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Relationship is like a game.

A illustration with a game.

Relationship is like a game. 1
It takes two mutual effort to keep a relationship.

Relationship is like a game, even before you venture in, you are optimistic that it will be successful. Though skeptical and uncertain of what fate holds for you at the end, but yet, You are still confident that it will work. Despite the unpredictable future, you are still hopeful that it will be successful. Unfortunately, at a may see your self struggling to keep it going. Within you, you know the right thing to do is to walk away. But you belief you've come along way to give up so soon. The above scenario illustrates the views and perception most individuals have about relationship. Both scenarios are synonymous, but quite contradictory in some aspect. While game may require the effort of one individual, relationship requires a mutual effort of two individuals who truly understands the reason of being in one.

How it should be.

It should be a 50.50 effort. When you begin to make it as though your life is in total dependent of it, while your partner enjoys their stress free life. It is no longer relationship, but OBSESSION.. When you see you self doing all it takes to make it successful, while your partner contributes nothing in any aspect. Is called, DESPERATION. When you are ready walk the miles for them, when they can't move an inch for you, then is called EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY. Just free your self and allow love to find you. A successful relationship does not require much hardwork. It only entails being with the right partner who shares similar interest with you. One who is ready to sacrifice and give out his/her best. One who isn't in for any material benefits rather than love. and this can only be guaranteed by being with the right one.

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