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Excessive communication in relationship, healthy or bad?

The meaning of intimacy in relationship
Excessive communication

Excessive communication a good or bad idea in a relationship? Communication is one of the essential factor which had been proved to enhance relationship especially  a distant relationship relationship where couples hardly get in physical contact with each other.

That shows that communication itself is a healthy habit in a relationship. So what about having it in excess? Is there such thing as excessive communication? Do you think communicating often with your spouse would reduce the spark in the relationship or make them to stop showing you so much affection?

This had been one of the most deliberated topic. So many folks believes that communicating too much with your spouse will make them desire you less. Other believes that it is an easiest way to kill the vibe in a relationship.

However, whatever you think or assume about   excessive communication.always have it in mind that a healthy relationship is not dependent upon any particular factor. But what seems to rock for both parties. Is all about having a mutual understanding and agreements on what you both desire to achieve in your relationship.

Is there such thing as excessive communication?

Yes, just like every other aspects of life, moderation is needed to achieve a better and  enhanced result.

The body needs sugar and salt to regulate its activity in other to ensure a healthy system free of illness and other ailment. Such activity otherwise known as osmotic  regulation.

However, having this in excess Could pose a problem to one’s system. And not having it sufficient could equally pose a problem, Hence the need to keep it  at a moderate level.

Most attitude we portray in life is good. But when exhibited in excess it turns to addiction which may pose a negative influence on us. There is nothing wrong with expressing one’s emotion. but when it becomes uncontrollable, it is said to be abnormal.

Similarly, excessive communication is not an exception.

Excessive communication


When do we say that a communication has become excessive?

When one or both partner sees it more like a disturbance.

Just like i explained earlier, it all depends on the parties involved. If there is mutual understanding, and both are okay with the communication styles.

Then there is no cause for alarm. But when one party begins to feel you are always invading on their privacy with so much calls or text messages,, Especially for people who never jokes with their space despite how intimate they are with you.

That is when a communication has become excess. Is always good to respect people’s choice especially when they need their Space

When is becoming a source of distraction

Communication when done moderately is good as it makes a relationship stronger, however, unnecessary calls, text messages and chats can pose as a distraction to other aspects of our lives. It is also a sign of neediness, insecurity and desperation.

A lot of relationships has ended as a result of unanswered calls, un replied text messages which may be as a result of the busy schedules by the other party.

most folks out of insecurity may call their partner endlessly, without understanding the fact that they might be too overwhelmed with work and thus couldn’t take their calls at the moment. When the pressure becomes much for them, they might decide to call it a quit. As not everyone is good in Handling their job and relationshipSimultaneously.

when it has become a habit

most folks are addicted to calling their partners every now and then.the addiction has turned to a habit to the point that even while  they are ignored and taken for granted, they persisted and kept calling. interrupting their partner’s space and making themselves appear  needy.

I have seen a scenario where a woman kept calling her fiancee who was probably having fun with another lady. She kept calling and calling. The more she called, the more heartbreaking and sad she became because her calls were  ignored.

 Excessive communication, while it may not be healthy.

it reduces the spark In a relationship.

No matter how helpful and good you think it is to  communicate excessively with your partner.   it gets boring with time.

If you have formed the habit of calling your partner at every interval just to check on them, or gist them on what happened at any point in time, they will get bored of it, because they ain’t getting anything new, apart from the usual stale stories and gist.

Variety they say is the spice of life. No one desires to be tasting a particular kind of food all the rest of their lives. The only exception to this is having a partner with mutual understanding and priority. Who doesn’t see anything wrong with excessive communication, but rather sees it as fun and a  way to get more connected to you.

It can lead to loss of interest.

Absence they say makes the heart grow fonder. It is human nature to value that which is less available than that which is always available. A simple illustration is this, when a commodity is scarce, people will place a high value on it, they will handle it with care. But when it can be easily acquired, less priority and value will be placed on it.

Similarly, people will value you more, when they are scared to loose you as a result of your absence.that does not imply you should Ignore your partner and make yourself unavailable. It only implies you should keep everything at moderate level, so you can trigger their desire and longing  to have your presence always.

It can lead to unnecessary Jealousy, assumption and insecurity.

when you are always conscious of calling your partner even they might be busy. You will often get paranoid if they couldn’t pick your call at that moment.

Thus leading to insecurity, jealousy and unnecessary assumptions of what does not exist. You will begin to suspect them without giving them a benefit or doubt or at least trying to hear their own side of the story before jumping into conclusions.








