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How to handle a materialistic woman

How to handle a materialistic woman

Coping with a materialistic woman is one of the phobia that discourages so many young men from keeping a relationship. No doubt, virtually all men wants to have that feelings of responsibility, being able to take care of their woman’s need at every point in time, it triggers their Ego as a man and gives them that awesome feelings of responsibility. However, in spite of that, no man wants to be pressured into spending above their earning, or doing things which they ain’t capable of. Unfortunately, there are women who wouldn’t mind you selling one of your vital organs as long as their needs are met. With the quest to fit in to the societal standards and trend, they wouldn’t mind you indulging in all kinds of social vices in other to make them happy. They are never satisfied or contended even if you pull the house down for their sake. Imagine you are dating this kind of woman, how long would you continue to cope with her incessant demands? Before you consider breaking up with here. Here are some major steps to take.

Be real and set a limit

most a times, men’s unrealistic behaviours and fake buoyant life styles are the reason for women’s incessant demands. Imagine starting a relationship by taking her to every classic restaurant or suits. And all of a sudden, you expect her to feel good and OK spending time with you in your closet. It sounds absurd. No one can possibly spit out a succulent taste or reject an exclusive offer.

This is not to encourage incessant demand from women. But men shouldn’t start what they can’t complete. Be real, don’t spend more than you earn in the bid to please a woman. You are only making her become use to a certain lifestyle which she might find difficult to adjust. Don’t fake a life style. So you would know if she truly loves you or interested Only In the material benefit.

Engage her in a discussion

Don’t be shy to express yourself, don’t be timid to be confident. Don’t allow fear to restrict you of your ability to speak out. Don’t pretend like you are OK when is obvious you ain’t. Find somewhere serene where you both can sit down and discuss things as it is bothering you. Let her know that you love her and can take care of her but not at the expense of your happiness. Let her know that your family and siblings also need your assistance. Let her know that you also have a need and wouldn’t want her to act non challant about it. Make her to see things from your own point of view. Truth is that you might have given her that impression that things are Rossy with you. She might not be aware that her attitude is driving you insane.

Stand to your ground

If peradventure, you’ve tried explaining things to her, but she wouldn’t change, then is time to make your decision to either opt out or stay. As difficult as it sounds, I would still advice you to choose the former. Do not let her pressurize you or threaten you with break up. Stand to your ground. No one wants to be with a partner who knows nothing else aside their own happiness.

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