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Time management tips. 1

TIME MANAGEMENT tips is one of the greatest attribute of champions and people who aspires to be successful in life. An Average human is said to be busy for at least 12hrs in a day,but yet unproductive in his/her endeavour as a result of mismanagement of time. the word ''busy' is the most frequently used word and has equally been misused by many who had no clear understanding of what it actually meant. Literally, 'busy'' can be defined as a state in which an individual engages him/herself in any activity or work. it is an exact opposite of idleness. which implies that not being idle at a particular time indicates that an individual is actually busy. sleeping eating and engaging in other normal activities ain't an exception. Now The Question is no longer how busy one is?but what you are actually found busy with? I've seen some folks who hardly take a nap,and hence usually develops one alignments or the other as a result of inability to rest but yet can't boast of any achievement. while there are few others who spend less time but yet achieves a lot. it has to do with ability to manage one's time,being able to accomplish a lot within a specific limited time.

Here are some time management tips to adopt.


there is a popular saying he who has failed to plan,is said to have planned to fail. each successful day ought to begin with a strategic plan or list of activities which must be adhered strictly to. try as much as possible to adjust your schedules in such a way that it will correspond with the time available. you can commence by starting from the most important to the least important. which automatically leaves you with the feelings of excitement and fulfillment.


Discipline involves depriving oneself from certain pleasures which is capable of consuming time needed for other vital and productive activities. Adopting self discipline in one's life helps a lot in managing your time effectively. For instance, as a student about to write a professional exam. You may have the urge to tune in to that your favorite t. V station, go the gym or sports or get busy with your mobile phone. but with the discipline, you will learn how to manage your time effectively and for the right purpose. and so instead of doing the aforementioned. you will get busy with your studies especially as your exam is fast approaching. the same goes with every other activities we do in life. As a business man/woman, discipline helps you manage your time effectively by depriving your self that early morning comfort in pursuit of your business or career. you wake up so early in other not to get stuck by traffic. Sometimes, you are awake burning the midnight candle just to excel. When you are meant to be enjoying the silent cool breeze of the night. and at the end, the result will be worth the effort. people who lack discipline end up giving into their desires and urge. They waste their times a lot doing things which doesn't contribute to their growth and improvements in life.

Set a target

setting a target is one of the surest ways of overcoming laziness and procrastination. make up your mind and do everything within your reach to meet up with your target within a specific period of time see it as a task being imposed on you by another,assume it was an instruction or obligation being issued to you by an employer else you loose a job. developing that mindset gives you an insight and ability to accomplish your target. time is an essential factor,always be time conscious to avoid loosing your life time opportunity.

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