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5 ways to be happy when single

One of the ways to be happy when single is to first realize that being single is not a curse. It is not an unfortunate circumstance just like most people presume.

Don’t assume you are the most unlucky person on earth just because you ain’t yet married or in any serious/committed relationship. being happy is not really tied to any factor. we choose to be happy by leveraging on the opportunities around us in other to bring out the best out of it, which in turn makes our life interesting and worth living.

I know it is human to feel bored and lonely especially when there is no special one to go on dates with. As a single lady, it is common to feel jealous when your friends tells you about their plans to go out on summer vacation or dinner dates with their spouse or fiancee.

You feel left out when they begin to showcase the gift they received from their spouse on special occassions like anniversary or birthday. When you tune in to your favourite t.v station, you are almost tempted to tune it off on seeing cute couples holding hands and displaying their affections to each other.

The feelings could be traumatizing. Regardless of that, don’t feel like your world has ended. There are ways to be happy when single. there are ways you can still add spice to your life and kill that boredom while still waiting for your Mr/Mrs right.

A psychologist once defined happiness as a state of being at comfort and peace within your self. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen for a specific reason. But because you are free and out of worries and anxiety. you ain’t getting yourself worked up on certain issues in your life. Having known this, let’s look out some steps that will enable you achieve this.

Five ways to be happy when single.

Upgrade your life.

Single life may be boring, but not when you are busy improving your life and achieving massive success. One of the ways to be happy when single is to upgrade your life in such that people around you will begin to feel the impacts. Trust me, it feels awesome knowing that you are a role model to others. Everyone envies and desires to be like you. The feelings is great.

This is especially for ladies who assumes that marriage is the greatest and only achievement needed to become fulfilled in life. And so put their lives on a pause mood and everyother thing they would have achieved all because they are waiting for Marriage proposal. The truth is that marriage comes with a greater responsibility.

if there is a time to prepare adequately for this responsibility, it is now. don’t wait till you get engaged. Start now. Get up from that bed, think of what skills or career to add to your life so you wouldn’t be a burden to your spouse. Gone are the days when women are seen as liabilities in the home. With the harsh economy,a handful of women now support their hubby in ensuring that the affairs of the home is being taken care of. marriage is only a phase in your life and shouldn’t be seen as an end.

Find joy within you by loving yourself and knowing your worth.

one of the Vital ways to be happy when single is to find joy and happiness within you by loving your life. If you don’t love your life,you will always be desperate to get into a relationship every now and then, especially with the wrong people. people who lack self love are people who remain stuck in an abusive relationship, all because they are scared of being lonely.

So in the bid to get mingled, they keep tolerating all forms of emotional abuse. And later end of being discarded. Being happy and fulfilled with yourself when single will save you the stress of allowing anyone take you for granted. it induces self worth and esteem.

Attend single seminars and workshop.

One of ways to be happy when single is by attending seminars, workshops and gatherings specifically organized for the singles. This type of seminars are usually organized to motivate single folks to remain positive while waiting to get mingled. what usually contributes to the sadness of being single is the feelings that you are the only one left as all your mate have gotten married. But by coming together with your fellow singles, you will discover that you a’int alone in the situation. seeing other single folks who are much older than you is a way to reignite your hope. and who knows you might be lucky to find him/her there.

Treat yourself nice.

Don’t lock yourself all day like you are mourning someone. it would only worsen the situation. because the more you stay in doors, is the more you are eliminating every chances of meeting someone who might be interested in you. treat your self nice, get dressed, wear your best outfit, look yourself in a mirror. Assure yourself you are beautiful, you are irresistable. assure yourself that this just a phase in your life that will soon pass,and that your soul mate will come at the right time. Go out and socialize with friends. do away with negative friends who would always remind you that you are aging faster thereby incuring desperation in you.

Pray consistently

This is the most vital ways to be happy when single. one remarkable thing about prayer is that it helps to eliminate every form of doubt, worries and anxiety. knowing that your problem is being handled by the supernatural and the creator of the universe. it gives you inner peace with the faith and assurance that one day your marital status would change.

Ask God for that joy irrespective of your burden.sometimes being happy is not always easy. Talk to God, let him eliminate every form of sadness and heavy heart in you so you can be happy again. While waiting for your prayers to be answered. you may also like to read./is-he-ready-for-marriage/

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Overcoming tough times in relationship

What are tough times in relationship?

They are times when it seems the relationship is going down the drain. The excitement seems to have gone, conflicts, misunderstanding, constant fights and abuse becomes the order of the day.

Keeping secrets and exhibiting silent treatment on each other becomes a habitual attitudes. No more hang outs, no more romantic dates. No more intimacy, sex life suddenly becomes boring. (for married couples).

In life generally, tough times are inevitable. It could strike any time or day irrespective of your measures to resist them. Such is not an exception in relationship.

Atimes, tough times in relationship occur not because both parties are hating on each other or keeping grudges. But because they may have other issues bothering them thus having it interfer in their relationship lives.

Having known this, let’s look out some factors which causes tough times in a relationship and how to overcome them.

Factors which may contribute to tough times in relationships.

1.Emotional instability

There are variations to how each person react to their emotional is not abnormal to develop mood swings when passing through difficult times or become emottionally down . It happens to most of us and this attitude atimes May affect our relationship with others including our partners/spouse.

