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5 Effective ways to market your skills.



Effective ways to market your skills.
Effective ways to market your skills.



In other to market your skills,  you ought to have one already or be  in  the process of acquiring one.

Skill acquisition is spontaneously becoming the most effective way towards attaining financial freedom . The economy is gradually becoming so unaffordable which has triggered a lot into sourcing for other alternatives so as to meet up with their daily expenditure. With skills, A lot of people with several responsibilities no longer have to  depend on their salary alone which hardly takes care of their expenses.


Skill acquisition has equally helped a lot of youths who unfortunately found themselves in a congested labor market, where the rate of unemployment supersedes the limited number of jobs available. So many are leveraging in this opportunity, rather than to keep waiting for a white collar job which they ain’t certain about.

There are quite number of others who have  developed this Entrepreneurship mindset that they no longer deem it necessary working for anyone. All their desire has always been to be their own boss, pursue their dreams,  create their own employment opportunities,  and still  manage their Time . whatever reason that derives people towards acquiring skills, the most important of it all is knowing how to market it and attract revenue.

Marketing is the most challenging aspect. It is one thing to acquire a skill, it is another thing to have it seen by various audience especially people in dire need of your services. This is where a lot of people gets discouraged and may decide to quit. Imagine going through the rigorous process of mastering a skill, and then, still having the need to convince the audience to patronize you.

Marketing is a skill of its own. Every Entrepreneur desiring to be successful in his or her endeavor really need to adopt this skill.  It is not a science rocket, it is achievable. In this article, I will explain some  effective ways by which you can market your skills and have it being demanded by millions of people.



1. leverage  on the power  of Networking- 

Networking is powerful when it comes to marketing. Search around you, there are people who are expertise when it comes to your field. Make friends with them. Form a circle of friends who are knowledgeable and fits in to your niche or area of expertize.  Don’t neglect your friends too. They might be familiar  with some influential  People or refer you to one. It could be their relation, or colleague. Try and reconnect with old friends too, you never know where opportunity might emerge from. Always spread your tentacles, don’t rely on one source.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA-  the word is becoming more advanced since the advent of technology. Gone are the days where people walk from house to house, street to street, in search of costumers.

These days, with the help of social media, you can have your business or skills seen globally. To market a skill effectively, social media is quite necessary.

It is no longer news that Many people does not own  a physical shop, yet they make massive sales on daily basis. Even the ones with physical shops are still boosting their sales majorly from social media. It is a fastest way to reach out to people and brands  in various countries and regions within a limited period of time.

However,  having social media profile is not enough, you must learn how to advertise and market yourself on the different platforms. Instagram, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and the rest.  First, you have to start by creating a professional profile of you and your services.

Then always post your services, and ask your friends to share them.

If you have sufficient income, you can run a paid sponsored ads to ensure more reach and gain more followers who might likely patronize you in the future.

It doesn’t cost much if you really know how it works, or you can engage in the services of people who are expert on it.  You can be  doing  it gradually,till you achieve your desired result.

Focus on your location and Targeted Audience.

The success of a business a times depends on the location and targeted costumers. For you to market your skills effectively, you must pay attention to your environment and the need  people around you  there desire to get.

Every business or skill have the tendency of thriving well, if targeted at the right location and audience. Whether you intend to promote your business offline or online, you must target only people who will be likely  interested in getting your product, as well as the audience. Imagine selling a fitness equipment and targeting it to people in their advanced age. They most likely may not need it, but rather it should be targeted to the younger  ones desiring to loose weight.

This is the major mistake people make,  especially when running a social media ads. You will definitely loose your money and record no sales, if you don’t target the right age bracket and location.


Promote others too.

We grow by helping each other. Forming a network of skilled and talented individuals, who are ready to help each other is one surest way to success. Look for other brands in your area of expertize, promote their product in your page and always tag them. You can never tell  that which will bring you to limelight. You may be recognized someday.


Keep Learning- sometimes, results produces more effect than every other method. If you are good in what you do, a client will most likely refer you to other clients after rendering your service. I’ve seen it happen couple of times. That’s why you mustn’t stop learning and unlearning in other to be competent. Knowledge can never be saturated. Some skills are highly competitive, but what will give you an edge over others is your competence. Learn to accept criticism when necessary.  Sometimes, criticism paves way for enhancement and growth.







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Why am i lagging behind?


Lagging behind


Have you ever felt like you are lagging behind in life? You know that feelings that usually surfaces when ever you examine your life and discover that it ain’t going in contrary to your plans and expectations.  especially when you’ve seen your mate, colleagues or friends progressing from one stage of their life to the other. Comparison sets in, as  depression follows suit.

Perhaps, you’ve made plans  and created a very awesome picture of what your supposed future ought to look like.  But unfortunately, fantasies are sometimes far from reality. But then, that is life!!!

