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5 Importance ways by which passion enhances career.

Passion enhances your career

In other to enumerate five ways by which passion enhances career. We first have to define the term “passion” .

Passion could be defined as the interest, zeal and great love one has towards a particular thing. It could be a hobby, career, course of study, or choice of business.

Passion derives motivation

It is one of the first step towards achieving success in life. When there is passion for whatever one does, he/she is bound to excel. Passion derives motivation and motivation induces hardwork, commitment and dedication.

A student who studied a particular course of study because he/she loves it will perform excellently more than the one who studied the course because it was their parents choice or influence from friends. The same is also applicable to individual who chose a career/business contrary to their dream because they felt it is in vogue and the only career that is capable of yeilding profit for them.

Passion enhances career by bringing about focus

When you Focus on what you love doing and not what friends or some other persons does or compells you to do. It implies you’ve had so much love for that skill. Do not try to divert to another till you are fully developed. It could only lead to divided attention and a scenario of being jack of all trades and master of none. Do not be discouraged by the fact that it ain’t yeilding any profit at the moment. So many hobbies has been converted to a source of income as a result of great passion that was invested into it.

Passion enhances career by making one consistent

It is interesting to know that so many celebrities and great entrepreneurs started their career as a hobby without much expectations from it. At a point they became so good that they began to realize the need to monitize it as a means of livelihood.
Just as the saying goes” practice makes perfect”. When you engage in something consistently. Improvement is set to occur.

As a writer/ intending writer you can only be perfect when there is an interest of practicing it on regular basis. Same is applicable to every other professions. people who are passionate about what they do never get weary doing them. This is the mindset that has made a lot of great people and helped them to achieve their aims in life.

passion enhances career by making you not to give up easily

People who go to gym on daily basis with the intention of burning down excessive fats and caroines. even when they ain’t seeing the effects yet are a good indication that passion induces optimism. it creates hope. Such people don’t easily give up on exercise because they believe that the effect would show up someday.

Another typical example is a footballer who had never won any gold, silver or medal in the course of his football career, but yet ain’t ready to quit football. This shows that he has a strong love for his career. it is only passion that Can hold one back from quitting even when the result of his effort ain’t forth coming. even as a blogger, without passion, there is every tendency that you may quit soon.

Contrary, to most people’s belief about blogging bringing in millions in a short while of starting it up, it actually takes consistency, hardwork and most importantly passion to succeed. you may also like this.

It reduces procrastination

People who are passionate about what they do always stick to their plans. they never hesitates to do what they Have in mind to do. They hardly accept distractions of any kind. they keep to time and are always prompt. they are the most disciplined set of individuals. always busy trying to beat their competitors and to get at the peak of their career

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  1. Very good post. I will be facing many of these issues as well..

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