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Discover the 5 True meaning of intimacy in relationships.

The true meaning of intimacy
The true meaning of intimacy


The meaning of intimacy in  relationship is a very essential topic, because the word “intimacy”has been greatly misinterpreted by so many folks.

The word “intimacy” is a noun which was literally derived  from the Adjective “intimate”which means to be close or attached to someone.this shows that intimacy can occur among family members, close relatives and friends and not just in relationships.

It is a word that best describes the kind of bond that occurs between two people who may or may not be related to each other.

However, in relationship, the meaning could be broad. Aside, closeness, it is a term which we often use to describe the act of sex between two people in a relationship. Unfortunately, this is the only definition we pay much attention to. At the mention of “intimacy”our minds are often focus on sex, that we seems to forget the fact that it  also includes closeness and bonding.

With such mindset, it is common to assume that two folks who are exhibiting a kind of sexual relationship with no strings attached popularly known as “friends with benefits” are intimate with each other. It is not odd to assume that two individuals who met at a one night stand are intimate with each other.  These are what we presume to be intimacy. But on the contrary, the meaning of   intimacy goes beyond sexual relationship. In relationships, It actually entails a lot than we can ever imagine, which we are about to explain in details.

The meaning of intimacy in a relationship.

The meaning of intimacy in relationship

intimacy means friendship. 

A true friend is someone you share your common interest and goals with. Your closeness with them is one of the characteristics of having them as friend.

You are not scared of sharing your secret with them, you are not scared of confiding in them. In other words, for a relationship to be intimate, you have to be each other’s close pals. But Unfortunately, what most couples Of this days understand as intimacy is only love making.  A man would be so busy to spend time with his wife, both hardly sits down to have a good discussion, they only live as housemates.

A seminar was once organized for married couples, each couple were called out privately by the counselor and were  made to undergo an interview  concerning their partner’s preference, such as their choice of color, interest and other personal traits. but unfortunately, they all failed the test. But as soon as they were asked to mention their partner’s color of undies. They got it right. This showed that friendship was not included in their own meaning of intimacy.

Intimacy means emotional bond.

There had been several questions to what actually creates emotional bond, so many folks believes that nothing else creates emotional bond aside sex.

But Does sex create emotional bond? In marriage, it does to an extent, but true bonding is often seen among couples who found reasons to be together aside sexual connections.

Have you ever thought about couples in a longLong distant relationship  and how they cope?  They are still together despite the distance, because their bond is too strong to be broken by any factor.

intimacy means sacrifice 

One of the characteristics of an intimate relationship is the ability of both partners to sacrifice their happiness for each other and contribute to each other’s happiness, irrespective of the odds and inconveniences.

It goes both ways. Having emotional connection during love making alone and acting like casual friends thereafter does not depict love making. It can only be described as friends with benefits.

How do you explain the fact that you are in an intimate relationship, but your so called partner cannot be there for you when you are having challenges?except when he/she is in dire need to satisfy their sexual urge?

Intimacy means Transparency

The meaning of intimacy would be incomplete and irrelevant without mentioning Transparency. Initially, We defined an  intimate relationship using friendship as an illustration.

Now imagine you had a friend, so close to you that people assumed you both were both  siblings, you do everything together, you often share your secrets with them, including the ones that were meant to be confidential. But unfortunately, they keep secrets a lot and often finds it difficult to open up to you. wouldn’t you feel cheated?it shows that they don’t even trust you  as much as you trust them.

They don’t trust you enough to share their secret with you. Are such kind of people qualified to be called a friend?similarly, any relationship where one or both partners are not transparent with each other is not qualified to be called an intimate relationship. Lack of transparency also means lack of Trust. you can only open up to someone whom you trust so much. Understanding the true meaning of intimacy will help your relationship thrive well and grow stronger. It also helps to differentiate betweenLove and infatuation. In other to know if you are truly  loved or if  you are being used for a personal benefits.








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5 Signs you are dating a narcissist

Dating a narcissist

Dating a narcissist can be so daunting and stressful especially  when you wish to be in a committed relationship.

Who is a Narcissist?

A narcissist is someone so  obsessed by him/herself. Narcissist  admire themselves a lot to the point that they often think less about others.

Narcissism is a negative  attitude filled with self centered attitude and ingratitude.

Unfortunately, Narcissism is often misinterpreted with self esteem. Both seems alike but differs in so many aspect. All Narcissist may possess  self esteem, but not every persons with self esteem is a Narcissist.