Is so common to feel like you are lagging behind, when your dreams are gradually becoming a nightmare.  Your once favorite social media  is gradually becoming annoying each passing day. Each time you log in, You can’t scroll down without seeing the awesome pictures of couples or intending couples flooding all over your time line. You can’t scroll down without bumping into a picture of an old time friend in an exquisite office or company.

Bumping into friends on the road a times always leaves you with the feelings of embarrassment and failure.

You’ve practically stopped going to certain places where you will likely meet old time friends to avoid questions like..what are you doing now? Are you married now?  At a point, You are beginning to contemplate  whether to go off social media for a while so as to avoid loosing focus and going insane.

I truly understand those feelings. Is quite normal especially when you’ve attained a certain age where you feel you ought to have made one accomplishment or the other, yet you still see yourself still on same level you were some decades ago.

Lagging behind in life feels as though there are people you accompanied to this life.  However, while is quite normal to feel that way, is abnormal to let this feeling subdue your happiness and dominate your existence. A lot at the verge of trying to comprehend or navigate things have end up taking their own lives as they wondered what else is there to live for?

Taking one’s life is never the solution. I will give you some tips to help you  overcome at such trying moments.

Lagging behind? What you should do at such moments.

Take a deep breath and pause. 

You can’t really focus when your mind is at much pressure, you can’t think positively in emotionally unstable mind. This is why you must take a deep breath and relax your mind first at turbulent times, so you can pave way for a stable mind in other to think positively.

Don’t shy away from people 

Nobody is an island, our success and wealth are often time a product of other people’s assistance. We can’t isolate ourselves from other people’s assistance if we must succeed in life.

As a business man/ woman, without people coming to patronize you, you won’t make sales. As a Skilled entrepreneur without people requesting for your service, you won’t progress.

As an upcoming celebrity, without fans,  you won’t be recognized. So you see, you can’t erase the relevance of people, that’s why you must let go of your Ego and shame and make yourself open and available.

God would not come down  from above to assist you after you’ve prayed. It is through people that such miracle will  come into existence. This is why you must not shield yourself totally from people in other not to drive your destiny helper away. A times you need to ignore shame and come out from your shelf in other to meet your destiny helper.

Be patient. 

Sometimes, when positive things are yet to show up, when our dream life is yet to become a reality, we assume we are lagging behind. But the fact is that, just like our date of birth,our destiny differs.  Some people are destined to make it earlier than others. It doesn’t actually portrays they are better or that others won’t make it.

But then that is life. And pressure becomes intense, when  friends and colleagues are becoming fortunate to have their successful life emerge  before yours .  The envious feeling is normal, but just wish them well and believe yours is on the way.  Most times, what we need is just patience. Don’t  allow impatience rub you off your positive story before it finally emerges.






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Every youth ask, how can i overcome youthful exuberance?





How can i overcome youthful exuberance?

How can I accomplish my dreams amidst of peer pressure and societal influence? This is a question every youth who intends to make progress in life ask on daily basis. It is  easier to make plans, is easier to set up goals, is easier to map out list of intended dreams to accomplish and set out targets on when to do so. But unfortunately, adhering strictly to the target requires a lot of factors. While it may be possible, it can be quite demanding and  stressful.

You will certainly be faced with a lot of challenges, but with determination and focus, you can scale through to any height you desire.

Youthful stage is a stage filled with so much optimism, excitement and energetic feelings. As a youth, there is always an intense quest and desire to feel relevant, updated, maintain a stable social life and meet up with trends and happenings in the society. These desire is equally accompanied with the quest to succeed, accomplish one’s dream and achieve a lot.
But the question is?

Is it really possible to  balance both or should you forgo one for the other?
This is the major challenge a lot of youths are facing today. Trying to fit in to the societal standard, and at the same desiring to achieve tremendously in all their Endeavour.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with such desires. However, being successful in life takes a great deal of sacrifices and commitment, thus making the desire to achieve both a difficult one.

Commitment requires time dedication. Which implies spending less time on irrelevant activities, including social activities. This is where the problem lies. Most youth of this days desire to reap a bountiful harvest of the seed they never sowed. Only a handful understands the sacrifice and price to pay in other to qualify for such harvest.There are three major factors that poses as a distraction towards sowing of such seed. In other to overcome youthful exuberance, you ought to gain control over them.

However, before we go into details on some ways to overcome youthful exuberance, let’s talk about several Areas where youthful exuberance is mostly seen in youths.

Keeping Relationships

Everyone is in a relationship, everyone is mingled, so why shouldn’t I?  At a certain age, we all feel the urge and need to feel among especially as it concerns relationship.

Youthful age is also accompanied  with the desire to satisfy our emotional needs, owing to the high libido and sexual arousal felt at such sensitive age. Now the issue is not about keeping relationship. But the question is Are you ready for it? Are you psychologically fit to strike a  balance  between your relationship and goals as relationship can be so demanding and often comes with lots of responsibilities ? Or are you just overwhelmed by your emotional desires? This should be your major source of concern with such desires especially if you intend to overcome youthful exuberance.