An emotionally down individual may not be in the right frame of mind to think about relationship. Love will be the last thing in his/her mind thus reducing the spark in that relationship.

I’ve often heard a lot of people complain about their partner’s sudden change. how they suddenly stopped given them attention,but rather became more distant and cold.

On several occassions, They keep pondering and asking questions to ascertain where they might have erred which prompted to such attitudes but all to no avail. This is one of the reason contributing to that.

2.lack of finance.

A relationship which once had it foundation built on Material gains and benefits,may suddenly turn soar.when a partner who usually spends more to spice the union becomes bankrupt. for instance, most men usually complain that their girlfriends/wife suddenly changed and became a nag. as soon as the monetary aspect is gone.

All effort to please them seems futile as they sees fault in everything they do. No more gift, no more summer relaxations, no more romantic dinners.

Thus reducing the spark in the relationship and all effort to make it work may prove abortive, As the affected partner looses interest. And begins to date someone who is financial capable to meet her needs again. Such is true for materialistic women .

3. Conflicts.

This is one of the major factors that contributes to tough times in relationship. as couples, it is not abnormal to argue or fight Every now and then.

But it becomes abnormal when it happens regularly. Especially when it lingers for long, without being resolved. such may increase the chances of having tough times in relationship. When there Is no peace and tranquility, disaster never ceases to exist. Such is usually true for partners who fights, argue and quarrel on regular basis.

Lack of understanding.

Understanding is very necesary for both couples to thrive well in a relationship.

Understanding helps people reach a mutual agreements and develop a common interest. Especially one which May be of benefit to both parties.

When there is no understanding, everyone does things at their own convinience. and for their own selfish motives. imagine a relationship where both couples lacks understanding, they live like strangers, does things without first seeking for the other’s opinion.such factor can Increase the chances of having tough times in relationship.

How to overcome tough times in relationship.


You can’t live peacefully with your family members or others in the same apartment when you are always silent to each other. the same goes to a relationship.

i understand that you are emotionally down, i understand that you may be dealing with tough periods in your life.

I won’t blame you for that because it is a normal aspect of life. but that should not be the reason to ignore your spouse or subject them to emotional trauma by becoming distance to them. couples who built their relationship on trust and sincere love would understand that this is the best time to confide in each other . and be strong for each other.

The basics of a relationship shouldn’t be only when things are rossy, but also in difficult times. married couples should always remember their marital vows. the promise to stick to each other in good times and bad times. with that, they won’t allow their personal problems interfer with the peace in their home.

Also when your partner’s attitude suddenly changes. don’t assume you’ve done something wrong or that they may have lost interest. Have a heart to heart talk with them and find out their reasons before drawing your conclusions.


This is usually for people at the receiving end. if your partner eventually opens up .

please try and give them a listening ear. don’t take it personal. remember dealing with issues in life is not always easy. this is the time they need your encouragement and support. they may ask for space, don’t argue over it or assume they’ve lost interest. Just be patient with them. While supporting them with words of encouragement once in a while. Don’t add to their pressure by becoming needy. trust me, it usually doesn’t go well and may lead to the end of the relationship. If he has been investing financially to make you happy, but all of a sudden doesn’t do that any more.

Don’t freak out, don’t develop hatred or threaten to quit. they may be going through financial difficulties. remember they were once good to you When things were rossy. courtesy demands you understand them at this period. If you love them and value your relationship.

Put Ego aside.

Ego destroys a relationship faster than you can ever imagine. the scenario becomes worse when both parties are egoistic. that’s why conflicts often lingers on and issues goes unresolved over a long period of time. no body wants to apologize in other not to feel less important or valued by the other. this mindset has destroyed a lot of marriage.

Is human to feel cheated when your partner does something wrong but doesn’t apologize. but understand that atimes saying “sorry doesn’t usually mean you are wrong but actually meant that you value your relationship more than your Ego. Both parties should understand that Ego is a destructive tools in their relationship. and if not eliminated, may put an end to what they might have worked so hard to build. You may also like to read./how-to-cope-in-a-long-distance-relationship/

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Discovering your potential.

Discovering your potentials

Discovering your potential is one of the first step towards having a successful life. What is your potential? They are your ability, your inner strength, your skills, your talent.

Everyone has that special quality being placed in them by God but unfortunately, they are ignorant of this. That’s why they wish to be like someone’s else, and such mindset always leads to envy . You see a music artist who sings awesome, you wished you were like them? You see a writer, who writes fluently, you wished you had the skills.

You will keep on desiring to be like this or that person thereby keeping your own dreams on hold. have you ever sat down to think of what you are good at? Have you ever thought about making yourself unique so other people can envy you too. Discovering your potential is not always about the nature of your talent/skills, but how good you are at developing it.

I’ve seen a lot of people with a very awesome voice yet they don’t sing except they are compelled to do so. The worst is that most of them don’t even recognize that as a potential in them. That’s exactly the reason why they dont value it .till you recognize there is a potential in you that needs to be utilized, till you recognize there is a gift in you that needs to be impacted to your generation, you may never value it or see its productivity in you.

Now the question is, what are the steps towards discovering your potential?

Steps towards discovering your potential.

Find your passion

Discovering your potentials.

