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3 ways to handle the male’s Ego .

How to handle the male's Ego
Male’s ego

Understanding the male’s ego is one of the best strategies to maintaining a healthy relationship.

It is often said that if you want to relate well with people without having unnecessary arguments and differences with them , you have to master their weak points and strength.
These are the two qualities that makes us who we are and how we react differently to things.

This is also applicable to the male gender. A man’s strength lies in his Ego.

The male’s Ego is like a weapon and defense to which they command respect, supremacy and authority over the opposite gender.

Have you ever wondered why your complaints and nags never changes anything. Each time you nag, rather than get the attention you crave for, you only end up turning him off and pushing him farther away.

This is because you are going about it in the wrong way, and this is one major mistakes most ladies make. They ‘ve not really understood how the male psychology works.

Unlike women, men are not always derive by emotions. This is one of the Emotional differences In men and women.

They hardly change their mind towards something except they’ve taken a decision to.What defines a  man is his ability to stand firm in his decision.

When you nag, you are indirectly telling him to stoop so low towards accepting your own decision.

To most of them, it is a a big threat to their Ego. Hence, they might not harken to your plea or nag.
You can’t handle the male’s ego without knowing how the male psychology works.

Understanding the male’s psychology.


Men love being in control

the male’s ego is fueled by

The fact that they often love to be in charge in every aspects of their life ranging from financial capability to their quest for power.

No matter how broke a man is, he often finds it difficult to seek for an assistance from her woman. He would rather stay broke or seek for assistance from a stranger than the former.

Most men detests dating or getting married to a financially independent women as a result of inferiority complex. To them, it is a big threat to their ego, hence they prefer being the financial boss.

Another factor that that shows that men loves to be in control is the fact that they love wooing a lady.  They love the chase. To them, the chase is a thrilling experience. Thus, they often place much values on the ladies they woo than the reverse.

Men hate rejections.

The male psychology is structured in such a way that it detests rejection a lot. Sometimes the rejection triggers their desire press further. Ever seen a man so desperate to win a lady’s heart? He does not give up till his desire becomes accomplished. Being rejected would often make him press further in other not regain his wounded ego. Most will even go as far as betting to have their aims achieved. Most women had fallen victims to deceit by men who just want to fuel their Ego in the guise of seeking for committed relationship.

They detests failure

A man’s ego lies in the fact that he would always conquer at all times. This is why they often work hard especially when they have received mockery or

Challenged to a certain point.
This is also the reason  why a man would do everything to win a girl’s heart then dump her afterwards.

Note: Men do not joke with their Ego. The male’s ego is like a self defense will always be egocentric, You can’t stop a man’s ego because they were natural created in such way. It is part of them. You can only stop him from using that to manipulate you emotionally. You can only learn how to handle it with maturity in other secure your relationship with him.

What are the -ways-to-handle-the-male-ego?

How to handle the male’s Ego

Learn to be in control.

By this , I don’t mean you should take his place or try to dominate him. Men will always like to be in control, but don’t allow him get you subjected with his controlling prowess. Don’t always yield to his request. Stand firm to your decision. Of course this will be a bit tough as your emotions will always want to conquer. But you have to try harder to conquer your emotions. Men love challenges a lot and often love women who challenges them a lot. If you want to bruise his Ego. Don’t always yield to his demands. This is the mistake most women do thinking they are making a lot of sacrifice in keeping their man and the  relationship.

But unfortunately, men sees thing in a different perspective. They love women who care a lot about them and at the same time, they love confident  women who ain’t  always tossed around like a robot. So you have to learn how to balance both. Show him love and affection, but let him know the world does not just revolve around him. Let him know you have your worth too and deserves to be respected. Learn to say “no in some situations. It doesn’t really make you a bad person. It only

Shows you are in control of your life. Don’t compromise your principle just to please him. As this is not a guarantee that he would stay.

Avoid nagging and unnecessary pleas.


Nothing fuels the male Ego like having a nagging woman or a woman who gets unnecessarily emotional.

They will always have control over such women. As a woman you have to learn how to get things from a man without nagging or being too emotional. Work on your esteem, let him know you truly deserve it.

There is more respect and dignity attached to being given something freely  and willingly because one truly deserves such treatment than being given because you nagged and pleaded for it. Trust me, the former will always be respected than the later.


Respect his decision

Men loves  women who respects every aspect of their life including their decision.

You can’t get a man change his mind  over something by engaging in a heated argument with him.

Such is a big turn off.  You ain’t competing with him over his only want to command respect from him. Let him know you respect whatever decision he has to make for his life or relationship. Don’t nag or argue over it. It is called maturity. Such will bruise his Ego on discovering that you begging for his attention. He will also respect you for that as respect is reciprocal.

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