Making money against all odds.

It is the desire of every youth to live large, feel relevant and respected in the society, and own up to their responsibilities at home( taking  proper care of their parents and younger ones)  such desires are not bad, but the way they intend to go about them matters s lot.

The pressure to become wealthy at all odds becomes intense as soon as they found out that their peers have become successful. Not minding their source of income, A lot will be curious to know, hence might be lured into illegal crimes and social vices.

Peer pressure.

At youthful stage, peer pressure becomes so intense as the rate of resistance is quite challenging among the youths.

Have you ever been in a situation of trying to perform a relevant activity either to study or perform some left over jobs at the office, yet you have your peers all persuading you to come over and club with them or watch football with them. It can be quite tempting especially if you’ve always been with them.



how to overcome youthful exuberance, three factors you ought to take note of. 

The first one is misplaced priority

This is a major determinant of our future. What we place our value on determines the fate of our future. Is quite unfortunate that a lot of youths today focus more on things which does not have a long term benefits. Building one social life is good, going out to have fun with friends is equally good. Keeping a relationship is good.

But when all these are done at the expense of a vital activity. It is called a misplaced priority. Most youth finds it difficult to differentiate between a want and a need.

For example, wants are temporal benefits which can be gotten from a pleasure. While needs are long term benefits which can be gotten from persistence hard work. A lot opt for want, and after gaining the momentarily pleasure, they end up living in regrets after realizing they’ve wasted a lot of time engaging in an unnecessarily activities.

A lot of people exert their youthful energy on things which are not of good benefits and when is time to harvest the fruit of their labor, they become expectant hoping to reap where they never sowed.
You will see a student spending more time on social media, betting shops, parties and so on. And when the time of exam comes, he expects miracle to happen.

A young guy who ought to be busy pursing his career and dream, but rather he spends his time pursuing women and visiting every clubs in town. After doing all this, they will assume a demonic force is after them. Without knowing they are architect of their predicament.
In other to overcome such youthful exuberance, Youths should be able to draw their scale of   preference in that way, they wouldn’t misplace their priority.



In other to overcome youthful exuberance, you must adopt the virtue of discipline. Discipline is an act of adopting self control in one’s life by forgoing some pleasures in the bid to achieve a target or a purpose. In the book ” Think big”. Dr Ben carson  emphasized on how he transformed from the once ” known dullard to the brightest student in his school. He narrated on how he often went out with his friends to play his favorite games after school and watch his favorite program on Television.

According to him then, Reading was such a burden. Till he harkened to his mother’s advise and began to master the art of reading. At first, it wasn’t easy, but with discipline he overcame.

To stop an addiction or habit common among youths, discipline is required. To ignore certain pleasures among youths, discipline must be adopted. It is only discipline that would make a student overcome the urge of sitting in front of a television or spending hours on social media when he/ she is meant to study.
It is only discipline that will enable a youth overcome promiscuous life style and social vices like pre marital sex, illicit drug abuse, prostitution. Discipline helps one overcome certain pleasures that overwhelms the youth.

Lack of discipline among the youth is the major cause of Procrastination. ( knowing what to do,but unwilling to take prompt action .

In summary, youthful exuberance is not entirely bad when youth focus Energy and vibrancy on more vital and positive activities than activities capable of ruining their lives and future. To overcome youthful exuberance and its negative outcome, every youths needs  to exert positive mindset.

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Gaining resilience in times of difficulties





Gaining resilence
Gaining resilience at difficult times.


















Gaining resilience during times of difficulties has never been easy. As a matter of fact, it requires a lot of strength and determination.

But the question is, how can one develop such strength when undergoing  several storms in life? How can one possibly determine to be strong in other to avoid falling into  depression.  Honestly, such decisions are easier said and quoted than done.

We don’t choose to be sad in life, no one prefers happiness over anxiety, no one prefers sound mind over depression. But unfortunately, we may find our selves in some situations where happiness seems to have eluded us.

Frustrations, and anxiety becomes the order of the day, no matter how you try to get over this feelings, they keep reoccurring because you have little or no control over them.

You wished you can regain your self confidence and happiness, but all seems like an illusion. The more you try, the more you see your self falling helplessly again. It is really like a struggle between your happiness, self esteem and reality.


Gaining resilience does not necessarily  imply having your  challenges solved or getting at the climax of your struggles.

But having the mental strength  to overcome such challenges which might have probably led to depression.

Hence resilience can be defined as the mental ability to recover quickly from depression, illness or  misfortune.

A state of being strong amidst of life struggles. A state of bouncing back to one’s initial mood and state of mind..

Here is an illustration. Imagine loosing something very crucial in life like a loved one, a juicy opportunity or a job. The feeling is better expressed than imagined. You’ve wept endlessly as if regaining  them back depends on the amount of tears you shed.