Passion are the things which you love doing the most. They are things which interests you, you do them willingly because you derive joy and happiness while doing them.

Now do you know that your passion could be turned into a skill/potential?A renowned writer did not began by writing piles of books and getting them published. No!!! .

It all started with the passion of writing, it all began like a hobby. They saw the burning desires and flare for writing .

At times, they will just pick up a piece of paper and begin to put down their thoughts and imagination.they compose novels And poems and save them in their diaries. They continued gradually, till nature took it to the next level. Same goes with other potentials. You can’t develop what you aint passionate about. it is your passion and love for it that fuels the desire to make it a skill . What do you love doing? Find it out first.

Avoid limitations

The second step in discovering your potential is to avoid limitation.

I don’t have influence, no one would recognize i can sing, i don’t have money to publish, i don’t have fans, no one would appreciate my comic skills, i don’t have money to advertise my skills. these and many more has always been the excuses a lot of people often come up with.

but they fail to realize the fact that so many top celebrities started on the street. they got to the top because they resisted their limitations. how can people recognize you when you don’t recognize yourself. How can people see your potential when you deprive them of it? How can you build fans when no one sees what you do, because you’ve already written yourself off. Now get up, forget about every other things you may need in the course of discovering your potential. forget about the money, your major raw material now is that ability in you, start with it first and see how it goes. you never can tell, you might be lucky enough to get uplifted by someone who sees your worth.

I’ve seen people who got connected and never spent a dime in becoming who they are today.

It was just their ability that got them elevated. God really works in a diverse ways. Avoid limitations, keep doing what you are doing, one day someone would recognize you out of the blues.

Concentrate on your lane

Like i said earlier, no potential is greater than the other. The major difference lies in how you are able to make yours productive. you musn’t be an artist in other to be celebrated.

Even as a comedian, you can be well recognize more than one authors a book. it depends on your creativity, your effort and determination. great people are not people who compete with others, but they are people who try to make the best out of anything they do.

Exercise patience.

This factor is often mentioned in every aspect of our lives. Owing to its vitality towards becoming successful. in everything you do in life, you have to be patience. don’t give up too easily. you can’t become Chris brown . overnight You can’t become Bill gate Overnight . Keep on doing what you know how to do best, never relent. One day, the sky will be your starting point. Other internal articles you may like to read//creativity-a-path-towards-success-

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How to maintain celibacy in relationship

Celibacy in relationship

Celibacy in relationship Might seem impossible especially at this age and generation where sex and immorality are regarded as a norm. However, maintaining celibacy is still much possible. despite the societal belief, lifestyle and norm.

The issue of sex, has always been an issue scaring most people away, from keeping an intimate friendship with a member of the opposite sex especially people who want to remain celibate Till marriage. They want to experience that feelings of knowing that someone cares and cherishes them without having to loose their chasitity. Are you still wondering if you can keep a relationship without having to be intimate or loosing your chastity? The answer to this question is “YES. Though it could be challenging but still possible.

These days, is quite disheartning seeing young people who out of naivety gave up their chastity against their will or accept to be used as a sex object because they are afraid to loose their partner.

I’ve seen a lot of young people who out of naivety,got stuck in a sexually relationship not because is their wish, but because they assume no one would date them without having to sleep with them. i think is time we change that status quo. is time we get to understand that sex is not a criteria in keeping a relationship.

is time we have to know that it is possible to enjoy the euphoria and esctacy of having someone who cares a lot about us without having to allow them access to our private parts, it is possible, it is achieveable. But some steps needs to be taken in other to make it possible. And what are this steps?

proven Ways to maintain celibacy in relationship.

Have a mutual understanding with your partner.

i think this is the first step in maintaining celibacy in relationship. You can’t maintain celibacy with a partner whos’e main sole of being in a relationship is for sex. no, it won’t just work. It takes two to tango.There ought to be a mutual agreement between both parties as regards to the issue of sex and celibacy. they have to come into the terms that they won’t be involving sex and would rather seek for other ways to complement each other and share their romantic moments together.

They would also learn how to keep their boundaries in other not to succumb. But if the ideal was initiated by just one party, he/she might likely Succumb soon. don’t wait till he/she makes the move. Tell them your decision the very day you accepted them in your life.

As human, it may not stop them from demanding Of it on the long run, but it will most likely give you a hint of their purpose. with that, they can respect your decision if they really value your friendship.

Set boundaries.

This is the most vital way of maintaining celibacy in a relationship. just like an adage that says to avoid smoke, dont go near fire. in other words, to avoid sex, dont do things that may lead to it. what do i mean?always being too close with each other and involving in intimate activities such as intimate kisses, smooching and caressing of each other’s sensitive part could stir up the emotions that would lead to sex since you ain’t robots but human. There is nothing wrong with displaying little affection for each other every now and then.

However, if you both aint sure of gaining control over it, then there is need to avoid it at all cost.

Romance is not the only way to ignite the spark in a relationship. you can both go out on a date, send each other lovely messages and gifts. complement on each other. Avoid staying in secluded places too.

build a lasting friendship

In other to maintain celibacy, you have to build a lasting friendship with your partner.

The reason why most folks make sex their priority in a relationship is because nothing else excites them. whenever they are with their partner, all they want to do is to kiss, careress and take the clothes off. nothing fuels their passion to be with their partner apart from sex.

