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Common mistakes women make After proposal.

Common mistakes women make After proposal. 1
excitement as his fiancee proposes.

A lot of women has always longed for that period when their man would pop up the long awaited question “will you marry me? Especially when they have dated him for so long. You can’t wait to see him kneel before you, and propose. After which you wouldn’t hesitate to accept his proposal. To some women out there, proposal equates to marriage. While some has the perception that proposal is just a way of securing their relationship possibly to scare other intending suitors.
I am sure you must have heard 7a lot of women complain about wearing the engagement ring for so long… To the point that the began to doubt the possibility of the marriage taking place. This occurs as a result of naivety and lack of proper information as regards to proposal and engagement ring.

Here are common mistakes women make after proposal.

misconception about marriage

having the believe that with proposal, marriage is certain. And this is why so many have worn that ring and yet never experienced marriage.

They assumed they had gotten married without paying heed to the future of the relationship. And thus may have possibly chased other potential suitors away. When engaged, is not right to sit back even when is obvious that the engagement may not lead to marriage. You have to look out for signs, is he really making preparations for marriage or did he engage you to scare potential suitors away so as not to loose you. or to curb your desperation towards marriage. How is he planning to carry out the marital rights? These are some of the things to consider.

Assuming marital roles:

A lot of women are guilty of this. At the mere mention of marriage, sense of reasoning drops, co-habitation with a man becomes becomes the next decision. Performing wify roles and functions like house chores, constant love makings. Thus hindering and delaying the marriage plans. Because most men gets so comfortable at this stage. There is lesser urge to perform the marital rights since he is already getting the duties that was meant for marriage. There is nothing wrong with going to your fiancee’s house to help him out with house chores once in s But when it becomes habitual to the point of co-habitation, it spells desperation which may delay the marriage plans. Non availability triggers curiosity. And curiosity triggers quest. It is human to value what is not easily available and long for what hasn’t been tested or experienced.

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