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Being clingy. Why he detests it

She kept her phone so close while anticipating for his call. She waited and waited but all to no avail . she then decided to take the bull by the horn. She dialled his number thrice but there was no response. With anger and frustration she threw her phone on the ground.

Some minutes later she picked it up again and wrote a message which read thus.

Dear Stanley,
Hope you are OK? Why are you treating me this way? This is the not the first time you promised to call but never did. What have I done wrong? If are no longer interested in this relationship please do well to inform me.
Have a nice day.

She sent the message amidst of tears. Hoping to get a reply but her phone never bleeped, let alone rang. Is already three hours past. She checked her phone several times to make sure it wasn't on silent mode. Alas, it wasn't. She flipped it angrily. Causing some cracks on its touch pad. She sobbed till she slept off.

And Hour later, she woke up, saw a message icon, her heart beat skipped. She went through it immediately only to discovered that it was one of the spam messages from networks. She sighed in disappointment and switched off her phone angrily in other not to be expectant any longer.

In other to be sure he got his message, he called to inform her that he will be coming.

Around to see her as soon as he closes from work.

Few hours later, her door bell rang, knowing it was Stanley, she got up reluctantly like one who was threatened at gun point to get up. She opened the door, Stanley tried to hug her but she restricted him. Was about walking out on him. But he held him back.

"Baby" you know I love you so much, I was only busy at the office that was why i couldn't call nor pick up your calls. it won't happen again. I promise.
Stanley said assuredly.

Jessica pretended like she was still angry, she wore a sad face. Stanley tried tickling her. Both laughed hysterically while retiring to the room.

Jessica placed her head on Stanley's chest as they cuddled one another. Not quite long, Stanley slept off. His phone rang. Jessica quickly switched it to silent mood and quickly tiptoed out of the room to answer the call.
Immediately she heard a female voice, she quit the calls. Before she could got bed. The phone bleeped. It was a message from the same number. Which read thus.

Sir, when will it be ready? Or should I come over to take it.
Is he cheating on me? she asked her self rhetorically after reading the message severally without pinpointing any meaning to it.
She attempted Woking up Stanley who had already dozed off, but decided to wait patiently till he gets up from bed. The rate of her heartbeat increased, as she couldn't wait. She was so curios and insecure to get an explanation. She tapped at him severally. And he

Quickly woke up shockingly.
She showed her the message. Stanley smiled, it was just a message from my….

Side chick right? She interrupted immediately. Flared up and shouted on top of her voice accusing Stanley of cheating on him.

Baby can you just calm down, let me . He replied calmly. Why are being so rude and mean.

There is nothing to explain, "she interrupted again. No wonder you've been acting so busy lately, no wonder you hadn't been checking up on me regularly like you used to.

Stanley tried every possible means to explain to her, but all to no avail . she never gave him the opportunity As she was busy ranting and raining abuses on him.

Stanley attempted slapping her. But withdrew his hands immediately. On remembering he was a principled man who had once vowed never to hit a woman in spite the degree of provocations.

He dressed up and left the house as an easiest way to control himself and curb his present mood.


Jessica couldn't believe he did that. She knew she overacted. But then, he expected that Stanley would understand and keep on apologizing in other to be given chance for an explanation. No doubt, she knew she was being clingy and insecure. Not long after Stanley left, a paper fell off from the bed.

She picked It up and glanced through it. It was a copy of a business proposal written by Stanley's company and was to be sent to another company. At the top of the envelope, Jessica saw a number through which the mail ought to get to the

Recipient. She recognized the last number to be similar the number that previously called Stanley. It then dawned on her that she was only being unnecessarily insecure and possessive. She tried calling Stanley but he never picked.

Few hours later, he came back to house, Jessica was excited at first, but he never said a word to her. He quickly picked up his forgotten letter and left.

Moral of this story:
Are you in a serious relationship?
But still behaves like Jessica.
Who often keeps a tap on her man's movement every now and then.

You need to put a stop to it. I mean quit that unhealthy attitude completely. You know why? It is a big turn off to most men.

Men need space to focus on every other aspect of their life. Unlike women who centres a greater part of their life towards emotions and romance. An average man invests more on his goals. Their ego is measured more on their success and that's why they can never let anything come in between it. Not even their relationships. Don't allow emotional weakness drive him farther away from you. .

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