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Emotional differences In men and women.

Emotional differences is a generic term, used to describe various ways by which both genders react to emotions.

Men and women are created differently as regards to their emotions. And understanding this will go a long way in restoring peace, trust, love and understanding in Your relationships/marriage.

It erases all forms of doubts and Makes both partners to know what/what not to expect. So as not to create dispute between themselves or get disappointed.

So many relationships/marriage today had been shattered as a result of couples not being able to differentiate their emotional differences and how each respond to it on several occasions.

A man once complained about his wife and her weird attitude. According to him, he would nag over little issues. And at the end of the day, they would end up quarreling and abusing each other.

Another complained that his husband was too rigid, according to her, it was all about his work and nothing else. He provides her need and that’s just that.

He doesn’t have time to discuss and play romantically with her. Except when he wants to have sex. And as soon as he releases, he dozes off. and the usual routine continues tomorrow. ” this emotional distance between us is Wearing me off, i feel like am beginning to loose my hubby . “she seriously lamented amidst of tears.

you see why we really need to understand the emotional differences between both genders, so we would always know what to expect. and not end up ruining our relationship/marriage via negative thoughts and assumptions.

understanding the various Emotional differences between men and women.

Men love adventures, while women love attention.

Nothing boost a man’s ego than having his goal and dreams actualized.

An average man always craves to be recognized, and be financially stable to take care of his responsibilities. That aim always tops his priority.

At this moment, his relationship may be equally important to him, but not as important as establishing himself to that personality he wants to be. On the contrary, women love attention. Despite a woman’s dream and goals in life. when she is in love, she always craves for attention from her partner.

A woman loves to be pampered, she always wants you to listen and respond to her dry jokes. She wants you to pay attention to her not so meaningful conversation. As that strengthens your bonds with her. She wants that assurance from you that she occupies a strong place in your heart. this emotional difference has created a lot of misunderstanding in most relationship.

A man would do anything to ensure he succeeds in life, because he can’t stand being a failure. And this may cause him to become distant emotionally.

while a woman would always love to get undivided attention from his man, in spite of his busy schedules. And when she ain’t getting that, she will begin to freak out and nag. And sometimes, might begin to have the impression that his partner had lost interest.

However, if both can handle this maturely and understand why both genders differs. then there wouldn’t be any cause for alarm.

Men are derived by Realities, women are derived by fantasies.

A man may be in love, but at the same time realistic and doesn’t put so much meaning to certain things. most men doesn’t attach so much meanings to some  display of affections. As normally seen in movies.

A man may love you, but wouldn’t see the need of saying that constantly. A man may have his woman in his heart, but may not see the need of calling or messaging her at every intervals to proof that. Men are always at alert to know when a relationship is about to end.

majority don’t believe in fighting for a non- existing love. they understand the fact that no human is perfect. And so doesn’t always expect much.

On the other hand, women are derived by fantasies. a woman in love may have an Imaginary relationship playing in her head.

And expect her’s to be exactly that way. She may begin to fantasize on having her man, treat her in similar ways as she do watch in telemundo  such as serving her breakfast on the bed every morning. and waking her up every morning with romantic text messages.

she believes that every display of affection in movies are real. and so when she doesn’t get that from her spouse, she will feel unloved, regardless of other thing he does to make her happy.

However, Understanding this emotional differences will help restore peace between both genders. As men would begin to accept the fact that women are derived by fantasies. and so would learn to accept their woman the way they are. rather than begin to fight or abuse her whenever she nags. on the other hand,

Women would also understand that men are realistic and doesn’t get fascinated over certain things. So rather than fight her man, or nag him unnecessarily for not proofing his love in a certain way. she will learn to accept him the way he is, as far as he has his own way of showing her love.

Men are derived by what they see, while women are derived by what they hear.

This is a common saying, widely and generally accepted in the society. Which has proven to be true. Men doesn’t always fall in love at first sight. they are mostly attracted by a woman’s appealing and sexy body.

This explains why a man can have sex, with so many women without having any feelings or strings for them. A man who is sexually aroused can have sex with just anyone just to get his hormone suppressed. they don’t necessarily have to be in love before getting down.

A man may have sex without involving his emotions. A man can get attracted to a lady by her physical appearance and structure, without having any feelings for her. while on the contrary, women involves emotion a lot during intimacy. She is always eager to hear the magical words “i love you”.

Whether or not you actually meant it. she always wants to hear you whisper those romantic words to her ear, regardless of whether you actually meant it. She wants you to appreciate her every now and then. Irrespective of how she dresses or looks.

This emotional differences have ruined so many singles especially gullible ladies.

Their naivety and desperation to be loved, often lures them to men who just want to have a carnal knowledge of them. Without involving their emotions. This can only be tackled, only if singles can understand how male emotions work. so they wouldn’t fall prey, whenever any man Close to them begins to sound romantic .

Men bottles up their emotion, while women are more transparent.

Men are known to be the strongest gender, due to the pressures and expectations placed on them by the society.

They don’t like being pitied or felt for. They don’t want to be seen as emotionally weak.

That’s why they prefer keeping to themselves and handling things by themselves . Is rare to find men expressing their hurts and emotions openly via sobbing. they always pretend everything is alright. they would rather get their brains at work and start thinking of solutions than to cry.

women on the other hand are emotionally weak. a woman passing through hurts or difficult times would always want to confide in that special person in her life.

he would love to be consoled and assured that things would get better. he would love his partner to offer her a shoulder to lean on.

This emotional differences has brought a lot of problem in various homes. a man who is passing through difficulties may focus his attention on getting his problem solved, which might temporarily distract his attention from his relationship. In such that he may begin to act cold and distance unintentionally towards his relationship/ partner.

Most women may mistaken their emotional coldness as lost of interest Or signs of Infidelity . However, if both can understand the variations in the ways each respond to emotions, i think the problem in most relationship would be gotten rid of.

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