They hardly sit down to discuss with each other. They know more of the shape and size of their partner’s sexual organ than their personality.

They get bored easily when there is no sexual escapade going on, because they see each other more like a sexual partner than a friend. when you have built your friendship with your partner. sometimes, you just feel comfortable discussing about each other’s goal and ambitions without getting bored or even thinking about being intimate.

Improve your life

In other to maintain celibacy in relationship, you have to improve on your life. Have you ever heard people say something like. what do i stand to gain in this relationship?

this implies that you really don’t have any other thing to offer to them aside sex. and they wouldn’t hesitate to accept that either even if it is against your wish. For someone to accept to be celibate with you.

You have to show them reasons why they should accept you other than sex. have a unique personaity, work on your attitudes, be creative, be supportive. avoid excessive demands because that’s usually the criteria most men use in other to get a lady laid.

if possible, be independent. if you possess unique qualities, i bet you, he wouldn’t be in a hurry to leave despite your no sex rules. even if he is a sex maniac, he wouldn”t be in a hurry to discard you. No matter how difficult it is, he will surely keep you, if not now, in the future. Nobody discards a good woman all because of sex because they are rare. You may also like to read/why-men-loose-interest-after-sex/

in summary.

Celibacy in relationship is very possible,though challenging, but if approached with the right method is quite achieveable. External information you may also like to

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Quitting an addiction.

Quitting Addiction

quitting an addiction has never been easy. It takes a lot of proactive measures which might seems difficult in the begining but not totally impossible. addictions are prolonged habits . Some activities are not entirely bad, but when it becomes habitual, it would eventually lead to an Addiction.

A lot of people began a habit reluctantly hoping to quit someday. but unfortunately, later found themselves so stuck in it, and that’s when they realized it has turn to an Addiction. Just like every other challenges in life. Addictions are challenges many people are struggling to stop or seeking for a solution to on daily basis. because if not put to an end may cause a lot of negative effects and damages. This got to show that you a’int alone in this. before explaing some steps in quitting an addiction, lets look at some possible effects of addiction.

Effects of Addiction.

psychological effects.

being addicted to something sometimes is synonymous to slavery, you know how slaves are treated right? Their freedoms are restricted, they have no right or choice of their own despite the urge to express them.

They are owned by their master. No wonder people who are struggling with one addiction or the other are seriously seeking for ways to quit. They want to be free By all means.

They suddenly realized they are in bondage and really needs a way out. and if nothing is being done, some may end up being emotionally traumatized and depressed, which may lead to mental disorder . An example are chronic users of harmful drugs.

physical effects and damages

Quitting addiction..

Addiction leads to physical effects and damages such as chronic illness and death. being addicted to drugs and alchol may cause kidney diseases, liver malfunctioning Which may eventually lead to death. Being addicted to sex and having multiple sex partners can make one vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases.

it alters self control.

addiction makes one lack self control, when you can’t control yourself, you begin to expose yourself to all forms of negative life style which may eventually mar you future and dent your image. 

Quitting addiction

Brings about low esteem.

people who are addicted to something and seriously seeking for solutions to their addiction often finds it difficult to express themselves with others. for fear of being stigmatized they feel inferior among their colleagues.

steps in quitting an addiction.

Admit and identify it.

in other to seek for solution to your problems, you must first admit you have one and identify which one exactly right?similarly, in other to quit an addiction, you have to admit there is one. the desire to quit has to come from you.

And not because you are being compelled to do so. That alone will trigger your zeal and urge to fight it at all cost. But when you keep justifying it, it will be assumed you are okay with it, and so people who may be willing to advise you may not see the need to.

find out the root source

Quitting an addiction can only be made easier when the root course is identified.nobody was born addicted, it usually begins from somewhere. you can’t easily stop masturbation when you have piles of pornographic content stored in your mobile. you can’t stop fornication.

when you often visit sites that shares explicit contents. you can’t stop excessive intake of alchol when your abode is always at clubs and beer parlours or when you keep friends who often drinks themselves to stupor. quitting an addiction is not always easy and fast, but if you can avoid things that often stirs the desire, you are already one step ahead. delete all cotents that drives you to the addiction. cut off every association or friends that does what you are trying to stop. stop visiting places that makes you vulnerable to to your addiction.

Get busy.

an idle mind they said is the devil’s workshop. addiction often comes as a result of the thoughts we habour in our minds. before praticing it. An idle mind creates a room for this thought to be emerging. for you to avoid this, you need to get busy, dont give in room for idleness.

whenever the thought/urge comes up, find something to distract you. Even if you are less busy, pick up a book, engage in a hobby, step out of the house. Just look for a distraction. and within a short time, y’ll discover that the thought has been supressed.

Talk to a counselor

There are expertise in such field willing to guide you. please try and visit them often.remember that no man is an island. their encouragement may go a long way in guiding you through.

you can as well confide in a trusted friend. please avoid bearing this burden alone in other not start developing suicidal thoughts.

Talk to God.

prayer is the ultimate. As you are doing your part, also remember that you a only but a human. you need the Grace of God to complement your human effort. otherwise, your effort will amount to nothing.

Give it time.

