Month: December 2019

Instant relationship. A good or bad idea?

Instant relationships otherwise known as love at first sight is becomingno so popular this days.  It is a type of relationship that occurs suddenly,  sometimes without both parties having a plan to date each other. That kind of relationship that happens when you meet someone for the first time,  and feelings […]

Dealing with anger and resentment in a relationship

Knowing how to deal with Anger and resentment in a relationship is one of the basic steps  in building  a Healthy relationship. Anger is a weapon which is capable of destroying a lot in seconds or minute.  It is an emotional trait which has landed a lot of people in life time […]

4 ways to define a relationship

  How can i define a relationship?especially one at its early stage, this questions has always been one of the most popular questions among folks in an intimate  relationship. For men, Committed relationship comes with a lot of responsibility. It entails being fully open to the one you wish to […]

Signs you might be ruining your relationship

Do you know that you might be ruining your relationship without knowing? Most times when a relationship fails, both parties  often claims the victims, no one accepts being the defaulter, no one wants to take the blame, no one is willing to admit  being guilty. We all want to be […]

6 strategic ways to monetize your hobby

ways to monetize your hobby To monetize your hobby, You must first believe its possibility. Unfortunately so many individual still finds it difficult to believe that certain hobby or skills can actually be turned into a passive income. Because we have this general belief and mindset that hobby is all […]

How to deal with being friend zoned

Being friend zoned is the worst night mare for individuals desiring to be in an intimate relationship with someone they admire so much. no matter how close they are with the individual,  they can never be fulfilled or satisfied until such friendship develops into an intimate relationship. The worse scenario […]

How can i stop being desperate in a relationship?

To quit  being desperate in a relationship requires a lot of self control especially for folks who made their relationship a top priority. Desperation is a negative trait which triggers the mindset to get something at all cost, irrespective of the odds or disastrous outcome. Desperation occurs when there is […]

4 Myths about marriage

Myths about marriage, what comes to your mind at the mention of the word marriage? What are the things you’ve heard about marriage that scares you? Or made you develop a different view about marriage? Your mindset and perception towards anything in life is what determines the amount of effort […]

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