But at a point, it dawned on you that no amount of tears could bring them back. You accepted your fate. But yet, you still can’t move on. Your self had let gone, but your emotions is unwilling to let go.

You are still battling with your mental ability. Trying to recover from the shock, but all to no avail.  Inability to gain resilience is what usually leads to chronic anxiety otherwise known as depression.

Have you ever seen someone suffering from chronic depression? Most times, it is as a result of something that happened in the past. Normally, they ought to have left it in the past, but they were mentally weak to do so.

Then, how- can we build this -resilience- at -tough times?

Gaining resilience. Some tips to guide you .

Think about your breathe

Amidst of all these challenges, you still breath, your mental strength should rely on the fact  that your life was not gotten rid of  by your predicament.

Life signifies hope, courage and confidence.  Don’t assume there is nothing to live for, don’t prefer death  to the life you are living presently  no matter how horrible it might be, don’t contemplate suicide.

The owner of life never demanded your life because he has a plan and purpose for you which will definitely be accomplished in due course.

You were strong enough to conquer death. In Likewise manner, believe you will conquer your situation and challenges.

Learn to adapt at difficult times

One of the most vital method of gaining resilience at difficult times is learning  how to adapt to various moments in life. Don’t assume that life is stable, always prepare yourself at any point in time..

One of the principle of life you ought to understand is that life may not really present you with what you desire at all times.

Life may not present you with a juicy offer, this is a natural phenomenon and reality. It is only your duty to make the best out of every situation.

This is also one of the best applicable principle of successful men who had accomplished their goals in life.

Let me tell you one good thing about some challenges we face in life, it builds our self esteem.  You will have this great feelings and mindset that, ” if you can go through this, and come out victorious, then no situation can ever weigh you down. With such mindset, you’ve already prepared your mind to face any other challenge that might come your way in the future without having any fear.

Just like I said earlier, we don’t choose hardship over comfort, misfortune happens. That is life for you, but make up your mind to accept them with good fate. Acceptance does not imply being comfortable with it. But it helps to build your mental strength to recover quickly and avoid developing chronic depression.


Avoid Emotional materials.

Gaining resilience at difficult times can also be achieved by reading books that will inspire and boost your self esteem. Reading the biography of some great men like Abraham Lincoln Henry ford, Dr Ben Carson and so many others.  who  at some point in their life also had their own shares of hard times, but refused to quit or  be weakened by such hurdles of life. Avoid staying around emotional people or being sympathized. Remember what you need now is not pity but mental strength.

Associate with others

Don’t assume that you are alone in that situation, don’t assume that no one cares. One of the best antidote towards overcoming some trying  moments in life. Is by associating with like minded people.

Self isolation leads to chronic depression. You ought to avoid it at all cost.

You may never understand that your problem is the least till you come out of your shelf. You may not realize that there are so many others in your shoes yet unwilling to be conquered by their  fears. Till you stop isolating yourself from others. Be positive,don’t give into negativity, avoid being discouraged by people.

This can only be possible when you stop associating yourself with negative minded people. You can scale through, you can overcome. Gaining resilience is still possible. It begins with you, when you Embrace positivity.

Gaining resilence
Gaining resilience at difficult times.























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6 antidotes to loneliness


Antidotes to loneliness does not automatically stop one from feeling lonely, but it helps to keep one’s mind busy from every challenges or situations which might have prompted the loneliness.

Loneliness is one of the leading cause of depression. And could be caused by variety of reasons ranging from heartbreaks, isolations, inferiority complex, loosing of loved one. When one of these happens to an individual, there is usually this feeling of emptiness and brokenness. Nothing seems to excite you any longer. You will begin to loose appetite, your best hobby becomes so boring. At that moment, everything becomes worthless to the victim including life.

Before explaining the antidotes to loneliness, let’s look at each of the situations explained above and the likely feelings associated with them in other console  those who might be passing through similar situations and let them know they ain’t alone in it.


The feelings associated with heartbreaks is similar to loosing a loved one because is all about not having to be close to someone who was once part of your life.

You will definitely miss them and  feel their absence especially if there was intimacy before the break up.

Their memories might linger for a while till you finally summon the courage to move on. Nothing brings such courage than time. Time heals the wounds and scars of heartbreak.


Inferiority complex

A lot of individuals are struggling with inferiority complex which might occur as a result of stereotype, failure in the past and low standard of living.

People who are affected with inferiority usually have low esteem. There is always this feeling of defeat which often engulfs their mind and that is why they prefer staying alone and isolating themselves from others. They assume they are not up to standard compared to their mates and colleagues, they always live in doubts and hardly believe in themselves because of the failure they might have had in the past.

There is always this feeling of insecurity as they assume everybody discriminates against them.they always assume that no one loves them or have their interest at heart. Thus leading to loneliness and isolation.

Loosing a loved one

Loosing a loved one is the most severe and critical situation because unlike heartbreak, there is no hope of seeing them again or chances of reconciling with them ever again.

