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How to cope in a long distance Relationship

Distance is one of the inevitable challenges couples tend to face in a relationship, which is capable of destroying their long built intimacy if not handled with great caution . The thought of being separated from each other creates a great void and vacuum in the heart. It becomes so difficult especially with someone you have had great memories with, being in each other’s company and shared things in common. It is just like your world revolves around them because they seems to be present anywhere you are. As the saying goes, out of sight is out of mind, but there is an exception to this statement if the right steps are taken. Some factors which can enable couples cope in a distant Relationship.

1) Communication – communication plays a role factor here . Recent Advance in technology has really made things bit easier and less expensive. Communication mustn’t necessarily be only calls, but chatting via social media which tend to be more convenient and less expensive .With consistent/ regular communication, distance relationship can stand the test of time. Good communication helps to strengthen the bond and rekindle the spark that might have been lost as a result of distance.. By communicating with your partner, you are not just desiring to hear their voice but you are also reassuring them of your unending love towards them which can never be separated by distance. It creates security in the relationship.

2)COMMITMENT – out of sight can never be out of mind for partners who has defined their relationship and are really committed to each other. Being secured about the future, distance seems to be a minor issue for them. On the countrary, partners who are not really into each other, either from one or both partners might tend to separate once distance sets in. The purpose of their relationship might be based on satisfying each other’s sexual needs and once that becomes impossible as a result of distance. The relationship might eventually come to an end because there are no strings attached.

3) TRUST – this is another important factor. Just like the foundation of a house, trust are not just earned but built nurtured and allowed to grow with time before it becomes Relevant. When you create a room for doubt while you are still with each other what makes you think they will trust you when you are apart? .always make your relationship transparent. Avoid anything that will create a room for suspicion in your partner’s mind. There is nothing scary in a distant relationship as having the feeling that your partner might be cheating on you especially if you don’t trust them to well as result of their past escapades. It poses fear and brings about insecurity which tend to destroy the relationship with time. Always give your partner the reason to trust you in order to avoid unnecessary assumption and being paranoid that you might be cheating on them. When actually it might not be the case. If the trust becomes mutual. The relationship and distance will never be a barrier.

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