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Handling rejection


Have you ever gotten a gift for your spouse, hubby or perhaps children? With the intention of putting a smile on their face and having them appreciate your kind gesture. But unfortunately, on handing the gift to them, they rejected it right away. Without any concrete reason. How would you feel? Heartbroken right? You wished you never got it in the first place. You wished you never informed them about it.

The scenario is similar to loving someone. Cherishing them and doing all your best to ensure they are always happy and fulfilled. But rather than having them reciprocate your love, they ended up jilting you. Making it look as though loving them was the greatest mistake you ever made. .

I understand the feelings, it is rather expressed than experienced. Rejection often leads to inferiority complex and low self esteem. You may begin to downgrade your self and feel worthless. With the mindset that no one loves you and every other person is better than you. But there are ways to conquer this feelings.

Simples ways of coping with rejection.

1 ACCEPTANCE - yes, you have to admit the fact that he/ she doesn't just want you. No matter how drunk in love you are, you have to accept the fact that They don't feel same way and they may never do. Just like the scenario described above, no matter how appealing or enticing a gift is, it can only be valuable to the one who appreciates and accepts it.

2) BUILD SELF ESTEEM - this is one of the best discovered Ways to tackle rejection. Do not allow inferiority complex take its toil on you in such that people will begin to take you for a ride. You can't tell people the value of a particular food or how delicious and succulent it is when is obvious you haven't tasted it before? How do you expect them to believe you? In similar ways, you can't expect people to love you, when you don't even know what it means to love yourself. You can't expect others to value you, when you always think low of your self. Love and appraisal ought to begin with you. Don't beg to be loved. Don't beg for attention. If they reject you, see it as their loss. See yourself like a rare commodity, which its price can't be negotiated for any reason whatsoever.

3) Avoid Expectation - when someone rejects you, accept your fate and try as much as possible to move on. Don't hung on there, expecting or believing that they would change their mind soon. They may never do. Stop giving yourself false hope. The truth is that the earlier you accept it, the better and tendency of you getting healed from the Shock quickly . But hanging on there and waiting for someone who is probably done with you may delay your healing process, thus making it difficult to move on and meet the one who's ready to embrace you warmly. <a

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