The hurt feelings felt at this scenario is usually dependent on the intimacy one had with the deceased before their demise

6 Antidotes to loneliness

Then how do we curb loneliness?
Here are 6 antidotes to loneliness.

Build your self esteem

one of the antidotes to loneliness is self esteem.

Loneliness is a natural feelings which might occur for variety of reason just like we mentioned earlier.

However, it is unnatural and an error to allow this feelings to take over you or destabilize you.

Self esteem involves building your mindset with the fact that you have the sole responsibility towards your happiness.

This a great way to curb loneliness associated with heartbreak and inferiority complex.
With self esteem you are in total control of your life knowing your happiness does not depend on any individual.

You will have this urge to concentrate on the things which makes your happy. Like choosing a new hobby, visiting new and exciting places.

Be optimistic.

This antidotes to loneliness is for people who felt they had lost it all in life and had given up or about to give up because they might have been a victim of failure or great challenges. And so rather than become hopeful, they resort to being pessimistic and isolating themselves from others.

One of the factors that will help you overcome certain challenges is life is keeping your hope alive again. As long as your life was not involved in the tragedy, keep the hope alive.

Avoid isolation
This antidote to loneliness will be most helpful for people who might have lost a loved one.

During your period of grief, avoid staying alone, surround yourself with people who cares for you and have your interest at hearts.

Don’t lock up yourself in a room weeping all day. Trust me, is not gonna reverse the situation. Isolating yourselves will keep reminding of you of their memories and this is the leading cause of Depression

That’s why you see most people who never recovers from the shock of loosing a loved one even after several years of their demise.

Concentrate on moving on.

One vital antidotes to loneliness is to channel your mind toward moving on and beginning a new phase of life. Such mindset breeds positivity.

When you come to the realization that the situation has already occurred, rather  than to sit back and grief all day  while not seek for a way to get over it and become strong again.

The milk had spilled already,,there is no point crying over it. You can search for articles that can assist your moving on process. you can equally visit a therapist if it has lead to depression.

Discard old memories

This is an antidote to Loneliness specifically meant for dealing with loneliness associated with the loose of a  loved one.

Are you still having their picture hung all over your room?  Probably their pictures? And is really affecting you because each time you gaze at it, it reminds of the old memories you once shared with them? I guess is time to discard them.

Discarding them does not necessarily mean you should throw them away. You can just keep them where you can’t easily access them, till you are sure you’ve become strong enough .

Find happiness within

Sounds easy right? Hell no!!! But trust me you can still find happiness again if you choose to, is not going to be anyway easy, but is quite achievable and possible.

Make up your mind to get out from your closet and mingle with others. Low esteem is not always realistic, is just in your mindset.

When you isolate from others with the assumption that you are irrelevant and that no one wants you or your opinion. You might be making a very wrong assumption.

Till you make up your mind and move out from your closet, you will never get to know that there are thousands of people who are craving to gain some knowledge, skills and intellect from you.

Till you step out, you won’t realize that there are thousands of people who wishes  to be like you, while you keep looking down on yourself. This  feelings helps to curb loneliness and  renew your happiness once again.


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6 steps in Overcoming trying moments in life


Overcoming trying moments in life

Trying moments in life is inevitable as life itself is unpredictable. Is every individual’s desire to have a stress free life. Is every individual dream to have their dreams and visions in life fulfilled. But unfortunately,  life does not always give us what we requested for.  At this juncture,, we may have no other choice than to accept it while working and hoping for the best.

Trying moments in life could come in  various forms ranging from financial instability, ailments, loosing of loved ones,  crisis in relationship/marriage, unemployment, loss of job  and so on. The list is endless, but these are the major and the most common reason of so many challenges people undergo in life.

Just like the saying goes,  he who wears the shoe knows where it hurts the most. You may not understand what they are going through if you haven’t encountered similar experience.


It is so easy to counsel them,  issue advise or instructions,  judge them or tell them what they could have done to avert the situation. but then, realistically is not always easy as portrayed.

just like a woman undergoing marriage crisis and emotional abuse.  Everybody will keep screaming get a divorce,  the society will keep blaming her for not getting a divorce considering the fact that her life is at risk, if she continues to stay in such marriage.  However,  no one would understand the pains of getting separated in a marriage/relationship where you might had probably invested a lot.  Especially when kids are involved.  No one understands the psychologically and emotional trauma associated with divorce.  Divorce might really be the best decision in some scenario however,  only the one about to make such decision knows and understands how difficult it is.

Trying moments in life can lead to  depression..  A depressed mind needs words of encouragement in other to have their hopes revived. But unfortunately,  depression a times comes with pessimism and the feelings that all hope had been lost.

This is why most depressed people often resort to suicide. 1 out of 10 individual’s commits suicide annually.  In some rare cases,  depression can also Lead to Mental disorder.  Not every insane person on the road is actually mad.  Some emerged as a result of frustration.

