dispute with our partners,  over what seems not to be in existence.

One of my client has her own share of experience. She said and I quote ” I regret ever being too sensitive and  insecure, to the point of loosing my 3years old relationship out of assumptions.

She narrated her experience on how she  allowed a “mere” comment ruin what she worked so hard to build for years.

She saw a comment and presumed that her significant other was cheating on him. And without trying to clarify things, she confronted him in the most awful and irritating manner, which  resulted in serious misunderstanding and a breach in communication between them.  The issue lingered on,  and every effort to hear his own side of the story proved abortive.

She became too nagging and insensitive, and when he couldn’t bear it any longer, he decided to call it quit.

She soon realized that she was only being paranoid over nothing, the comment which was the bone of contention was nothing but a harmless comment, but then it was already late.

She couldn’t reverse the damages which had been caused already. So many relationships which was expected to last for long has gone down the rail in a similar manner.

Quite number of them are being tagged as a result of   incompatibility amongst couples.

But a times, it occurs as a result of petty factors, which ought to be neglected, but then has been made a major issue. Now lets take a summary of some of these factors and how it ruins  relationship.

Factors that ruins relationship.

Lack of trust.

one of the factors that ruins a relationship and triggers some petty issue is lack of trust.

Insecurity  a times, results when there is no trust in a relationship or when the trust has been breached  due to one negative attitude from one or both parties.

In the case of no trust, this often occurs as a result of past experiences in relationships. Some People who has a bad relationship history are psychologically and emotionally traumatized.

Their fear is usually triggered by the fact that every relationship is bound to end in a similar way, just like their previous. Thus leading to lots of negative attitudes like  jealousy in relationship and  neediness.  Such attitude can only be curbed by getting rid of the past and taking decisions to move on, despite what you’ve might been true.

While the former, can be avoided by being transparent and avoiding any issue which could lead to suspicions.


Being Clingy is one of the major factor that ruins a relationship. spending time with your partner/ significant other is good and should be always encouraged, as effective communication  enhances a relationship. However, be cautious to know when you are beginning to abuse such positive attribute.

Being together doesn’t always have to mean not giving each other space. The best form of a relationship is that which both parties truly understands each other and knows where to draw a boundary in each other’s private life. Such relationship is majorly accompanied with trust. And that is what I tag “a healthy relationship”.

Respecting each other’s privacy is a sign of Trust and maturity.  A relationship doesn’t always implies that he/she can relate with other members of the opposite sex.


Their life must not revolve around the relationship. You have to realize the fact that they still have goals and dreams to accomplish. Hence the need for a  space sometimes. As a matter of fact, giving your significant other space attracts much value and  affection, as absence they say makes the heart grow fonder.

External source /5-ways-you-could-ruin-a-beautiful-relationship.



























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Finding your spec in a partner



Finding your spec in a partner could be challenging a times, especially in a  time like this where people fake  their personalities a lot just to get attention. But the most challenging aspect is having someone you love meet up to that quality you’ve always desired in a partner.

Often times, our spec in a partner seems abstract and unrealistic. We all crave for a perfect partner who’s physically and intellectually endowed in all aspects.

Ask an average man  her ideal woman, you will often hear qualities like tall, pretty, good curves,  homely, God fearing,   submissive, hardworking and so on.  Same is applicable to women, Ask an Average woman her idea man, you will definitely hear qualities near to perfection such as A tall, handsome, responsible, , resourceful and God fearing man.

This is one of the major reason why most  marriages suddenly becomes uninteresting and boring, after few years. Because we are often attracted by unrealistic qualities thus leafing to the wrong decisions.

Is normal to have a specification when choosing your life partner or considering settling down. But the question is,, Are your specifications real? Will they guarantee your happiness or will they leave you in trauma for the rest of your life.

60% of the problems faced in marriage/ relationship usually occurs as a result of  our ” spec”. We want everything in a partner, but unfortunately, we rarely see all we want in an individual and rather than settle for our needs, we still insists on wants thus leading us to the wrong choices which can deter our happiness in the future.

There’s usually this feelings of excitement whenever we find the rightful one for us, the partner that  fulfills  at least 70% of our expectations. But unfortunately, life doesn’t always make all we need available at our beck and call.

The one we presume to have met our criteria may not be interested in us, whereas the interested ones may not possess the qualities we admire. Making the scenario more complicated.