Here is the difference

While a narcissist values him/herself and posses self confidence. However, they think less of others. They are often Egocentric.

On the contrary, a self  esteemed individual may  have  confidence on him/her self, admires him/herself, but takes the interest of others into consideration.

In other words, they are not self centered or exhibits any trait that shows that.

Dating a narcissist is very common, but a times, we may not know we are dating one till we be begin to see some signs indicating such.


Signs you may  be dating a Narcissist

They are often possessive

Narcissist can be possessive to the core.

Because they have this feelings that the world revolves around them.and so that mindset gives them the impression that being in a relationship with you implies that you shouldn’t have any other friends of the opposite sex. have you ever been in a relationship where talking to a member of the opposite sex signals a great taboo by your significant other?this could be a sign that you are dating a narcissist.


The “me”, i  and myself mentality

Just like we mentioned earlier, narcissist individuals tends to be self centered. Because they are so engulfed by their own personality and what derives them joy, they would not mind if you displease yourself just to get them pleased.

What ever it takes to make them happy, they would not mind having you do that, even at the detriment of your own happiness.

Have you ever dated someone who nags every now and then, complains of not giving them a lot of attention, without considering your busy schedules. This could be a great sign you are dating a narcissist.

Sense of entitlement

Dating a narcissist is synonymous to being in a relationship with someone who feels is his/her right to have anything they wished for, or get anything done for them  without minding the possibility or  circumstance behind making it happen.

To them, being in a relationship involves getting a lots of benefits even when they hardly give any. You can easily identify this people by their incessant demands. because of their quest for admiration  and relevance. Most are known to be so materialistic     and insatiable.


Lack of empathy

One major problem about narcissist is that though they are sensitive toward their own need and feelings, they care less about other people’s feelings.

Their lack of empathy is derived from their  self centered nature. Have you ever dated someone who you care a lot for and always sensitive enough to detect their mood? whereas they  Don’t  care about your mood .You might be battling with depression  and other psychological  problem, with the assumption that they would be there for you. but alas, you were wrong. you confided in them hoping they would be a shoulder to lean on. But unfortunately, they showed no concern whatsoever concerning your burden. Rather than being a shoulder to lean on, they contributed to your burden.

 Neediness and Desperation

Most narcissist shows signs of clingy ness as a result of their excessive quest for attention.

They can be obsessed when in relationship. They handle relationship like their entire being revolves around it. Thus making them needy and desperate every now and then.


Narcissist often feels insecure as a result of their quest for excessive attention and love. They often get Jealous when they observe you are beginning to get too  close to a member of the opposite sex. This insecurity a times is often accompanied with nags which seems to be a turn off to most people.








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Top reasons for divorce

top reasons for divorce in marriage

Top reasons for divorce are those factors that contributes to the high rate of divorce in our society.

Just like every other issues and Unforeseen circumstances in life, divorce can occur for  wide variety of reasons beyond our human control.

However,  in the course of this post, we are going to be laying emphasis on the reasons that seems to top the list based on research, statistics and individual experiences.

Five top reasons for Divorce in our Society.

Unplanned marriage

One of the top reasons contributing to the high rate of divorce is unplanned or unprepared marriage.

So many marriages today began as soon as both couples discovered they were expecting a baby.

There was no period of  prolonged friendship for sometime. The relationship was not defined  from the beginning.  Some of this marriages  were a product of a one night flings. And coincidentally, pregnancy occurred.

So in the bid to protect their reputation and image, they decided to tie the knot with someone they barely know. And ever since then, it has always been from one issue to the other.


Top reasons for divorce



compatibility in relationship does not imply having similar likes, personality or trait. It goes beyond that.

There are variation and differences in every human.

However, compatibility entails understanding each other’s flaw and learning how to condone each other despite the individual differences.

when couples lack this, they will always quarrel, abuse and fight each other every now and then. They will always  make issues out of nothing.

Third party interference

Nothing kills a relationship faster than having every issue discussed with a third party.

This is one of the top reasons for divorce that needs to be paid adequate attention to.

Not every issue is meant to be discussed with people. In marriage, there are issues meant to be settled amicably by both parties.

If this issue is beyond your control. It would be better to seek for the advise of a good marriage counselor.

A lot of marriages had been destroyed as a result of applying wrong counsels received from unexperienced folks.

Always remember that the success of any marriage depends solely on what works for both.

And so, some counsels may not work in your marriage, in spite the fact that  it works for others. Stop washing your dirty linen in public, because you don’t know who is actually happy for you or envious of you.

