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How to handle a close friend of the aopposite sex while in relationship

Handling a close friend of the opposite sex is one of the challenges couples tend to face in their relationship/marriage and if not handled properly may lead to break up or divorce. As the feelings of insecurity may surface from one partner. It is not uncommon or absurd for your partner to feel insecure when they discover you are becoming too close with a member of the opposite sex. Insecurity maybe unhealthy but in some circumstances, it is a sign that he/she is committed and values the relationship and wouldn’t like to entertain any form of infidelity from the other.

And so she is a close friend, you both ain’t dating. But She calls every now and then, always asking to hang out with you. Your partner is becoming suspicious and insecure. You’ve tried to explain to her that nothing is going on between you both. , but she wouldn’t believe. She always keep tabs on you, going through your phone to clear her doubts. If she ever finds something suspicious like addressing each other with intimate names, hell’s gonna let loose. She will yell at you. Nevertheless, inasmuch much as you love your partner or spouse, you still don’t want to loose your friendship with them. They are just awesome to be with. Though not intimate, but you both get each other’s back all the time. You are confused on how to handle it in a matured way without loosing both relationship.

Here are ways to handle the situation to avoid loosing Your relationship

Set boundaries

Becoming too close to a friend of an opposite sex can be unhealthy atimes. The scenario is synonymous to inviting problems which you may not be able to solve. There are situations you may not be able to put to check. And this is likely to be one of them.because when a man and woman often spends time together, being overly too close to one another. Feelings tends to grow gradually even when you try to resist it. And cheating becomes inevitable. So in other to avoid such instances, it is best to take precautions. As prevention they say is better than cure. Avoid being alone with each other, avoid going to serene places which can easily invite temptations. There should be a limit towards communication. Don’t give them that impression that they have a place in your heart otherwise they make the advantage of that. Let it be friends and nothing more. Remember your spouse ought to be your best friend and nothing less.

Have a heart to heart talk with your spouse

Remember they have every right to feel insecure and jealous. It is natural, especial if the feelings are there. However, you have to explain to them with a soft tone that denotes respect for their feelings. Let them know this other person is a good friend and meant no harm. Do not be harsh or yell at them for not trusting you. Otherwise they may begin to think that their suspicion is true .

Make your spouse your priority.

Don’t forget that no matter how important and good your friend maybe to you, your spouse/partner is still your best friend. Make them

Always consider their interest first. Be proud of them, tell your friend how good they are so they wouldn’t think of interfering in your relationship/marriage. .

Keep your marital/relationship issues to yourself.

If you are looking for someone to talk to Concerning your relationship or marriage issue, certainly, your close friend ain’t the one. Reason being that they might be developing feelings or having intentions towards you without your knowledge. They might use that as an advantage or opportunity in seeking for a way to pave in. They might pretend to be hurt too but secretly praying for the problem to linger on so they can easily have their way. This might not be true for some sincere friends. But since you can’t read their Minds or predict their actions, I think it would be better to take precautions. If you must seek for counsel. Please visit a good counsellor, physcholgist, or other experts in the field

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