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4 steps on How to overcome depression.

How to overcome depression is a post that was specifically written to assist people passing through depression and challenges beyond their control. In other to avoid unusual thoughts like suicide

Depression is a state of mood change which could result to feelings of sadness, hurts and frustration.
.depression could arise as a result of so many factors ranging from work pressures, emotional trauma, relationship break ups,loss of job, chronic ailment, financial incapability, rejection from loved ones, marriage crisis. To mention but a few.. The feeling is better described than experienced. At one point, you feel like your world is begining to crumble, at other times, you feel like your existence is no longer vital. Research has it that depressed individuals are more vulnerable to suicidal thoughts and attempt if not encouraged because there is always this feelings of emptiness, broken heart and rejection . Hence the thought of suicide.

Are you going through depression right now? Do you feel like your world has crashed? Are you contemplating suicide? Then you ain’t alone in this. Millions of people all over the world are passing through same. A lot has gone through that stage and still came out strong.. Yes you can, but there are some factors to enable you overcome depression. .

Avoid isolation

The major problem with most people feeling depressed is that they isolate themselves from other people.

They are often stuck with loneliness, they feel no one cares, they feel no one would ever listen or understand their plight. Making them more frustrated. Avoid being alone in this period. Always be in the company of friends, go to seminars, workshops, attend religious programme, comic events, entertainment shows.

You really don’t know how much that would contribute towards your healing process. It helps to get you distracted, interacting with others equally enables you to be strong as some other people would equally share their experiences, which Helps in boosting your confidence and strength. Just know that you ain’t alone.

Talk to someone

Do you have a trusted friend? relative or family member you could confide in? If yes, then you have to open up to them.

Don’t bottle up that feelings, don’t be shy to let it out. Let someone encourage you, let someone cheer up. The fact is that most suicidal attempt wouldn’t have been a reality if the victims had confided in someone.

Be mindful of what you read, view or listen to.

At this period, there are certain books you ought to avoid, some books or music which keeps reminding you of how pathetic your situation is, such as emotional books or music. Mystical books which often derive their source from fictious facts and tends to impose fear on its victims.

Avoid horror movies too.

What you need at this period is motivational books, motivational speech, inspiring stories from people who had passed through critical times similar as yours, but overcame and still made it against all odds. These are things to cheer and encourage you. and equally help you to overcome depression.

surround yourself with positive minded people

Avoid associating with people who have negative thoughts, people who keep on reminiscing and lamenting on their past, people who always wish to be pitied after narrating their predicament.

All you need is people with positive mindset, people who don’t lament over their situation but rather seek for the way out.

find solace in God.

One of most important ways to overcome depression is by finding peace in God’s word. There are a lot of stories in the Bible that need to cheer us up and encourage. And one of such stories is the story of job. I’ve tried to analyze and compare some of the challenges that people usually face.

And I’ve come to discover that none was as severe as that of job. but despite his challenge, he didn’t give up on life, neither did he curse God. even when there was pressures from friends and family. at a point, he was all alone as everyone deserted and gave up on him including his own wife. that should be a source of motivation to you.

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