Even after applying all the methods as mentioned above, you may see yourself still struggling with the addiction. i’ve seen a lot of friends complain of this. .don’t take it hard upon yourself .just chill and give it time. it is usually bit by bit till you are able to stop it entirely. You may also like to read

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Why am i too emotional and sensitive?

Emotional and sensitive

why am i too emotional and sensitive? This question has kept so many people in a devastated state. The more they try to ponder, the more confused they become. You get easily hurt by people.

You react easily to your partner’s attitude. You get paranoid every now and then. You are always too sensitive to notice their lack of attention or negative attitude towards you. you nag at every slightest provocation. You cry over little things, things which meant nothing to others often gives you sleepless night.

Things your colleagues would have ignored in their own relationships makes you sob uncontrollably.

When your partner doesnt pick up your calls, you begin to imagine things in your mind which might not be in existence. you invest all your time and emotions in a relationship, yet your partner doesnt reciprocate.

You see yourself still loving someone despite their hurts, betrayal and attitude towards you. You aint happy about it, but at the same time, you cant just help it.

You keep wondering if you are insane especially on seeing how emotionally strong others are. You keep wondering if there is actually something wrong with you. You aint alone in this.there are many others still asking this same question. “why am i too emotional? So you have to stop blaming yourself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being emotional and sensitive despite how ridiculuos people sees it or pictures it.

We aint created alike. We all have our individual differences and behavioural make up or trait, in biology It is called Morphological variation. No individual possesses the same trait. Not even identical twins that shares the same placenta.

So in that case, not everyone is born to be emotionally strong or insensitive. However, the difference lies on how we tend to control it. Is not your fault that you found yourself emotionally unstable, but is all your fault when you can’t curb it. is just like “.Anger” .

Some individuals were born to be naturally ” hot tempered”. It wasn’t their fault they found themselves in such situation. But is gonna be their fault if they don”t seek for solution or ways to curtail it.

Some traits are inborn. but is your duty not to allow it control your life. Else it turns to a habit or addiction. You dont have to allow your weakness possess the greater part of your life. That’s why a lot of people try as much as possible to fight their weakness irrespective of what brought about it. Lets look at some reasons and ways to overcome it.

Emotional and sensitive.

Three Reasons why you are too emotional and sensitive in a relationship.


overexptation a times often leads to disappointments, anger and resentments. it triggers the sensitivity in you often leading you to nag, worry and sob over things which you shouldnt.

You know that feelings. He should have called me now, why hasn’t he? She Ought to have texted me. why hasn’t she? And before you know what has happened. You starts worrying and loosing sleep. you called, they didnt pick up at that moment. Instead of spacing out time to call back later assuming they were busy or weren’t with their phone at that moment. You begin to develop a negative thought that they are cheating on you. worry and anxiety sets in immediately.

And the next thing will be to bugg them with calls which might irritate them. in other to control your emotional and sensitive nature, first see your partner as an imperfect human bound to make mistakes or disappoint you at any given time. that doesnt mean you shouldn’t trust him/her.but see him as not different from your regular friends or colleagues who can betray you at any time. With that you can always control your emotions.

Creating a picture of Imaginary relationship in your mind.

This is the major reason why a lot of people are emotional and sensitive in a relationship.

Before a relationship begins, you’ve already created a lot of pictures in your mind on how you expect the relationship to be probably as a result of what you read or view. and when it doesnt happen exactly that way, you begin to get worked up and emotional for nothing. this affects people who read or view romantic materials a lot.

first i have to remind you that romantic novels or telemundo movies are quite different from what is obtainable in reality. some are fictious and far from reality.

For the fact that you watched a movie where two lovers are displaying their love romantically like Romeo and juliet doesnt necessarily mean that all relationship must be that way. that your friend’s spouse or partner often wakes them up with breakfast on the bed every morning doesn’t imply yours must be similar.

It also doesen’t signify that your partner love you less either. you just have to understand that everyone has their own love language and their own unique ways of expressing their love to their partner.

So stop living in the world of fantasy. don’t get worked up or become too emotional when yours doesn’t happen Like that of your imagined picture.

Also understand that relationship is like a game. There is every tendency and probability of either loosing or wining.just like every other activities we do in life, have it mind that it may or may not work. So you don’t end up being unnecessarily emotional and sensitive.


we know that being emotional and sensitive is inborn, but you also contribute to it by living in assumption.

when a relationship ends, you are expected to grieve over it for a short period or as long as you wish to. then sought for a way to move on by erasing any past memories you had with ex. but when you keep living with the assumption that he/she might probably come back to you.

You are creating a room for emotional instability and sensitivity. When you want them back, you wished they would call, and when they dont, you get angry and frustrated. The best thing is to move on, pretend like they never existed. just allow nature take its course. Not easy though, but is worth it. As it will help you guide your emotions. You may also like /love-is-not-just-enough/

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Six tips in becoming a successful entreprenuer.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is very possible when the right approach and method is applied.
Entrepreneurship  has become so popular and common in this 21st century.

With the advancement and development in technology, and also high rate of unemployment, entrepreneurship has come to be the most alternative source for so many seeking to become financially independent and successful.

Gone are the days people graduate only to sit at home waiting for white collar job which  seems not to be feasible and are rarely in existence. With the highly saturated and competitive labor market, , a lot of people are becoming creative in various ways.

