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Reasons behind the high rate of divorce in marriage.

Misconception about dating.

The rate of divorce and marital disagreement had been on a rapid increase lately as a result of the wrong motive behind dating and courtship. So many people have the wrong views, notions and objectives to while they are in a relationship. Most believes that dating is a period of studying their partner and getting to know everything about them in order to get acquainted with them. While to others, dating is like a trial period. Where they get to know how compatible they are with their intending partner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the aforementioned reason. As they all varies with individual’s perception and mindset about the term.

Real definition of dating

However, dating, in a general term goes beyond studying your partner or observing their flaws. Because no matter how long you try to study them, you may not get the full understanding about them. This is why so many marriages always crash as soon as the ceremony is over and the couple begins their life together. A partner may be trying to put up the best character to impress the other. Living in pretense just to buy his/ her partner’s love. While in reality, reverse might be the case. A Good definition of dating should be a period where couples who had already seen each other’s flaws and are willing to push it further learn to accept each other the way they are, help each other in improving on their weaknesses, correct each other in love…..admit each other’s weakness and working hard towards improving on them. In this scenario, the intending couples are transparent, they don’t leave a pretentious life. They always try to be themselves. Irrespective of what their partner thinks about them. In that way, they can truly detect their partners true feelings towards them.

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