Having known  what trying moments in life entails and it’s psychological effect.  The next question is,  how we can overcome it? How can we cope when we unfortunately find ourselves amides  of storms and challenges of life?

4 steps in Overcoming trying moments in life.

Believe in yourself

this is similar to the saying “tough time does not last but tough people do. There is one remarkable features about tough people that distinguishes them from their counterparts. And that is the fact that they are always optimistic.

They don’t give up easily. They hardly believe is over. And that’s why they keep striving rather than contemplate suicide. Their toughness is borne out of the fact that they have much confidence in themselves. No matter how intense the storms of life is. They are ready to walk through. Such people keeps the hope alive even when they loose their job.

And that is why you often see them bounce back again and might even become self employed. It might only take time, but their dreams never dies. Some storms in life requires nothing than believing in yourself while hoping for the best. Examples of Such storms are  loosing a job and financial instability.

Be positive minded

Negativity often breeds negative thoughts like suicide. I’ve often heard a lot of people use the phrase “i am finished”. I am very certain they really don’t know the meaning of such statement.

Because if they do,,they wouldn’t have uttered it. finish literally indicates an end toward something, it also indicates lifeless. That implies that you’ve unintentionally declared yourself lifeless even while you are still life. Are there people who had passed through similar situation and came out stronger? Then assure yourself that definitely you will.

Get motivation from experienced folks

The best source of motivation is the one gotten from experienced people who had probably gone through similar experience and still pulled through.

This is because such motivations is more practical than theoretical. It is real and contains useful guide that will enable the seeker of such motivation to overcome his/her own trials.

When you are passing through certain challenges,it is common to assume that you are the most unfortunate human on earth. But when you look around or read some motivational articles, you will find out that yours is minor as compared to what  others might have undergone. This would definitely make you to feel relieved and optimistic. It would also help to calm your nerves as you continue to push.

Avoid publicizing your challenges

That you are having issue or challenges in relationship/marriage is not enough reason to make your keep announcing your problem even to those who may not care to listen. A lot of relationship/marriage had been damaged by wrong counsel. In the bid to save your relationship or marriage, you might be unknowingly making it prone to more dangers. This is also applicable to other trying moments in life aside relationship/marriage. If you must seek for advise, endeavor is from the right source.

Be consistent

Nothing drives passion and motivation than seeing the result of your endeavors. It induces hard work and the passion to be more committed.

However, that may not be guaranteed at all times. There are times when things might not be going the way you wished them. There are times when your effort might not correlate with your handwork.

This is another trying moment in life. and if you are not careful enough, you might be tempted to quit at this point. but always remember that every road to success is not always smooth. a times one have to pass through so many pot holes before getting to the destination. . Before achieving your dream. To every glory, there is always a story.



overcoming-lifes-difficult-moments has never been easy, but prayer can be very effective at such time.

I know how depressing it can be to experience trying moments in life. Sometimes, you feel frustrated and weak to pray.

No matter how difficult it is, never relent in prayers. You might have worked tiredly, labored so much but all to no avail. The best is leave the rest for God to handle since you’ve done your part. Soon you will be surprise at the outcome.





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How to be Self dependent and happy.


Self dependent and happy
Self dependent


Being Self  dependent and happy is one of the attributes that defines a champion or one willing to live up to his/her dreams.

But yet comes with lots of challenges.  Just like the saying goes,  no man is an island,  it is natural to crave for companionship,  friendship and relationship.  We all want to experience that special feelings of having someone around who by all indication have our interest at heart.

We all desire to have that caring friend  who comes to our aid in times of need,  we all desire to have that close relation who wouldn’t mind sacrificing their time and finances just to ensure we are happy and have our problem solved.  But what happens then if they eventually walks out from your life?

What happens if they suddenly woke up one day,  and to your greatest amazement,  comes up with an excuse of why they could  no longer render help to you,  thereby leaving you with the feelings of disappointments and resentments.

What happens if they suddenly grew cold toward you,  keeps their distance and tries to avoid you in other not to be bothered any longer?

What will you do in such scenario? Hang yourself? Give up on your self?yell on top of your voice?quit your dreams? Or sob till you get weary? Well if any of these could prefer solution,  I think a lot of persons would have had their problems solved.

The only constant thing in life is change.  We have to come to the realization that no one stays in our life permanently.humans are unreliable,   Your friends and relatives are human capable of disappointing you.  They can fail you despite their promises,  they can leave you amides of confusion and brokenness, they can leave you pondering if they actually existed in your life?they can desert you at that very time you needed help the most.

This is why every individual ought to be self reliable.  You have to practice how to be self dependent and happy.  Is not really easy especially when you’ve always depended on people for one thing or the other, but it is possible and quite achievable.  It only requires determination.

You can actually be self Dependent and happy if you’ve made a strong decision to do so.  I am going to explain some steps you have to adopt in other to achieve that purpose.

How to become self dependent and happy.