However, always know that finding your spec in a partner involves two thing. Is either you find your desirable, or you go for the available.

The former may seem so nice, but the truth still remains that it is not always obtainable. And so you might end up settling for the later. And so the question now is, how can we make the available also desirable? Let’s look at some tips that will help us in such decisions.

finding your spec in a partner. Making the available look desirable. 

Focus on the need-

Finding your spec in a partner is usually not feasible at all times, so in the bid to get your desire, you need to focus more on what you need in a partner, and not necessarily what you want. So what are the needs in a life partner?  Tolerance , loyalty,  morals, loving hearts and friendship.

These are qualities that sustains a marriage,  when the physical qualities seems to be gradually fading away. The physical qualities are the wants. It attracts people to each other, but what will keep them afterwards is the need.

People who understands this tend to overlook the physical qualities. That is not to say that the physical qualities are not equally vital. But in the case you can’t find both in a partner, you have to draw the scale of preference. 

keeping your specification open

Finding your spec in a  partner usually entails that you keep your options and specification open. One of the major challenges we often face when trying to find our spec in a partner is that we are so obsessed with certain attributes. We often create a stereotypic traits in our minds on how we want our partner to be. We don’t give rooms for other options which might suit us.

A typical example is having having the notion that you must marry a fair girl or a tall guy . Another instance is having the notion that you must marry from a particular tribe. And so when such specification ain’t coming your way, you will unknowing miss the right choice you ought to have embraced because you are so obsessed with a particular attribute.

When you make your options open, you might surprisingly meet someone who has a higher quality than you’ve anticipated.













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Why am i lagging behind?


Lagging behind


Have you ever felt like you are lagging behind in life? You know that feelings that usually surfaces when ever you examine your life and discover that it ain’t going in contrary to your plans and expectations.  especially when you’ve seen your mate, colleagues or friends progressing from one stage of their life to the other. Comparison sets in, as  depression follows suit.

Perhaps, you’ve made plans  and created a very awesome picture of what your supposed future ought to look like.  But unfortunately, fantasies are sometimes far from reality. But then, that is life!!!

Is so common to feel like you are lagging behind, when your dreams are gradually becoming a nightmare.  Your once favorite social media  is gradually becoming annoying each passing day. Each time you log in, You can’t scroll down without seeing the awesome pictures of couples or intending couples flooding all over your time line. You can’t scroll down without bumping into a picture of an old time friend in an exquisite office or company.

Bumping into friends on the road a times always leaves you with the feelings of embarrassment and failure.

You’ve practically stopped going to certain places where you will likely meet old time friends to avoid questions like..what are you doing now? Are you married now?  At a point, You are beginning to contemplate  whether to go off social media for a while so as to avoid loosing focus and going insane.

I truly understand those feelings. Is quite normal especially when you’ve attained a certain age where you feel you ought to have made one accomplishment or the other, yet you still see yourself still on same level you were some decades ago.

Lagging behind in life feels as though there are people you accompanied to this life.  However, while is quite normal to feel that way, is abnormal to let this feeling subdue your happiness and dominate your existence. A lot at the verge of trying to comprehend or navigate things have end up taking their own lives as they wondered what else is there to live for?

Taking one’s life is never the solution. I will give you some tips to help you  overcome at such trying moments.

Lagging behind? What you should do at such moments.

Take a deep breath and pause. 

You can’t really focus when your mind is at much pressure, you can’t think positively in emotionally unstable mind. This is why you must take a deep breath and relax your mind first at turbulent times, so you can pave way for a stable mind in other to think positively.

Don’t shy away from people 

Nobody is an island, our success and wealth are often time a product of other people’s assistance. We can’t isolate ourselves from other people’s assistance if we must succeed in life.

As a business man/ woman, without people coming to patronize you, you won’t make sales. As a Skilled entrepreneur without people requesting for your service, you won’t progress.

As an upcoming celebrity, without fans,  you won’t be recognized. So you see, you can’t erase the relevance of people, that’s why you must let go of your Ego and shame and make yourself open and available.

God would not come down  from above to assist you after you’ve prayed. It is through people that such miracle will  come into existence. This is why you must not shield yourself totally from people in other not to drive your destiny helper away. A times you need to ignore shame and come out from your shelf in other to meet your destiny helper.

Be patient. 

