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Creativity, A path towards success.

A young girl decided to learn how to sew cloth from her mother who was a seamstress. She was so keen and passionate to learn the skills. And so she pulled in her interest in other to have her dreams accomplished.

As a newbie, it was assumed that she was still a novice, and wouldn’t initiate any idea aside the one her skill tutor ( mum) initiated. However, one fateful day, she was given a cloth to sew as a means to display some of the practical knowledge learnt so far. At first, she was nervous. But along the line, she became courageous and developed self confidence why trying out the work.

As she was sewing the cloth, she discovered that the fabric given to her wasn’t enough. She decided to call her mum’s attention towards it, but waved off the thought immediately. She quietly went to the waste bin where remnant of fabric which were no longer useful were kept. She thoroughly searched for a piece of fabric which would match the one she was sewing. And fortunately, she found one. She then decided to join it to the parts which was still remaining. And some hours later, she got the clothes done.

With the feelings of fulfillment and accomplishment,,she showed her mother. She was so amazed, as she had never thought her that particular technique before, how was she able to learn it? She wondered and muttered to herself. It is called “(CREATIVITY) I define it as a means of creating ideas from simple or unexpected source in other to accomplish a goal. Is also an ability to create something out of nothing.

This brief story is just a simple way to remind you that with creativity, nothing is impossible. Creativity breaks every limitation or impossibility. With creativity, you can always proof people wrong when they say a particular task is unachievable.

A lot of technological inventions we enjoy today came to be because people like you and i were creative enough to produce a result out of things that were often neglected.

Being a graduate does not imply one should sit all day hoping to get an oil job in an already saturated labour market.

Your ideas can be your source of income.
Look around you, there is always something to create, there is always something you need to put in place in other to stand out.
Don’t allow your dreams to be limited by some factors. Like finance. There is always a starting point. A lot of peeps started their business without a standard shop. But with their ideas and brain, they were able to pull a lot of customers. Don’t allow any factor limit you in life. You have the power to shape your life into whichever form you desire.

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