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Regaining your partner’s Trust


Trust is very essential for any relationship to thrive well. Trust is like a foundation of any building, when the foundation is faulty, there is every tendency that the building might collapse in no distant time.

Is not Always easy, developing trust for someone/ people. For one to entrust every aspect of their life to you, shows how much they believe in you. And so betraying them would be synonymous to stabbing them.

Imagine entrusting a supposed cloth to be worn for a particular occasion to your designer. You gladly paid in advance even when he hadn’t delivered his service. Because you believed in him and never thought he is gonna disappoint you.

you went to get back your cloth as agreed, hoping that it is ready, but unfortunately, when you got to his shop, you discovered that it hasn’t been touched or probably wasn’t ready and may not be ready soon. How would you feel? Betrayed and disappointed right?

Am certain that after that incident, you would vow never to patronize his service again. That’s the exact scenario applicable to trust in relationship/ marriage. When a trust is broken. Is not always easy to get revived. But not totally impossible.

You might have erred, betrayed or done something worth of making your partner loose their trust in you. And you’ve been wondering if they can ever trust you again?

Worry no more. No matter the degree of your offense, there is still hope,

as Long as they haven’t divorced you yet, as long as they haven’t broken up with you. You’ve gat to relax.

Here are the few tips that would enable you regain their trust .

Acceptance – you first have to admit that you have erred, it signifies how remorseful you are. accept the fact that you’ve wronged them.. Don’t try to justify it with whatsoever reason.

patience – time they say heals all wound, they fact that they uttered abusive words, yelled so loud or vowed never to trust you again out of anger, doesn’t imply that you’ve lost the chances of regaining their trust. Words uttered when emotions are at its peak are not always intentional. Give it time.

Change of Attitude – during this period of probation, you ought to be extremely careful to ensure you ain’t going to err again. Make him believe in you again. In What areas did you default? Ensure you ain’t going back to it again. Were you cheating on him/ her? Ensure you you cut all the ties you had with your cheating partner. He should see reasons to believe in you again, and with that. He may decide to give you a benefit of doubt and a second chance.

Avoid being Pushy – being pushy and constant demand of forgiveness could ruin things for you. At this period, he may demand for space. His emotions might not be stable yet to make things right. And trust me, any decision made with an unstable mind does not always yield a positive result.

Don’t give up – you are still together right? If yes, then there is every tendency that he hadn’t given up on you. Just like it took him so much time to believe in you, regaining that trust wouldn’t be an exception. Remember is not always easy, regaining their trust is synonymous like re- building a collapsed building . Going through all the stress, and re- investing your resources all over again . We are humans and emotional to the core. As you’ve done your part by giving them a benefit of doubt. Just continue being good and don’t give up. Is always a gradual process, before things get back like it were initially.

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