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5 Biggest turn off for men



Turn off for men
Biggest turn off for men

What are biggest turn off for men?

This is one of the core questions every  woman should ask before venturing into a relationship.  Relationship is like a joint business, the opinions and suggestions of both parties are needed in other to ensure maximum yield/ profit.

Though,  There might be variations in opinion and suggestions. But  At the end of the day, both parties sits down to  make their analysis and final verdict, in other to ascertain which idea to accept and the ones to discard.

Similarly, relationship can only thrive when both couples involve understands each other’s  preferences, and the different ways both gender reacts to emotions. The former might be easy to adopt as long as there is tolerance and understanding between couples. Whereas, the later might be a bit though for some folks especially if they are ignorant of the Emotional differences In men and women.

This is where the problem usually begins. Most women get into a relationship with the mindset  and confidence that their qualities and personalities alone will get them through, while others believes that once their partner truly loves them, they will always overlook any flaws which they portray. But unfortunately, this is not always true.


The scenario is just like having a business mindset and finance, and assuming that you only need these two factors to excel. While they are essential, they might not be the only factors needed. You also need to study your environment and understand how it works with the business you intend doing. If not, you will only end up investing in a non-  futile and unproductive land.

Similarly in relationships, you can’t have a good relationship, just by possessing a good quality, you need to know the biggest turn off for men. With that, you can always learn how  handle the male Ego . Without always having issues in your relationship every now and then.

And so the next question is, what are these turn offs,and how can you avoid them?

5 biggest turn off for men and how you can avoid them.


This is one of the biggest turn off for men.  Every gender nags at one point or the other, but such attitude seems to be common among women. Because  men are logical beings.  men-are-from-mars-women-are-from-venus A man’s psychology  is built in such a way that it is emotionally strong to be calm at certain scenarios and address an issue more maturely. Whereas women are slightly different. They are emotionally weak and sensitive and thus they tend to react at any slightest provocation.

A friend once confided in me about her relationship, according to her, she has tried all she could to ensure it works out but all to no avail. From her complaint, I discovered that the bone of contention was her nagging attitude.calling your partner’s attention towards any weird attitude you observe in them ain’t wrong, but when your complaint becomes constant and unbearable, it gets  irritating and poses as a big turn off to men.

Nagging wouldn’t make them change but rather ignore   you the more. Learn how to control your emotions and insecurities.

Emotional weakness and sensitivity.

This is a significant turn off for  men. Men may claim to love women who are fragile and emotional.

But in reality, they actually prefers a confident woman. Men are hunters, they often derive joy in the chase, so they love confident women. A woman who wouldn’t compromise her principle or go in contrary to her decision just to please a man.

A woman who doesn’t give up on her vision and purpose in life just because she is in a relationship, a woman who doesn’t see relationship as a top priority. A woman whose life and happiness does not revolve around a man.

No man wants a woman who is so obsessed with him. They often regard such women as a psycho. Learn how to control your emotions no matter how deep in love you are. It makes you appear more attractive and respected. Such women challenges their Ego and makes chase more thrilling and exciting for them.


women who talks and argues a lot. 

Men are known for acting, while women are commonly known for expressing their thoughts verbally.

Unfortunately, most women go about this in a wrong way. You must not yell, argue or puck a fight  just to have your opinion heard.if your partner often gets on your nerve, the first thing to do is to politely called their attention towards it. And when you do, give them some time to adjust for good.

If peradventure they don’t, rather than argue or yell, result to silent treatment . Trust me, it works wonders as no one likes being ignored.

turn off for men 


However, that should be your last resort, if talking to them did not yield any positive effect.

Women who Doubts them 

This is a turn off for both genders, however it affects men the most because they are the wooing gender. No man would like to be with a woman who doubts and monitors his every movement as a result of  lack of trust emerging from her past experience.

If you’ve never caught him cheating, there is no reason to doubt his love for you. Such doubts and insecurities are a big turn off to men.give him a benefit of doubt, until otherwise you suspect any fowl play in him. Don’t allow your insecurities destroy your relationship.

A woman who compares them with other men. 

Every man is egoistic, irrespective of his financial status and social class. Hence they try to impress their woman whichever way they deem fit in other to appear as the best among others. No man wants to be place in a competition whatsoever.

But unfortunately, most women are ignorant of this, and hence they compare their men or relationship with others especially their ex. This is a huge turn  off for  men because it bruises their Ego and drags  their self worth to the mud.

Every woman should realize that no man is perfect, hence should appreciate their man always.
















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