It is no surprise that even people who are gainfully employed are equally embracing entrepreneurship  because they have to come to the realization that no job is secured and there is a need for one to become financially independent and have other streams of income incase the rainy days strike, so as to always have something to fall back to. On the other hand, some are already getting tired of their 8- 5pm job. Hence the need to embrace entrepreneurship.

Now the question is, how can one become a successful entrepreneur? Is it just about the money or Capital to begin with, or are there other skills needed. Lets find out.

Tips to guide you in other  to become a successful entrepreneur  

Good managerial skills.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you have to be good in time management.

A lot of folks has developed this habits of using the word” i don’t have time”, yet they want to break through and become financially independent. I was once like that but i came to understand that time is not made, time can never pause for you.

You can only craft out time from your busy schedules to achieve whatever you desire to achieve. I laugh when i hear people say they are wasting time. ” is not true, time is infinite, it can’t be wasted. Time is always here and will forever be here. But you are the one wasting, you are the one getting older as the year goes.

Make the very best of your time. You can still be working while building other things for yourself.. I wouldn’t say is easy, but is possible. It is called “sacrifice”and sometimes before you achieve anything in life, you have to sacrifice your time. Just be determined. Schedules your time and give yourself target. Do not spend much time on irrelevant things, time counts.

Risk taking.

Entrepreneurs  are the greatest risk takers, because being the boss, they bears the responsibility of any loss they may encounter in the course of their entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, this had held a lot of people back from pursuing their dreams.

They are afraid of failing, they are afraid of encountering loss along the line, they see more of their limitations than their success.

If everyone has this same mindset, no job would have been in existence. You wouldn’t have seen that company which you are presently working in.

I recalled when i was about to launch  my blog for the first time, the money was the last money i had, i was scared that i may not have some thing to fall back to. as becoming a successful blogger actually takes time. But i ignored that thought and took the risk. My focus was more on my future gains and not on the momentarily  situation. To become a successful entrepreneur, you have to be a risk taker . You must lean how to conquer  your fears.

Do your research.
To become a successful entrepreneur, you have to do a thorough research before embarking on any project.

Don’t  just start up something because you heard other people are making money from it. Always research well to know how profitable or marketable it is in your environment. Before you start up something, it could be a business or services.

Look around you to know if it is something in demand? If it is not, you may be wasting your time and resources.

Know your target audience, consider your location too. what problems can you solve for them? What services can you render? And how demanding is it? Entrepreneurs  are not just people who buy and sells, but people who solves problems too, thereby creating value.

This is why so many people fail in business. Someone makes money by selling building materials in a developed area. But you are in a ghetto( an environment where people’s greatest priority everyday is to eat and survive and not to build house). and you wish to sell same thing and make profit. It doesn’t work like that except you wish to go online or deliver from your own location to other locations. If you are in a school environment, look out for services students needs or product they often buy. Render a service in demand and applicable to your environment.

self improvement.
No matter how creative or skillful you are as an entrepreneur, you can never know it all or become perfect. There is always room for improvement. In other,to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to be persistence in learning.

The more you learn, the more ideas and information you are ingesting in your brain. It helps you become creative too and not depend on other people’s creativity to run your own business.

Contrary, to people’s belief and mindset, money is not the only factor needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Some business needs not just money, but creativity and idea too . Creativity and idea helps you invest your money wisely and not mismanage it. Services needs more of idea and creativity. It was an idea of someone that gave rise to technology and Microsoft. Google became more popular than yahoo because someone took his time in learning and improving himself. Android and apple superseded blackberry because the owners of the former never got tired of learning and improving on themselves. Business maybe saturated, but ideas can never be.

Start small.

I  don’t have capital, this is the major excuse by most people. Not all business requires huge amount of money for a start up. Look around, there is always a business that equates to your capital.

Why not start there and see how it goes .this was how so many great people started. do not neglect the days of your little beginning . the more you procrastinate, the more you spend the little one you have on something irrelevant till it gets exhausted. start up, the good thing is that no matter how small your start up capital is, you are investing it on something relevant.With time and all things being equal, you can always expand.



Finally, This is one of the most important tips needed to become a successful entrepreneur, because this is why many people give up so early.

You might have probably passed the other five skills/test, but ain’t seeing any result, don’t panic, Don’t freak out. Just relax. The hard truth that few or no one would tell you is that it actually takes time. Genuine success ain’t built overnight. A lot of renowned people we celebrate and wished to be like today have their own stories  to tell. There was a time when no one could recognize them, times they hardly eat three square meals . But looking at where they are today and what they have achieved, you will wonder how it all happened. No wonder the saying, Rome was not built a day. you may also read /how-do-i-improve-my-life/


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Coping with a difficult spouse.

Coping with a difficult spouse could be challenging and tasking. Who is a difficult spouse?There are different ways to define a difficult spouse. A difficult spouse is that partner whose needs and desires are insatiable.

You can hardly please them because they are always out looking for fault every now and then. Understanding them atimes is a job on its own. The more you try to do that, the more confused you are.

You can’t really detect what they actually want because they always nag over everything.

Wheather you are single or married, this Post is very essential for everyone who desires to have a happy marriage. it will enable you cope either in your present relationship, marriage or future marriage.

