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Should I go ahead with this marriage?

Should I go ahead with this marriage? 3

You've searched for true love. and fortunately, you finally found one. From all indications, they met the qualities you've always desired in a partner. You started off as a friends, and one thing eventually led to another, you became inseparable. The feelings was mutual that you couldn't get enough of each other. Just like every other relationship , After dating for some years, the urge of settling down with each other began to develop. He proposed to you and you gladly accepted. As that is what you've always anticipated for. And marriage preparations began in earnest.

Just few months before your marriage ceremony,the unusual happened. You discovered that your spouse to be is not whom he/she portrayed him/herself to be. You discovered an attitude in him/ her that you may find difficult to curtail. This scenario has often led a lot of people especially women in going into the wrong marriage, as the society often place marital pressures on them more than their male counterparts. And to some others, the thought of not ending up with someone they dated for close to 3-4years is suicidal and so they would rather go on with the marriage with the hope of managing them or getting them to change afterwards.

Unfortunately, this is is a wrong mindset and decision. and shouldn't be put into consideration. In life, the distance of a journey does not always matter. what matters most is reaching your destination at the end. It is not about he who began the race, but he who was able to get to the end and emerge victorious. Marriage is a life time commitment,and should be treated as such. It is not always how far, but how well. The number of years spent in dating would not guarantee a successful marriage. Neither is it a yardstick in measuring the blissfulness of a marital journey.

What determines a successful marriage is being with the partner whose attitude and character you can easily curtail. Remember, you are about spending the rest of your life with him. Imagine waking up every morning seeing someone who is a thorn in your flesh lying beside you. Or staring at their face everyday with the feelings of hatred and bitterness.

And wished you could just punch them on the face. Don't subject yourself in a situation where you would end up with regrets and wished you never ventured in. Better to be late than wrong. The ball is in your court now. The decision will forever be yours. But I oblige you to make the right decision so as to enjoy your marriage rather than endure it.

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