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4 ways to define a relationship


4 ways to define a relationship 1

How can i define a relationship?especially one at its early stage, this questions has always been one of the most popular questions among folks in an intimate  relationship. For men, Committed relationship comes with a lot of responsibility. It entails being fully open to the one you wish to spend your life with.  it means declaring your intentions towards your woman . now this is where most finds it difficult, being certain that they want to spend their life with their woman is not just enough to define a relationship.

They are often scared of uncertainty. Such questions such as what if it never works out? What if i end up hurting her in the future?and that’s why a lot of them refrain from making such promises.

A man might have the intentions of getting married to a woman, but because he is scared of what fate might eventually hold for him in the future, he tries to avoid making his intentions known to her. That’s why most of them hardly commit despite their love towards you.

Similarly, most women are scared of being tagged “as desperate and needy”. Hence the reason why they  hardly ask about the future of the relationship. However, no matter the perception both gender has, the important of Definining a relationship,

From the onset cannot be overemphasized. not  Defining  a relationship is like opening up a certain business in an area without considering the needs of people in such area. You don’t have a plan on who your target audience is, or you after is just to open a business transactions.

Imagine selling a satellite dish in an area where is there is poor or insufficient power supply? of what use would it be to them? That’s why is always to good to have a proper and  efficient planning before commencing  any business plan, no matter how lucrative such business is. Make sure is something that is on high demand. As that is one of the great criteria that would determine your success.

otherwise your effort towards making a yield would be fruitless. Similarly, starting a relationship without any aim or focus is the easiest way to make oneself vulnerable to hurt, emotional manipulation and heartache.

A defined relationship is often not scared of uncertainties. Though there might be a future occurrence or misfortune as life is unpredictable. But whatever happens in such relationship is usually something destined to happen , and so the couples/partners won’t take any blame.

As we’ve known the importance of  a relationship, the next question is how can we define a relationship in an appropriate way without the aforementioned issues?

4 ways to define a relationship 2
4 ways to define a relationship

How to define a relationship.

Be honest with your intentions.

I am with the opinion that If we have more honest people in the society, the issue of heartbreak, hurts, disappointments and betrayal would rarely occur.  So many folks innocently and unknowingly  got into an undefined  relationship with a sincere heart,  they went to for love, but unfortunately their partner only wanted flings. They came with the intention of building their future together, but unfortunately,their partner only wanted a one night stand. And so they were left with a broken heart.

And most times, the Hurter often finds a way to defend themselves to avoid feeling guilty. By insisting that they never promised marriage or relationship to their victims. But why lead someone on when you have no intention of being with them in the future? you might not have verbally promised them the future,

but your affection towards them might be leaving them  expectant. Is always good to make your intentions known as it will enable you attract your replica. If it is a fling, make it known from the onset, if is a casual friendship, make it known,  if it is a serious relationship, make it known by telling them your expectations. With that, no one would feel cheated and hurt.

Go for your preference

We all have preferences as to the quality and traits we desire in a relationship. One of the best ways to define a relationship is by stating clearly the qualities you expect from your idea partner and sticking with your choice. One common  problem we often have in relationship is not being certain of what we want from our partner.   After some weeks or months of dating them and discovering that they are entirely different from our choice, we would suddenly expect them to change overnight. Which is not possible.

Avoid promises till you are certain.

Even when your intentions is known, is always tempting to start making promises of spending your life with your partner. However, the best way to define your relationship  is to give them green lights .With that, you’ve given them assurance without making promises.

Be transparent with your emotions.

Often times, we get hurt because we hide our emotions. You should let your partner be aware  of your feelings. If they ain’t treating you right, let them know. Avoid concealing your emotions. Is your right to protect your emotions, is your right to say that what you can’t tolerate. Sometimes, they might not be aware that they are hurting you till you voice out.









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