Sometimes, when positive things are yet to show up, when our dream life is yet to become a reality, we assume we are lagging behind. But the fact is that, just like our date of birth,our destiny differs.  Some people are destined to make it earlier than others. It doesn’t actually portrays they are better or that others won’t make it.

But then that is life. And pressure becomes intense, when  friends and colleagues are becoming fortunate to have their successful life emerge  before yours .  The envious feeling is normal, but just wish them well and believe yours is on the way.  Most times, what we need is just patience. Don’t  allow impatience rub you off your positive story before it finally emerges.






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After rejection!!! What next?




After rejection? What next?

And so after rejection, what next? How can you cope with the emotional trauma? How can you accept the irreversible scenario?

How can you embrace the reality right before you? You just want to wake up and realize it was just a night mare. As human, such reality is just hard to accept no matter how strong you are.

Imagine fantasizing on how glamour your wedding day will be like, you’ve created a picture and how perfect your home will definitely look, you’ve even discussed it among your friends.

You’ve bragged about your lovely partner  and how complete they make you feel ever since they came into your life, during your discussions  with them. Everyone is anticipating for that special day you will walk down the isle with your heart throb.

But all of a sudden, your expectation turned into a night mare.

The day which ought to have been the happiest day of your life turned out to be the saddest and regrettable day.

You proposed expecting to  hear a positive response but got disappointed instead. You felt your world has crumbled right before you, the embarrassment and expectations are so hard to ignore.

Your pictures together  are already littered everywhere on social media. Everyone is anticipating for that special day. Now how do you tell them that the once expected union  had become a night mare, due to rejection

The trauma that usually comes after rejection can be so shocking and  may lead to  depression. if not handled carefully.

Proposal rejection does not just affect the men alone, but equally affect women in one way or the other.

When a woman had been led on, to the point of making a whole lot of   commitment, ranging from emotional commitment to physical commitments,  and then becomes disappointed at the end, she will definitely feel the effect or aftermath of rejection.

However, just like every other misfortune or unfortunate occurrence  in life, your reactions to it matters a lot as that will determine your tendency of pulling over or becoming drowned by your emotions at the end of the day.

To some, it affected their lives positively afterwards as they learnt certain things out of it, while to some few others, it posed a negative mindset in their lives as they chose to gave up on love, thereby missing their life partner.

This article is just to remind you that all hope is not lost yet even after rejections, you don’t have to get yourself worked up or wallow in pity forever. You’ve gat to move on. So how do you go about it? How do you get yourself out from this likely prolong misery? Let’s find out.

How to move on after rejection.

Sob, cry and wail.

Surprised right? I know you must have been expecting something like.

Pretend like you are strong, buckle up your feelings, and just move on with your life, but then is most easier said than done. As humans, we can’t totally get rid of emotions, we only learn how to conquer them.

Research has it that, letting out your emotions by whichever means is the surest and most effective way to move on during emotional trauma.  If you lock it up, you are only covering a wound without treating it, and you know what? Why it is concealed, the scars will never go. Is better to have it treated once, with the scars healing gradually, till there’s no more left.  In others words, cry, sob and wail till there’s no more reason to do that. Soon you will get tired of that.

Forgive your self and your Ex- partner.

The emotional trauma that comes after rejection is so severe that some people had vowed never to forgive the one who caused them so much pain. But then, by holding grudges you are equally getting yourself stuck too .

unforgiving heart makes you a slave to your own emotion because it often breeds bitterness and hatred. Set your self free. Quit blaming yourself for loving and trusting them. Set yourself free by forgiving yourself and forgiving them too. Also avoid harboring a revenge thought. Make up your mind to let go. In that case, you will easily erase the past to pave way for the future.

Take a break.

After rejection, there’s always an urge to mingle again. There’s an intense desire to revive those memories you once had with them.

Probably because you missed them or want to proof to them that you are better off with some other persons.

This is not a contest. You don’t contest with emotions. Is either you’ve moved on or you’re still hanging on there trying to revenge which most times doesn’t end well. No matter the urge, try to give relationship a break, this will help you be in charge of your own feelings and emotions at the mean time.  In other to clear your head and get yourself emotionally,  physically and psychologically prepared for the next relationship.

let go of your past-

This is the last stage that will determine your tendency to love again and equally trust again. And what will enable you to let go of the past is when you strictly follow all the above mentioned point. By letting go of the past, you are paving way for a bright future ahead.