We come accross difficult people in our lives on regular basis. And so having them as partners is not an exception. It is not always what we wished for but atimes we coincidentally find ourselves in such situation.

For instance, at home, there is always this sibiling that gives us so much tough time and proves difficult to please. Sometimes it could be our parents, and No matter how unhappy we are with their chatacter, we dont have any choice than to accept them the way they are then device a means to cope with their annoying attitudes and difficult traits.

The more we learn to accept them by devicing a means to handle them, the more we find their attitude less annoying. And sometimes, if we handle them in the right way, they may gradually begin to adjust.

You also recalled your school days, When you had to cope with a difficult roomate. You wished you had your means of staying alone and having your privacy.

But since you couldn’t help it, you deviced a means to cope with their annoying attitude in such a way that your sanity and peace will still be intact.and also to avoid embrassements via constant fights and arguments.

But with time, you began to notice that you Were no longer affected by their attitudes right? This is exactly the scenario in coping with a difficult spouse.In relationship, you may easily walk away if you can no longer condone their attitude. But in marriage, is not always easy as regards to your marital vows.

Here are few but effective ways of coping with a difficult spouse.

Understand and accept him/her.

I once had a friend who got married. And during their early years of marriage, she often complained about his hubby and his nagging attitudes. They would always fight and quarrel over thrival issues. It got so bad to the point that She nearly sought for divorce, but after undergoing marriage counselling, she learnt a lot. I noticed she no longer complained about her hubby. I was marvelled and thought the so hubby had changed for the better. She told me he hasn’t completely, but they no longer fight or quarrell because she had learn to accept his attitude.

Coping with a difficult spouse by accecpting and understanding him/her

And instead of shouting back at him or fight whenever he begins to nag, she simply ignores or walks away. With that, she began to restore the peace and sanity in her home. And her hubby began to adjust gradually.

This is exactly how it works, before You can cope with someone, you first have to understand him/her before devising a means to handle their attitude.

Any sort of that will equate to constant fights, quarrel or disagreement on regular basis. Am sure you dont want that .

Avoid Arguments.

Coping with a difficult spouse by avoiding argument.

This is the hardest of it all, but an effective way of coping with a difficult spouse. we are human, and we would always want to express our thoughts and opinions.

We would always want our opinions to be heard. And sometimes, in the bid to do that, we tend to create a very coarse and intense environment giving rise to a heated arguments and duspute. The best way to cope with a difficult spouse is to agree with him/her even when he/she is right. Then go your way to do what is right. You may also like to read this. /coping-with-a-nagging-partner/

Stop acting to please them.

This is another effective way of coping with a difficult spouse. Since difficult people are hard to please, i guess you should stop trying to please them either. Just be yourself and do the right thing.

The more you try to please them, the more they will always want you to do more, hence getting you annoyed every now and then. They need to understand you just the same way you need to understand them. They should learn to accept your limits and capability. With that, they may have no other option than to comply. coping with a difficult spouse may appear difficult, but is possible if we apply the right approach.

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Overcoming inferiority complex.

Overcoming inferiority complex

Inferiority complex is a feeling that occurs when we  think less about ourselves . Or see ourselves incapable of doing certains things or accomplishing certain task. Inferiority complex is usually accompained with fear,  low morarle  self esteem,  pessimism, negative feelings and self rejection. 

Inferiority complex is not a habit, neither is it a trait. . 
It is an assumption developed from our mindset as a result of fear or past experiences. People who affected by inferiority complex  are not daft or dumb.

They have what it takes to become successful, but are usually afraid to give it a trail. When they come to an office, they are afraid to express their opinions in the public because they probably think Or assume that others are way better than they are. Hence their opionion or sugggestion may not be considered.

They are easily frighened by others whom they think are in a more better positions than they are. 
They always have this feeling that everyone sees and thinks less of them, hence the need to hide inside a cave. .

They are always introvert and feels shy  whenever they are  in the midst of others.  They are always afraid to confront their challenges because they feel they are incapable of doing that. Inferiority complex if not put under control could  mar one’s future and trigger failure. You keep staring at what you ought to do for fear of not getting it right.  You keep assuming you aint good at something when you haven’t attempted it. Overcoming inferiority complex is not hard, if you are determinedto do so.

Overcoming Inferiority complex. Five Tips to assist you.

Be Assertive.

Assertiveness is the ability to develop positive Mindset towards life. It is a feeling of self assurance and confidence.

You dont always have to write yourself off . Or assume you will fail whenever you try to do something, especially something  which you havent attempted  before. Belive you can, assure yourself that  others who does similar things are human just like you. And if they can, you can as well.  Overcoming inferiority complex will help you achieve your dreams and purposes in life.

Avoid comparison.

One of the leading causes of inferiority complex is  comparison. When you compare yourself to others, you will always have the reason to look down on yourself. Comparison creates the feelings of worthlessness. You always wish you were like someone. You will find it difficult appreciating yourself and your effort but rather wished you can do it like the other person, forgetting that our  destiny all differs and no one is perfect. That someone is good in  Certain area doesnt mean they are experts in every other area or field.  There is something in you which is also lacking in them.

There is a potential in you which they might not be in posssession of. Always appreciate yourself and the potential you’ve gat. Because some others persons wished they were like you too. 

Associate yourself with positive minded people. 