Self dependent and happy
Being self dependent and happy


Every activity we do in life requires the application of discipline in other to be successful.

Discipline simply means subjecting ourselves and mind to self control,  forgoing or curbing some flaws or challenges which seems appealing, but stands a chance to become an obstacle to us in the future. do you know that being self dependent is an Addiction.

You can be so addicted to the point that you can’t really do anything on your own without having to rely on someone for assistance.  You can’t even try because you are  already used to requesting for assistance every now and then.

Discipline your mind to do things on your own.  Assume you don’t have any assistance,  even though you have.  Be willing to subject your mind into taking action.  This will help you to be self dependent and happy.

Curbing your fears

Another significant way of becoming self dependent and happy is by learning how to curb your Fears.

Nothing makes an individual so dependent like fear.  Fear is one of the greatest weak point that can interfere with one’s dream and goals in life.  Fear can prevent one from making an attempt in life,  fear can hide one’s ability, potential and competency. Fear can enslave one.

Most times, we are more competent than people we rely on,  but because we are so engulfed with fear,  we may not recognize this fact.  Get up and conquer your fear. It is not easy,  but quite possible and achievable.  Try doing things on your own,  even if it means failing,  even if it means having to repeat it several times.

Practice they say makes perfect,  with time,  you will look back at those memories and be glad you did it yourself and never relied on anyone.  Your legacy will live on,  your children will always be proud of your achievement in the future.

Always Think of disappointments.

Just like Was earlier explained,  human are unpredictable and unreliable.  No one can be trusted at all times.not even your close relations.

Your friends are liable to disappoint you any time despite their promises,  your relatives can fail you at the time you needed them most,  and so there is nothing you can do about that.  Always think of disappointment, even as you are optimistic that they will fulfill their promise, also think of the probability of the later.  This would focus your mind on reality so you don’t feel relaxed and at the end of the day, while being  caught  unawares.





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6 strategic ways to monetize your hobby

    ways to monetize your hobby

To monetize your hobby, You must first believe its possibility. Unfortunately so many individual still finds it difficult to believe that certain hobby or skills can actually be turned into a passive income. Because we have this general belief and mindset that hobby is all about fun.

Often times, we engage in certain hobbies as a means to relieve stress, cure boredom and have fun with our friends during our leisure time.

Unfortunately, some folks who are unemployed  often use their hobby as a means to avoid depression which may occur due to their unemployed state.

Without realizing that it can actually change their job stature from unemployed individual into self employed individual.

If you have ever read the biography of most celebrities and successful individuals, you will discover that their success was borne  as soon as they found out the efficacy that lies within their hobby. Their life transformed from From zero to hero,  because they discovered a potential that lies within their source of fun. But one important thing you must have in mind is that they didn’t just wake up with the intention of turning their hobby into a massive income. it all began with the idea of let me blog because  i love sharing my ideas,  i love football a lot.

A renowned blogger once shared  her autobiography on how she started blogging just for the fun of it, without having an intention of making a dime out of it.

But fortunately, the so called hobby did not just become her source of income, but it also became her source of fame.

similarly a renowned footballer popularly known as lionel messi began his football career as a hobby. He narrated how he used to play with tins of container along the street. Till his hobby became his source of fame.

This stories are just to motivate you to understand that there is no special skills  process or time frame involved to monetize your hobby and there is no specific time either.

The idea to do that can strike at any time. Do not assume it is late already. It is not. However, there are steps you ought to follow and rules you  have to adhere to, to ensure your dream comes true. We would explain this steps in details, As  this is the main objective  of our discussion.

Basic Strategic ways to monetize your hobby.

Developing Passion

passion is like a fuel that drives your effort toward achieving your goal. before you monetize your hobby, you must have passion for it.

Passion is what keeps you glued toward your hobby or skills even before discovering the idea of turning it into a passive income.

Famous and successful people who turned their hobby into an income were able to achieve that because they had long developed affection in their hobby.

And that’s why they do it consistently even they are yet to achieve anything from it. Your hobby has to do with something you love doing and engaging on, otherwise it is not worthy to be called a hobby.


Passion gives rise to consistency, your love for your hobby Can spur your effort towards practicing it on daily basis .consistiency derives positive result. Your fame, success and victory can happen in just a day, irrespective of how long you’ve been practicing it. But the possibility of its occurrence lies on your consistency. Since life is unpredictable, and  we  don’t really know the specific day our success story would occur, we ought to be consistent and active at all times. Consistency also brings about perfection. Monetizing your hobby also entails creating room for improvement, because you are gradually transiting from the stage of hobby into the stage of professionalism.

Adopting an optimistic spirit

One of  Qualities of great and successful people is the ability to see an opportunity in every thing. Especially what people regard as nothing.  Optimism is the ability to see possibility in what others  might have  termed impossible. This is what distinguishes great people from their counterparts. With your hobby, Where do you hope to  see yourself in the next five years? Are you still living in doubts? thinking of becoming perfect or having a special skill before you start being positive and optimistic.