Listening to sigh Talks and gossips.

This is another top reasons for the high rate of divorce in our society. Some marriage ended, not because both folks grew tired of each other, but because they admitted every gossip they heard about their spouse without doing proper investigation to verify the truth.

They heard their spouse was cheating, they accepted and began accusing them without giving them a benefit of doubt or chance to explain their own part of the story. They ran into conclusion even when  they haven’t caught them in the act.

  Lack of trust

Lack of trust  is another top reasons for divorce. lack of trust often leads to Insecurity, unnecessary suspicion and conclusions.

Lack of trust denotes the reason why must folk would accept any gossip or sigh talks about their spouse without doing proper investigations.

lack of trust is the reason why most people would jump into conclusion without giving their partner a benefit of doubt. And before you knew what has happened, a lot has been damaged beyond repair. Partners should learn how to How to build trust in their marriage


This is one top reasons of divorce that is broad and speaks a lot. Most marriage ended because one or both couples has their Ego as their priority.

The word “sorry”was regarded as a word meant for the weak.hence they barely use it, causing issues to linger for a very long time.

couples should learn how to overlook some certain things in their relationship. Marriage union ought to be mutual. For two minds that truly understands each other, Apology.  Should be a great antidote in preventing any marital issues.









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Self love quotes To boost your confidence


Self love quotes
Self love quotes

self love quotes are not just quotes or Factual words, they are inspirational and powerful words purposely written with the aim  of boosting our self confidence and relieving us from low self esteem.

Many a times, we are faced with challenges,  intimidation, suppressions, Depression, rejections, denial, betrays,  and  disappointments.  Such life situations are capable dragging our self esteem to the mud. The fear of failure has its way of reducing our self worth.

However, self love  quotes helps us to realize who we are, and our purpose on earth.

It gives us an insight and direction on how to reach our goals. It encourages us to stay strong and confident amides of challenges, rejections and denial.

It helps us to realize our worth. it helps us to move on easily even after break up. self love quotes  helps to boost your confidence and keep you going.

Self love quotes

Top  self love quotes to keep you going

Be proud of who you are

This self love quotes is aimed at giving you self satisfaction and reminding you that you are the best of your kind, despite your flaws and weakness. It helps to eliminate self comparison and Inferiority complex. It also reminds you on the need to appreciate yourself as no one is perfect.

you are original. 

you know how important an original product is?no matter how attractive, appealing or good looking, a duplicate is, the original is always preferred at any time.

When submitting a very important document for an official use, you might be asked to present the original copy,,when buying a product, you will always seek for the original you know why? Originality denotes authentic and sincerity. While duplicate denotes fake and imitation.

No matter what people say about you, or how inferior you rate yourself,,just know you are real, you are authentic, you can never be someone else. Your beauty lies in being you.

Being original while working on your flaws is better than copying others and trying to live up to their standard. You are unique just the way you are.


you are your Rival

This self love quote is to remind you that You have no other rival apart from yourself.

Your aim should be to have your present better than your past. You should be striving to have your future better than your now.

You are not in competition with anyone but yourself. Having others as rivals would only result to bitterness, envy and hatred. While being your own rival would spur and inspire you to achieve your goals.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Your happiness lies solely on you. Is not how other sees you and rates you that matters, but how you rate your self. If you give people the impression that you worth nothing,

they would surely treat you like you worth nothing. If you give them the impression that you are inferior, they will surely take advantage of that .

Make them believe that you are unique in -spite of your flaws, they will forever appreciate you and respect you. Be who you want to attract.


self love is the ability to look Good without needing anyone to tell you. 

self love begins with you. self love quotes would have no effect on you, when you always expect to get recommendations, approval or accolades from people before leaving the life of your dream.

you are unique and fearfully made. re-assure your self this on regular basis. The best form of appraisal is Self appraisal This is because the appreciation you give yourself is the most sincere appreciation. while that which you may get from others might be as means to acquire one favor or the other from you.

Believe in yourself even when no one does.

many a times, we tend to give up,when it seems like no one recognizes us, we loose hope when it seems like the world has rejected us.

If a creature like lizard could have self confidence and worth praising itself even when no one does, how much you that is more advanced? Believe you can, believe you can soar higher. Change that impression people have about by by proofing that you are eager and capable.

It is not who you are that brings you down, but who you think you should be.

Self love quotes can only be relevant in your life, the moment you realize that you may not be the best, but you are better than the rest.