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5 reasons why you always feel insecure


5 reasons why you feel insecure in a relationship

Do you always feel insecure in a relationship?  Do you always  have this negative feelings that no matter how  healthy   your relationship is, you still get scared every now and then?

Do you always feel  unappreciated and less valued? Even when there’s no yet reason to feel that way. Do you  often see yourself getting unnecessarily  jealous for no course?  If yes, then You are not alone in this.

We’ve all been there at one point in time, we’ve all experienced this. It seems like a norm but sadly, it is a negative trait which has the tendency of terminating a lovely relationship. It does not matter how long you’ve been together, once insecurity sets in, it will certainly pose an effect in the relationship in one way or the other.

Here’s a typical instance on how we feel insecure in a relationship.

Helen had called several times, but all to no avail. It rings and then goes unanswered. Could it be he’s seeing some other girl, or probably he’s lost interest but doesn’t know to reveal that to me to avoid being confronted. These were the exact thoughts running through her mind as she fling  her phone annoyingly.

She never thought of other scenarios such as maybe he was currently busy and couldn’t take calls at the moment, or probably might be undergoing stress or some other challenges.  Right there on the ground, her phone bleeped, it was a whatsapp message, but she ignored it. Few minutes later, she sent a text  message expressing her bitterness and accusing him of negligence as the reason why he had refused to take her calls. As soon as she forwarded the text message, he  saw  the WhatsApp message, opened it and it and read  thus ” baby please I will call you back in a jiffy, I’m so busy now”.

She read those lines again and again, and regretted being insensitive and impatience. Unfortunately, that costed her relationship, as it wasn’t the first time she was seen nagging and concluding easily as a result of her insecure feelings.

Her partner eventually grew tied of her consistent behavior, even when he needed someone to confide in during challenging moments at work.


Probably, you might be asking How can i feel secure in a relationship?

The first step is to discover the reason behind your insecure feelings. Now do you think henry began to feel insecure out of the blues? Certainly not. There are several reasons behind insecure feelings, and the earlier we discover it and curb, the better for us and the less chances of loosing our relationship.

5 Reasons why people feel insecure in a relationship

Reasons why we feel insecure in a relationship


 the past experience

One of the reasons why people feel insecure in a relationship can be attributed to their past .

some folks had never been lucky when it comes to relationship and matters of the heart. They had been jilted, disrespected, neglected and often time have their love taken for granted.


Such ugly experience often times tend to affect their psychology and perception about love.  Some gave up on love and never believed they could found one again. While the few others who still hope and anticipate for love can’t just help it but feel insecure every now and then. The experiences they encountered in the past ignited so much fear in them. There is always this phobia that their current partner may  begin behave like their ex .  This is why people are being encouraged to avoid  rebound Relationship. by taking their time to move on and get the past off their mind before venturing into a new relationship.

If only one can allow time heal the wounds, the past will naturally and gradually fade off from the memory.

so much Expectations. 

It is natural to have a stereotyped imaginations on the way you expect to be treated by a partner when in a relationship.

But often times, things might not go according to our desire/ plan . hence the reason why we nag and feel insecure every now and then if reverse  turns out to be the case.

The earlier we understand that our partner is just a mere mortal like us capable of disappointing at any time, the better for us. For instance, when we have this  Imaginary  feelings on how we expect our relationship to be and had built fantasies in our brain such as being woken up every morning with breakfast, being checked on daily basis and receiving gifts every now and then or expecting to be treated exactly the way we treat them, we will always feel Insecure and paranoid once reverse becomes the case.

The best is to make our inputs, and then allow nature take its course. Always have this mindset that if it works out fine, and if not. Life still has to go on.


Emotional instability –  while is natural to feel emotional and sensitive a times, there are folks who are more emotional and sensitive than others.  It is inherent in them and thus can’t help  it,but feel insecure at every slightest provocation. Such people gets paranoid easily and panic whenever their call goes unanswered.

They will begin to imagine negative scenarios in their head which might turn out to be a false assumption. They can only learn to control their emotions and put it to check.

Lack of trust

Trust is the bedrock of any relationship. A lot of people feel insecure in their relationship because the lost they once had for their partner is gone, probably because of a negative attitude they may have exhibited in the  course of the relationship.