The truth is, you might not need any other special skill to become perfect apart from your passion, consistency and optimism.

You really don’t know how much you worth as a comic reliever till you become optimistic and give it a trial. You really don’t know how much income that surrounds you as a music artist, till you become optimistic. Say no to your fears, and believe you can.

Striving to become better

Creating room for improvement is one of the best strategic ways to monetize your hobby. You are not the only one performing or engaging in  such hobby, a lot of people had done that in the past and are currently doing it. you are not the only music artist, blogger or footballer, but what would give you an edge over others doing the same thing is your creativity and unique styles. Yes you might be doing similar things as your rivals, but in a more unique style. That’s why you must never relent in improving yourself and learning on daily basis. Change is the only constant thing in life, to become great you have to avoid stagnancy and embrace changes.

Always work on your flaws

your imperfection does not make you weak, your flaws does not make you weak, what does is your inability to admit and work on them. Being Egocentric  is one of the easiest way to become a failure.

Your Ego makes you believe that you are perfect and so don’t really need an adjustment or corrections. To monetize your hobby, you have to humble yourself enough to admit your flaws and accept corrections when necessary.

consider your audience need

As you’ve taken a  decision to move your hobby to the next stage, you have to understand that it is no longer about you, but about your audience.

As a hobby, is just about you and what gives you fun. but as a source of income, is all about your audience and the service you are rendering to them, while having fun at the same. so in other to achieve the best result, you have to put your audience into consideration by striving to give them the best.

You have to build that trust among your audience/followers, then money would automatically follow suit.













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Self love quotes To boost your confidence


Self love quotes
Self love quotes

self love quotes are not just quotes or Factual words, they are inspirational and powerful words purposely written with the aim  of boosting our self confidence and relieving us from low self esteem.

Many a times, we are faced with challenges,  intimidation, suppressions, Depression, rejections, denial, betrays,  and  disappointments.  Such life situations are capable dragging our self esteem to the mud. The fear of failure has its way of reducing our self worth.

However, self love  quotes helps us to realize who we are, and our purpose on earth.

It gives us an insight and direction on how to reach our goals. It encourages us to stay strong and confident amides of challenges, rejections and denial.

It helps us to realize our worth. it helps us to move on easily even after break up. self love quotes  helps to boost your confidence and keep you going.

Self love quotes

Top  self love quotes to keep you going

Be proud of who you are

This self love quotes is aimed at giving you self satisfaction and reminding you that you are the best of your kind, despite your flaws and weakness. It helps to eliminate self comparison and Inferiority complex. It also reminds you on the need to appreciate yourself as no one is perfect.

you are original. 

you know how important an original product is?no matter how attractive, appealing or good looking, a duplicate is, the original is always preferred at any time.

When submitting a very important document for an official use, you might be asked to present the original copy,,when buying a product, you will always seek for the original you know why? Originality denotes authentic and sincerity. While duplicate denotes fake and imitation.

No matter what people say about you, or how inferior you rate yourself,,just know you are real, you are authentic, you can never be someone else. Your beauty lies in being you.

Being original while working on your flaws is better than copying others and trying to live up to their standard. You are unique just the way you are.


you are your Rival

This self love quote is to remind you that You have no other rival apart from yourself.

Your aim should be to have your present better than your past. You should be striving to have your future better than your now.

You are not in competition with anyone but yourself. Having others as rivals would only result to bitterness, envy and hatred. While being your own rival would spur and inspire you to achieve your goals.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Your happiness lies solely on you. Is not how other sees you and rates you that matters, but how you rate your self. If you give people the impression that you worth nothing,

they would surely treat you like you worth nothing. If you give them the impression that you are inferior, they will surely take advantage of that .

Make them believe that you are unique in -spite of your flaws, they will forever appreciate you and respect you. Be who you want to attract.


self love is the ability to look Good without needing anyone to tell you. 

self love begins with you. self love quotes would have no effect on you, when you always expect to get recommendations, approval or accolades from people before leaving the life of your dream.

you are unique and fearfully made. re-assure your self this on regular basis. The best form of appraisal is Self appraisal This is because the appreciation you give yourself is the most sincere appreciation. while that which you may get from others might be as means to acquire one favor or the other from you.

Believe in yourself even when no one does.

many a times, we tend to give up,when it seems like no one recognizes us, we loose hope when it seems like the world has rejected us.

If a creature like lizard could have self confidence and worth praising itself even when no one does, how much you that is more advanced? Believe you can, believe you can soar higher. Change that impression people have about by by proofing that you are eager and capable.

It is not who you are that brings you down, but who you think you should be.

Self love quotes can only be relevant in your life, the moment you realize that you may not be the best, but you are better than the rest.

There are people who desires to be like even when you underrate yourself. While you are busy envying some other people, a lot of people might be wishing to be in your shoes.