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How to know when a relationship is over.

knowing when a relationship is over

One of the most challenging aspect of dating is knowing or detecting when a partner is no longer interested and wants to back off. Often times, a lot of folks especially male folks lacks the courage to confront their partners and break the sad news or the fear of not hurting him/her especially when they had done nothing wrong . Hence the exhibition of weird and usual attitudes which leaves them with a mixed signals. However, in other not to waste your time, effort and resources in a relationship that is no longer in existence. Here are some signs that he/she wants wants to back off.


The rate of communication declines

Communication is the bedrock of any relationship. Communication increases the bond and intimacy especially for a distance relationship where both partners hardly see each other. With communication, both partners can feel each other’s presence despite the distance. Check out the rate at which your partner communicates with you recently. Compare it with the rate at which it was when the relationship began. Now if there is a drastic reduction on the communication. Then there is chances that he/she wants out. Though there could be exception in few cases. For instance, what is the nature of his job? Is it so demanding that he/she hardly make out time to handle other social activities. Did he change to a new job recently and so finding it difficult to adjust to the new system. These are the questions to consider before jumping into conclusion.





If the answer is yes. Then you may have to relax and calm your nerves.and maybe give him some benefits of doubt but you ought to Pay close attention to his/her attitude at this period. Does he calls back as promised assuming he was busy when you called. Does he still picks up your call when he is less busy? Does he makes out time to visit you especially on weekends which are his free work days? If the answer to this is no?. Then you may need to have a rethink because in spite our busy Schedules. There is always room to make out time for our loved ones. I. e if we value the relationship and wants them to still be part our lives. .

He tries to avoid you.

When you begin to observe the rate at which your partner avoids seeing you, then there is every tendency that they may want out in the relationship. Even at your complaint of his nonchalant attitude. He still dodges having a discussion with you, because he knows that the most dreaded question as regards to the fate of the relationship will definitely pop up

he sees fault in everything you do.

You both have been doing great, you can’t remember doing any thing to upset him. Then then all of a sudden, he picks fault in whatever you do,

talks to you rudely and flares up at any slightest provocation. This is the most complaint laid by women. Their partner all of a sudden begins to see them as a “nag” whenever they talk about an issue that requires to be addressed and given adequate attention to.

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