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Should i take a break from relationship?


Should I take a break from relationship?

Should I take a break from relationship? This is the common question from people who have gone through a lot emotionally,  while it is the wish of every young person to have a successful relationship that will end in marital settlement, having a healthy romantic relationship, is still not guaranteed. No matter how we try.

A lot of persons have diverse reasons of being in a relationship, to some it could be for fun, or to curb loneliness. while  to others, it is to establish a lasting ( union) with their significant other.  The former often have no reason to worry, if the relationship doesn’t last.  But this article is specifically  meant for the later(I.e the category of people who desires to have a great love story, but unfortunately keeps getting  series of disappointment, and the cycle keeps repeating itself.

It is not uncommon to harbor some negative thoughts like, everybody being against you, nobody wants to date you or perhaps something is actually wrong with you. A times,  you can’t help but blame yourself over and over again. Maybe you could have done it this way, or that in other to avert the situation.

At a juncture, you finally came to the conclusion that taking a  break from relationship is the best and only option you’ve gat in other  to regain your sanity,

But then? Is that really the best option? For how long do you intend to do that? While taking a break from relationship might seem like a good option, it is equally advisable to examine the reason behind the consistent  heartbreak you experience. Just like the the saying goes thus, ” there’s no smoke without fire”. You can only solve or tackle  a problem by identifying the root cause and not by shying away from it, else the same challenge will keep reoccurring. Here are the steps to take before considering taking a break from relationship.

Should I take a break from relationship
Should I take a break from relationship?

steps you ought to take before considering taking a break from relationship.

Check your Attitude. 

Before taking a break from relationship, you should first examine your character to be certain that the fault is not actually from you.

Most times, we are quick to blame others for their  misconduct thereby paying less attention to our own lapses. Why Drafting out the list of your spec in a partner and the qualities you expect your partner to possess,  don’t forget to work on yourself too. Just like yourself, every other person deserves the best.

Why trying to point out figures or blame your significant other, the problem  could be you repeating the same mistakes over and over again.  You can’t be repeating the same routine, and at the same time expecting a different result. First, work on yourself before drawing conclusions.

check the foundation of the relationship.

Before considering taking a break from relationship, is best to understand how the relationship began in the first place. A relationship without the right foundation will never lead to a healthy union.

Some examples of such relationship are one sided relationship and Rebound relationship.  Such relationship was never meant to be, it is tagged ” A relationship based on circumstance, and so more shouldn’t be expected.








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petty factors that ruins a relationship


Petty factors that ruins a relationship
Petty factors that ruins relationship



There are so many factors that ruins a relationship, but amongst them are the ones I termed ” petty factors”.  You know why they are called petty factors?

Even though they seems like a big deal to us, they are almost insignificant.

We actually take them serious, but the truth is that sometimes, they absolutely means nothing, but our assumptions and self- imposed fear keeps our mind so locked up with so much fears and insecurity to the point of picking up a fight,  nagging  or initiating a dispute with our partners,  over what seems not to be in existence.

One of my client has her own share of experience. She said and I quote ” I regret ever being too sensitive and  insecure, to the point of loosing my 3years old relationship out of assumptions.

She narrated her experience on how she  allowed a “mere” comment ruin what she worked so hard to build for years.

She saw a comment and presumed that her significant other was cheating on him. And without trying to clarify things, she confronted him in the most awful and irritating manner, which  resulted in serious misunderstanding and a breach in communication between them.  The issue lingered on,  and every effort to hear his own side of the story proved abortive.

She became too nagging and insensitive, and when he couldn’t bear it any longer, he decided to call it quit.

She soon realized that she was only being paranoid over nothing, the comment which was the bone of contention was nothing but a harmless comment, but then it was already late.

She couldn’t reverse the damages which had been caused already. So many relationships which was expected to last for long has gone down the rail in a similar manner.

Quite number of them are being tagged as a result of   incompatibility amongst couples.

But a times, it occurs as a result of petty factors, which ought to be neglected, but then has been made a major issue. Now lets take a summary of some of these factors and how it ruins  relationship.

Factors that ruins relationship.

Lack of trust.

one of the factors that ruins a relationship and triggers some petty issue is lack of trust.

Insecurity  a times, results when there is no trust in a relationship or when the trust has been breached  due to one negative attitude from one or both parties.

In the case of no trust, this often occurs as a result of past experiences in relationships. Some People who has a bad relationship history are psychologically and emotionally traumatized.

Their fear is usually triggered by the fact that every relationship is bound to end in a similar way, just like their previous. Thus leading to lots of negative attitudes like  jealousy in relationship and  neediness.  Such attitude can only be curbed by getting rid of the past and taking decisions to move on, despite what you’ve might been true.

While the former, can be avoided by being transparent and avoiding any issue which could lead to suspicions.


Being Clingy is one of the major factor that ruins a relationship. spending time with your partner/ significant other is good and should be always encouraged, as effective communication  enhances a relationship. However, be cautious to know when you are beginning to abuse such positive attribute.

Being together doesn’t always have to mean not giving each other space. The best form of a relationship is that which both parties truly understands each other and knows where to draw a boundary in each other’s private life. Such relationship is majorly accompanied with trust. And that is what I tag “a healthy relationship”.

Respecting each other’s privacy is a sign of Trust and maturity.  A relationship doesn’t always implies that he/she can relate with other members of the opposite sex.


Their life must not revolve around the relationship. You have to realize the fact that they still have goals and dreams to accomplish. Hence the need for a  space sometimes. As a matter of fact, giving your significant other space attracts much value and  affection, as absence they say makes the heart grow fonder.

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