A handful of others couldn’t find themselves to trust in a relationship probably as a result of their past hurtful feelings. When there’s no trust, the feelings of being cheated on will never cease to exist from your mind even when it might be a false assumptions. Couples should stop giving rooms for suspicion. And in the case of a lost trust, forgiveness should be the best resort especially when there’s a remorseful feelings from the one who have erred. Letting go of the past can actually go a long way too.



Negative influence

This is another vital reason why people feel insecure. If you keep discussing your relationship ordeals to every dick and harry, you maybe advised wrongly, thus leading to comparison and envy. You may be compelled to compare your significant other  with other folks, and then assume they don’t love you since they are not treating you  in a particular way or doing things the way your friends/ colleagues do their’s in their own relationship.








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4 ways to discover if is a break or a break up?



A break or a break up?
Is this a break or a break up?



Is this  actually a  break or a break up? You kept asking yourself rhetorically. You can’t help but reminisce on his last statement.

” let’s take a break”. The statement seemed  polite, it seemed as one which could resolve the issues you’re  both having in your relationship. But then you’re scared. The word “Break” sends a cold shiver down your spine. What if he meant break up? These thoughts couldn’t stop running in your head. The more you try to resist them and become optimistic, the more they kept coming.

Perhaps, you might have been going through a lot in your relationship. A lot of misunderstanding,  and sometimes fights. You’ve broken up and made up on several occasions after discovering that you both have a strong bond which can’t be easily detached.  But yet, it doesn’t stop the crisis going on in your relationship.

Now, After series of mutual conversation, your partner thought it could be a wise decision if you both can give each other a break in other to ascertain what you both actually want from the relationship, and also to discover each other’s weak point and learn how to tolerate one another.  During the conversation, you gave in to the decision, hence it was a mutual consent.

However, on getting home, you   realized how bored life suddenly became without communicating with each other.

Despite your differences, you still had time to talk to each other, you spent lovely time together, but now you,ve began to miss all of that.

The memories of your good time together can’t stop ringing in your head.  You wondered how long the break was gonna last,  you are beginning to loose your grip out of fear and uncertainty.

Before you get paranoid, I want to let you know that Every relationship comes with its trying moment, up’s and down’s and challenges.

No relationship is perfect. But how both couples tends to handle the moment will determine the fate of the relationship at the end. It is not abnormal to ask for a break.  When both parties often involve in  constant arguments  and fights.

Taking a break will enable them understand themselves better, reaffirm the objective of their relationship. Just like the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Sometimes, constant arguments may be as a result of over- familiarity.

However, why it is normal to freak out, it is abnormal to object their decision on taking a break . Don’t let fear and Insecurity overcloud your sense a reasoning.

A lot of people will begin to nag and bug their partners with excessive calls and messages, which is a big turn off.  It is necessary to know that your reaction to his decision will determine if the break will soon be over or linger on. No matter how paranoid you are, take a deep breath and calm your emotions.

The request for a break in a relationship might have actually led to a break up. But there are certain ways to determine if is really a break or a break up. Let’s discuss some of these factors.

Is this a break or a break up?
Is this a break or a break up?


5 ways to discover if is a break or a break up?

1.communication level-  

One of the ways to discover if your relationship is still in a slow pase or may have automatically ended  is to check the level of  communication between you both. Perhaps, you were having regular communication before you decided to slow down or take a break, taking a break entails not having a  constant or an  Excessive communication  but does not imply no communication at all. Your communication level may decline at this point, but that does not imply that you will automatically    ghost   each other.

Check the last time he reached out  to you since you began the slow pace. The duration of your communication matters at this point.

If he hasn’t reached out to you for two consecutive week or probably a month, you may have the need to worry, but don’t freak out. Just call his attention to it to ascertain his mind. If he still desires the relationship, he will be keen to know how you’re doing.

updating you.

One of the ways to ascertain if it is actually a break or a break up is by observing his recent attitude.

You know how he usually updates you whenever there is a new happenings in his life. New job, promotion, challenges and so on. You’re usually the first to hear that. Now imagine, you just heard from his male friend that he’s mum is sick or that he’s moved from his apartment to another apartment, how will you feel ? agitated and disappointed right?

This is one of the obvious signs that the break is actually leading to a break up.  There’s this feeling of negligence that follows this scenario. You will feel that you’ve lost your value in their life, hence no longer worth sharing or updating on the recent happenings in their life.