There are people who desires to be like even when you underrate yourself. While you are busy envying some other people, a lot of people might be wishing to be in your shoes.












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understanding your spouse

Understanding your spouse

Understanding your spouse takes a lot of patience, hard work and a times humility. This is because human attitude and personality varies with individual. No matter how emotionally attached you are to your partner or spouse, your personal attitude still varies.

Even identical twins who shared same placenta in the womb does not possess similar individual characteristics, let alone people who are not related by blood.

You might be compatible emotionally, but having the similar qualities in every aspect is so rare. And this lack of understand is what kills a lot of marriage and relationship. It is the reason why so many homes are not living in peace despite their Long period of courting, and successful relationship.

After courting and dating successfully They got married only to discover that every character exhibited during the dating or courting days were not real. It was all scripted with the intention of attracting each other. Reality begin to dawn on them when  they realized that they had no understanding of each other.

So many people can’t stop wondering why their partner or spouse behaves weird a times. Today they are in good mood, tomorrow, they are all up with mood swings.

They tried every possible means to know what is actually eating them up. But got no reply. The absence of reply indicates that everything was alright.Yet their behavior seems unusual.

I don’t seems to understand my hubby says a young woman who had been battling to save her marriage.

His unexpected mood swings and unusual behavior keeps me off balance.

The more i tried to understand him, the more confused i became. She is not alone on this, a handful of other are undergoing similar experiences. Many couples claim they are in love with each other and are maintaining a happy marriage, yet seems not to understand each other.

Understanding your spouse involves a whole lot, ranging from knowing their emotional needs, physical needs, understanding their mood swings, love languages and being sensitive. We would discuss all the aforementioned as that will give a clear knowledge in the topic “understanding your spouse”

Understanding your spouse

Four factors that are essential in understanding your spouse.

knowing their emotional needs.

Every human  has an emotional needs, and that includes the needs to feel loved, cherished and appreciated. even an infant desires to be loved and cared for by the parents.

And when he/she doesn’t get that attention, they  begins to feel unease hence the need to cry and disrupt their parent’s activity. similarly, human adult also yearns to have their emotional needs satisfied. And the best way  to understand your spouse emotional need is to know theEmotional differences in men and women. The way a man tends to react to emotions a times differs from women.

For women emotional need, Attention usually tops the list. While for men, it is usually intimacy. Even if you give your woman the world, get her the most expensive car, fill her ward robe with lots of clothes and accessories, but doesn’t give her attention, she may not value your kind gestures. she won’t be a complete woman without having you by her side occasionally.

Being sensitive to know when she is in the right mood or not. On the contrary, men are fascinated more by intimacy. For married couples, understand when your hubby is in the mood for sex.this lack of understanding is the leading course of so many problems in most marriages today.

Some men will be like “but i provide everything she needs, and i make sure she lacked nothing. Why then does she behaves weird? what about your presence?does she get your attention when she needs it? do you spend more time with her?don’t you think this could be the reason why she is acting weird? she may not communicate this too your verbally, she might expect you to read her mind. but since you are not a mind reader, effective communication Will solve the problem.

Similarly, It  is quite unfortunate that most women assumes that the only way to perform their marital duty is by taking care of the home and preparing a delicious meal for their hubby? they are all good,  but what about knowing when he is in the mood for intimacy?

while do you always give excuses?this could be the reason why he often acts wired despite performing your assumed wifely responsibilities.

we ought to know that physical need is not complete without the emotional need. your gift and services are all important,but your presence speaks more and can never be substituted for any other thing. Stop being too busy for your spouse. it kills a relationship. Learn How to balance your life and goals.

physical needs

As human, we all have our physical need. for women, their physical needs can always be met by satisfying their material quest and making sure they are comfortable. while for men, it is all about helping them to render one service or the other.

Physical needs are important as emotional needs and therefore shouldn’t be neglected too. professing your love to a woman who isn’t being taken care of properly is an error. have you ever wondered why your wife isn’t responding to your sensitive touches? You yell at her for being cold at you during love making, rather than communicate with her to know what is actually wrong.

Perhaps there might be something she urgently needs at that moment. And because she doesn’t want you to see her as a nag, she kept mute, hoping you will understand. on the other hand, a man’s need goes beyond emotional need or intimacy. There are times, when he may need your assistance. Gifts are not meant to be given only by  the male folks. You can as well surprise him during his birthday, or any special events.

