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5 mistakes to avoid on a first date.

And so you’ve finally accepted to go out with him/her on a first date after so much deliberations and persuasion. Taking a decision to go out with them on a first date either implies that you want them for a lasting relationship or probably want to have a nice time with them. either way, is necessary to co-ordinate yourself well so as to achieve your aim and reason as regards to the first date.

First dates are like trials. You really ain’t sure of what to expect. Neither are you aware of what the other expects from you. So in that case, You have to be of good conducts, and equally be yourself so as not to ruin the chances of things progressing to the next level if actually it was meant to do.

Here are five common mistake you must avoid.


This is one of the common attitude a lot of people portray on a first date with the intention of trying to impress their partner, without realizing they maybe ruining their chances of having the aim of the date accomplished. Pretense only gives a false picture about you. and this is the one of the major reason why so many relationship never passed the honey moon phase. The relationship which ought to have began with honesty all started with pretense, thereby making one or both partners loose their trust on each other.

Because with time, they got to realize that their partner wasn’t what they claimed to be after all. Being honest especially on the first date helps to build a lasting trust with each other, if you both are looking up towards having a committed relationship.


Don’t be pushy with him/her. Avoid rushing things so you wouldn’t appear needy. Just allow the conversation to flow naturally.

The best type of relationship is the one in which both couples started off as friends. Then later progressed to lovers. Is wrong to begin the conversation by asking where the relationship is heading to? remember you are not yet in any relationship. Don’t assume one already. Is good to let something lead to the topic. Neediness is a big turn off to most people. And am sure you wouldn’t like them seeing you as one.


Ladies are usually the culprits here. When a man invites you for a date, courtesy demands that you make a responsible order . Don’t be greedy or inconsiderate.

Don’t make him spend more than he budgeted For. If he has to pay the bill all by himself, try as much as possible not to make things complicated for him. order moderately. And please endeavour not to bring your friends along. Expects he requests you do that. Truth is that, he may be trying to know how materialistic you can be. And this may ruin your chances of having things move to the next level and probably chase away your potential spouse.


this is specifically for men who has little or no control over their sexual libido.

Wheather a woman decides to visit you at home or at an eatry or parks. It only means she trusts you enough. Please try as much as possible not to betray that Trust. Control your sexual emotions.

Don’t attempt touching her intimately or in her sensitive Part without her permission. Remember she is trying to know who you are and how secured she can feel with you. If you try to mess things up at this stage, chances are that she may decline your next invitation.

Trusting easily.

Your first date could be someone you’ve known for quite sometime or just met recently. Assuming the later is the case, do not loosen up your self.

Be friendly and hostile, and at the same time, still see them as a stranger Till you’ve known them well.

A lot of people had unknowingly fallen victims to rape. Some were drugged and raped, while others were duped. Don’t make your first date happen in a secluded area. Always Be conscious with your environment in other to detect any unusual or suspicious movement from them.

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