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Sex and bond in a relationship

Sex and bond in a relationship 1
sex and bond.

And so you have gotten into an intimate relationship. The excitement pops in that you barely get enough of each other. The spark seems to be igniting each day as you are always seen in each other’s company. At a point, you started feeling an intense urge to include sex as part of your intimacy, as romance and exploring each other intimate part seems to be insufficient.

Sex will create a bond which will spice up our relationship and enable it last longer. ” your instinct gives you that impression. And this takes us to the controversial question.

Does sex really creates bond?

In romantic love there are two special kinds of hormones released during sex and at the point of orgasm. They are oxytocin and vasopressin.these chemicals ignites a special bond otherwise known as Emotional bond which makes the individual gets attached to each other. Sex itself is like a soul tie, this explains the reason why one or both partner finds it difficult to let go of each other when the relationship comes to an end. And women are mostly affected in this scenario as a result of their emotional and sensitive nature.

However, regardless of the fact that sex creates an emotional bond, the feelings usually associated with sex spurs out the true spice in marriage. But for relationships it could be complicating especially if the foundation of the relationship has been built solely on sex. There is every tendency that one or both partners might fall out of love if they were only interested in sex. This is when reality sets in, the sex becomes bored along the line. as they began to realize that aside sex they had nothing else to offer to each other.

Sex should not be the basis of any relationship especial an undefined relationship. Surprisingly, married couples with all their amazing and consistent sex life still gets divorced over other trival issues let alone individuals in a relationship.
Most people especially female virgins complains of their partner’s high sexual libido and their inability to adapt to their celibacy. Hence the constant pressure from them to succumb. I believe such individual has nothing else to offer aside sex. When you possess some other unique qualities, like caring attitude, tolerance, intelligence and sense of humour. Be rest assured that sex will be the least priority in your partner’s mind. And thus they will respect your decision to stay celibate.

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