Love languages

Understanding your spouse entails learning how to express your heart felt commitment to your spouse via the love languages. The five love languages are receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service and physical touch.

knowing when to give each other gifts, spend quality time with each other, reassure each other of  your love, render services to each other and be intimate with each other is a good way of showing commitment.


understanding your spouse equally entails being sensitive to their moods. a lot of couples are living like strangers because they can’t detect each other’s   mood. you don’t have to wait for your spouse to  communicate to you verbally. Sometimes you can always tell their mood from their countenance and sudden change in behavior. men often hide their feeling a lot as a result of their  egocentric nature and  in the course of that,often  finds it difficult to confide in their wife when they are passing through hide times.  Without being sensitive, you may not understand his mood. Which might lead him to wallow in self pity and depression.

















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How can we stop constant arguments?

How to stop constant argument in a relationship.

How can we stop constant argument? Is arguing with your spouse a natural part in a relationship?This is one of the common questions married couples or folks in a committed relationship are seeking for an answer to. And a problem which seems to have defiled solution.

Arguments are common trait in human especially as it relates to our inter personal relationship with others. It is an evitable trait as long as communication is concerned. Siblings argue almost all the time,friends argue at one point or the other.

So relationship and marriages are not an exception too. With the variations in our individual reasoning and understanding, is almost impossible to eliminate argument as part of our communication.because we all have this intense desire  to have our opinions heard  and accepted. So in that case arguments are inevitable, as long as human co-existence is  concerned. It is normal. However, when the arguments becomes habitual, then is no longer normal . It becomes a problem which calls for urgent attention.

Some relationships and marriage are at the verge of collapsing because both couples often argue, any conversation automatically turns to argument, you can hardly differentiate between their conversation  from their misunderstanding. Because they can’t hold a reasonable conversation without having it end with an argument. Such argument can easily lead to unending fights, which in turn may result to break up or divorce.

Now the question is how can this constant argument be eliminated?  we can’t think about eliminating them without first considering its causes.

How to stop constant argument

Causes of constant argument in a relationship


Ego is the leading cause of constant argument in a relationship. When one or both couples begins to feel superior over the other, apologizing would always be difficult because nobody will like to accept his/her fault.

For fear of being regarded as a weak person or to be taken for granted. Such kind of relationship usually doesn’t work, because both couples value their Ego more than their union. and so would always find reasons to argue constantly rather thanResolve  their isssues amicably.


As human, we argue a lot because we always have an intense desire to talk  more but listen less.

We are always in a hurry to release our opinions and hence this often leads to  argument because the other parts desires to have his/her opinion heard too. a relationship where everyone talks but no one wants to listen to what the other person has to say  is bound to experience constant arguments. This arguments a times leads to fight.

Lack of respect

when people don’t respect their spouse or partner. they will always argue in every slightest provocation.

for women with Ego or womenn who regards themselves as feminist, they will always argue or talk back at their husband whenever they are being corrected.

And when this repeatition of speech becomes intense, argument becomes inevitable.

Ways to stop constant arguments in a relationship.

Both partners should learn How to curb EGO 

The absence of Ego indicates the absense of pride. The absence of Ego indicates the presence of respect, humility and forgiven spirit.

when partners value each other more than their Ego, no issues can make them argue consistently. arguing once in blue moon can be understantable, but arguing regularly will be an impossible trait.

When partners sees each other as equal irrespective of age, qualification or size. EGO would be far from them .

using the silent method

When i say silent method, i don’t mean using the silent treatment to punish your spouse.

i am talking about using silent method to maintain peace and order. there is a popular adage that goes thus “when everyone is talking, no one is talking. This implies that when you are both trying to make your opinion or voice heard without calming down to hear what the other has to say. it then implies that nobody is making sense.

You can’t both reach a compromise when you argue a lot. Not every word is meant to be replied. if your partner’s countenance has automatically changed while they were still talking, it will be better to allow them finish what they have to say. Don’t try to interrupt them.

As this often prolongs the issue. You can always come back to address the issue when they are calm.that would be the best time to get their audience and undivided attention.

Respect each other.

For constant argument to be eliminated, there is a need to respect each other. Women should Change their mindset about submission by learning what  Submission  actually implies especially in marriage,and how they can be submissive.

Practicing feminism in the wrong way and with the wrong mindset should stop.

Men should equally learn to respect their woman.irrespective of the gender variations.

They should always remember that their wives are not a commodity but their best friend and companion.

They should talk to them politely and correct them in love. Rather than yell and scream which may result to arguments or nags.