The people in your life or the people you associate with have the tendency to either make or mar you. When you keep associating with people with lots of negative feelings, introverts, people who lack confidence, you will likely be influenced by their negative traits. But when you associate with people who aint afraid of conquering Their fears, you will always develop the same mindset.  

Let go of your past.

Sometimes, our past have the tendency of incuring inferiority complex in us. When you’ve had a past  failure, the feelings may tend to resurface hence creating low esteem. There is always this assmption that your past  failure may reoccur hance the fear to give life a trial once again. People who are affected by their past  often write themselves off. They will keep reminscing on their past hence missing a great fortune. The past sometimes has a correlation with the future. If you cant let go of your past, you may find it difficult to let go of your fears.Also read/how-to-overcome-depression/

Improve your social life.

One of the tips to assist you in overcoming inferiority complex is to improve your social interaction with others

The more you isolate yourself From people, social gatherings or vital meetings. the more intimidated and shy you will be. people with inferiority complex are usually introverts. improving your social life helps you to improve yourself too. the more you go out to associate with others, the more you develop self confidence and Ego. You would see your colleagues who aint shy expressing their opinions in public. and that will challenge you and trigger your self confidence. you will most likely be influence by their guts and boldness. socializing with people will enables you to discover a potential in which which you never knew was in existence.

other external source which you may find helpful

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Is he ready for marriage?

is he ready for marriage? This is one of the vital question any woman Within a marriageable age desires to know or never hesitates to ask somewhere along the line in any relationship. especially before getting herself to commit. .

Not every relationship would definitely lead to marriage, that is certain, but no one one wants to be in a serious relationship believing or having the assumption that one day they would split apart.

The probability is there. But everyone wants to have that benefit of doubt that his/her relationship would definitely turn out positive.

It is just lik a football or any other sporting competition, no matter the efforts and preparation by both opponents, only one opponent would definitely emerge as the winner at last. That not withstanding, none of the opponent wants to believe they will loose or be defeated by their counterpart.

they are all optimistic and certain, that they would be victorous. But at the end, the chances of loosing is inevitable. Here is A short story to enlighten you.

Sabrina met dave few months ago, their relationship had been moving smoothly. From all indication, dave was the right one for her. Sabrina never intend to date without the purpose of marriage.

Sabrina has always longed to have a serious relationship that would lead to marrriage, but unfortunately, she kept meeting the wrong ones. Not until she met dave.

Ever since their path crossed, she became optimistic. Without doubts, she believed their relationship would lead to marriage. She kept rejecting every suitor coming her way. One year had passed, two years had passed, yet Dave never mentioned any thing about marriage. She summoned courage and asked him.

But was surprised, when dave told her that he wasn’t ready for marriage. Confused and devastated, she tried to know what his reasons were but never got a definite answer. Instead dave revealed the most shocking news to her about not seeing himself ready for marriage anytime soon.

So many men are like dave, they may treat you well, shower you with attention, but never talks about marriage or have the intention of getting married anytime soon.

Most times, they really dont have any reason towards their unreadiness to marriage. They date for the fun and enjoy the moment while it lasts. Such people always leaves their partner with the feelings of uncertainity.

Ready for marriage

You keep rejecting suitor for their sake while he keeps dating you For fun. Are you tired of this. Are you seriously seeking for an answer to the question. Is he ready for marriage? You are in the right place.

Few signs to indicate that he may/may not be ready for marriage?

Ready for marriage

1.Check out his reactions whenever you talk about the future.

Being ready could mean a different thing, it could be emotionally, financially or psychologically.

Men are not dumb, they already know whom they want to spend their life with from the very first day they began to woo a lady to the day she accepted and throughout the relationship. any man who shys away from any conversation or question relating to marriage is probably not ready to settle down.

He may not be financially bouyant, but if he truly loves his woman and sees the future with her, he may ask for sometime to work things out. no man would ever want to loose a good woman or be happy seeing a woman she intends to marry taken by another man.

There would probably be feelings of hurt. But if he feels non-challant about it, then marriage Was never on his budget.

also read how-to-rekindle-the-spark-in-a-relationship-marriage/

2. Has he ever introduced you to anyone close to him?

Though this may not be a perfect way to be really sure if a man is ready for marriage owing to the deceitful nature of some men, but it sure helps atimes.

A man who genuinely intends to have something serious with his woman wouldnt hesitate to introduce her to people close like her family members, friends and the rest. though this is not a guarante that he wants to marry you. but it could be regarded as one of the steps taken when a man is serious with you. to know if he is actually genuine, you may decide to get close to one of his friends, try and find out what he has been telling him about you.

You can do that in a very smart way. You will definitely find out. Men hardly hide things from their fellow men. If they are genuine with you, they will talk about it among themselves. if reverse is the case, they will still talk about it and probably make jest of you.

3. How often does he engage you in conversation.

A serious man with the intention of marriage will probably engage you in conversation more often. Men who wants flings with no sentiment attached are mostly interested in feeding their sexual urge and estacy.

And once that is done, nothing matters to them any longer. communicating with your partner is one of the essential ways to include them in your future. the more you talk with them, the more you get to know their interest, likes, dislikes personality and other important traits which is vital for marriage.

But unfortunately, men who are dating just for the fun have no such time and thus don’t usually include meaningful conversation in their dating plans.