Making out time to resolve the issue

A Real break in a relationship is synonymous to asking for a space so both of you can concentrate more on understanding yourselves in a more concise  way, working on your individual flaws and addressing the issue that normally pose as a bone of contention in your relationship.

At this point, what only tends to differ between  your relationship now and then is in the expression of your may not be so close romantically, but communication ought not to be lacking.

Not keeping flings. 

One of the best ways to discover if it is really a break or a break up ? is to check their relationship status as soon as  they asked for a break. Have they began to date someone else or start keeping a  fling ?

Are they becoming emotionally attached to another member of the opposite sex? If yes, then that might call for a serious concern and worries.

A period of break is just a cooling off period especially for romantic affairs. And not the time to date other individuals. This is one of the obvious sign that he wants a break up as a lot of people has used that as an excuse to walk away from a relationship.


Similar External source  you can check on: the-difference-between-breakup-and-break?










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Does he love me but afraid of rejection?

Does he love you but afraid of rejection
Does he love you but afraid of rejection


Does he love me? But Afraid  of rejection Or is he  not that into me? Wondering about this sends  a cold shiver in the hearts of many women. Many a times, we find ourselves falling over heels in love or getting attracted to someone.

No matter how we try go curtail the feelings, it seems so difficult.  You ain’t sure if they feel the same way, they give you  Mixed signal  every now and then. And this makes it even more complicated than it was.

You wished you could reveal your feelings to them, but then, the thought of Rejection gives you goose bumps, coupled with the fact that you’re a woman who needs to be chased/ pursued and not the other way round.

You can’t imagine that no matter what. Now you’re stuck with the decision of either  letting your feelings known and be ready to handle the rejection that might come up with it or withholding your feelings and risk loosing him.

There’s usually this awkward feeling that comes up when we fall over heels in love with someone who seems to be giving us a hint or signals indicating they might be interested in us.

For men, the curiosity of knowing if she’s the right one can easily be solved by approaching her to really ascertain her either she says yes!or No! Or probably ask for more time to think about it..

However, for women, it seems complicated, as the society often frowns at women making the first approach with the speculation that it ought to be the other way.

That implies that she has to keep her hopes high and remain optimistic that things will have to fall in place.  But for how long would  she keep on anticipating? That is one of the biggest challenge.

Especially if the waiting is taking longer than expected.  Rhetorical questions like could it be that he’s scared of rejections or probably not into me can’t stop ringing in most women’s brain as they find themselves in this scenario.

After so much pondering, some women may decide to take the bull by the horn by making the first approach. And if they unfortunately get rejected, it may result to  depression. and lost of self esteem.

In other words, before a woman  can be able to deduce if a  man is into her or  afraid of rejection, she ought to watch out for obvious signs or Green lights.

Afraid of rejection
Afraid of rejection

Signs to know if he loves you but  Afraid of rejection.


Constant  communication –  if he’s an introvert or somewhat shy, he might find it difficult to express his feelings.

But you will certainly know if he always wants to keep up communication with you.

One of the signs that a man certainly loves you but is afraid of rejection is being in touch with you every now and then.

People only keep in touch with someone they care about and wish to have in their lives. If he’s always having interest in keeping in touch with you, trying to know about your personal welfare, chances are that he loves you. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to express your feelings to be really certain.

He remembers even the tiniest details.

You will know a man loves you  but afraid of rejection if he remembers every little discussion he had with you.

He keeps memories every now and then. You might have discussed about your challenges, goals and ambitions in life. If he tries to bring it back in a future discussion, chances are that he loves you.

He seeks for a solution.

He wouldn’t stop at remembering  your challenges or goals, but he will assist you in finding solutions to it or working to achieve it.

This is one of the strongest green light every lady should look out for.  It shows he cares a lot about you.

However, you can try giving it a shot by telling him how you feel directly or indirectly. There is a great chance that he will be glad to hear that.

Body language and eye contact.

This is one of the strongest green light any man may show to you, supposing he loves you but afraid of rejection.

He may not necessarily demand for sex or try to initiate it. But be observant about his body movement towards you whenever you are together. Does he make an attempt to kiss or cuddle you? Or maybe demand for it.

Demanding for a kiss may not be feasible if he considers your friendship too early for that.

But does he stare at you at every slightest provocation? If yes!!!  there’s a high chance that he truly loves you. Whenever he does that and you eyes incidentally rocked with each other, and he looks way.  This is an obvious sign.

Other external source/ of rejection.