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5 Red flags to look out for in a relationship

5  Red flags to look out for in a relationship 1

There are so many red flags which often indicate an unhealthy relationship. but unfortunately, so many folks pay less attention to it till they are taken unawares either by break up or signs exhibited by their partner indicating that they are loosing interest. Break up doesn't just occur. there are usually warning signals , but we chose to ignore with the assurance and believe that our significant other might improve for better. It may happen though, but often times, reverse is usually the case. And so you may end up with disappointment. Do you desire to move away from a non -committed relationship?

Here are some red flags to you must look out for.


You can't cherish someone or something when you don't have value for them. The way you handle your new apple phone will be quite different from the way you handled your previous mobile phone. You know the difference ? Because so much value is placed on the former than the later owing to the fact that it is quite expensive. You will get a screen guide to protect the screen. You will avoid getting it close to water or any other thing which poses a great risk to its life span.

Similarly, The way your partner treats you, determines how he/she values you. A lot of folks often complain of their partner's unavailability towards their emotional feelings. Have you ever tried confiding in your partner at challenging times only to find out that they were too busy for you. They are always distant, that you hardly get their attention. This is a great red flag you need not to ignore. Such people always complain of their busy jobs or business as an excuse to justify their bad attitude. This is also a signore of red flag When you have value on someone, you would always spare out time out of your busy schedules to be with them.


5  Red flags to look out for in a relationship 2

Having to cope with an infidel is one of the greatest challenge a lot of people face in their relationship. They would cheat on you, and plead for forgiveness. You would forgive them, with the expectation that they wouldn't repeat the attitude again. But rather than change for good, they grew to worse.

Cheating is a habit that often Leads to addiction if not kept at check or stopped. Imagine dating someone who makes you feel insecure at all times, it can be frustrating.

They make you paranoid, makes you freak out every now and then. You can't even trust your best friend with them because they will end up trying to lure them to bed. Cheating is a sign that shows you ain't so important to someone, because if they value you, they wouldn't cheat on you. This is also an important red flag you need to pay attention to.


This is another red flag you need to look out for in your relationship. Does your partner expects you to behave like a perfect angel? This is a great red flag. One of the greatest challenge is the ability to tolerate and condone each other's flaws. Imagine a relationship where both partners fight each other on regular basis over a trival issue which ought to be settled amicably. this a sign of red flag and ought to be watched out for. no perfect relationship exists. There is no such thing as flawless relationship.

A healthy relationship can only be achieved when two imperfect individuals sees beyond their imperfection. And still deem it necessary to love and respect each other. if you are dating someone who often flares at any slightest provocation, flags you when a mistake is done or rain abuses on you on regular occasions. Then you need to quit such relationship. Intolerance is a red flag that you need to look out for.

Acting bossy.

No matter the nature of your job, your social status, family background or body size. Your partner ought to treat you with respect if he/sje truly loves you. relationship is not a labour market which depends on the qualification of its employee to get promoted or become successful. A successful relationship is dependent on the effort of both parties. If you are dating a partner who speaks to you in a rude manner, demands you do something for them rather than request, orders you around like his employer because he/she thinks they are older or more qualified than you. . Respect needs to be accorded to one another, irrespective of the other's age, social status or academic qualification


To err is to human and to forgive is to divine. No matter how careful you are, you can't erase that possibility of stepping into someone's toe or having people step into yours as well.

A relationship without forgiveness is like an area without drainage. Because no matter how clean they are, it can't rule out the possibility of having mosquitoes breed around as a result of stagnant waters.

Are you in a relationship With someone who finds it difficult to forgive you.? Always threatening you with break up? then you need not to ignore such red flags.

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