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Emotional manipulation

Emotional manipulation 1

Have you ever been threatened by your lover? Or mandated to do things in contrary to your wish? If your answer is in affirmative, then there is tendency that you are being manipulated emotionally.

Emotional manipulation is an act of exercising authority over someone in the bid to have them under your control and get them do things as you would wish even at the expense of their happiness. Several reason why people undergo emotional manipulation.

1.Lack of esteem – lack of self esteem often leads to indecision. People who lack self esteem often lack the power and ability to make their own choice. They go with whatever they are being presented with despite its negative effect in their life. They find it difficult to say no and stick to it. It is always yes to every thing, they can go to any length just to please their loved ones.

Misconception about love – some folks are so overwhelmed by love. They have a wrong mindset about relationships. They often think that being in a relationship entails doing everything possibly to please their partner. They sacrifice with the wrong motive. Their sense of reasoning suddenly disappears at the “mere” mention of love .

Break up phobia – fear of being lonely has made a lot of people accept any treatment in a relationship regardless of its effect on them . The thought of break up usually sends cold shiver down their spine. So whenever they are being threatened with it. They succumb immediately. To them, nothing else matters aside their loved ones. And that is the best tactics often used by their lover to manipulate them and get them do their wish.

How can you avoid it?

Develop self love. Understand the fact that you are equally important, and need to be treated humanely. Take relationship as an aspect of life and not life itself. Remember, there was a life before you met him/ her, why loose it suddenly in the bid to please another. Make a decision and stick to it..don’t let anyone lure you to the point of compromise.

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