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3 ways to handle your job and relationship.

How to handle your job and relationship is a post that summarizes some of the things couples ought to do in other to strike a balance betwee their job and relationship so as not to loose one or both.

And so you’ve gotten this dream job you’ve always anticipated for. You can’t get hold of the excitement. You are glad you finally made it. Your dreams had finally come to pass . But there seems to be a challenge. And i. e being able to balance your love life and work. Your partner had complained severally for lack of attention and neglect. They are beginning to suspect the tendency of you cheating on them as the reason behind your negligence. They have bugged you with several question concerning their fate in the relationship so as to quit and not to get heart broken in the long run.

Your lack of commitment is beginning to traumatize them emotionally. You are confused. You can’t afford to loose your job, you can’t afford to loose your relationship either as you’ve come a long way. Does that look like your experience ? I must commend you for being at the right place.

Having a demanding job is one of the challenges in maintaining a healthy relationship. You are not alone in this, as most individuals are also passing through this experience and skeptical on the best approach to use in handling their job and relationship. However, one thing we need to understand is that an average human is always busy with one activities or the other. No one is totally idle, as long as they could spare out time to shower, eat or move about.

Similarly, we don’t have to quit or give up in some important aspects of our life as a result of our busy schedules. You don’t have to quit your job or relationship, all you need to do is to strike a balance as Both are important . And here are possible ways to handle your job and relationship.

Spare out time to communicate

I am very certain that sparing out 2mins out of your busy schedules to reach out to your partner wouldn’t make you loose your job, or would it? Well I guess no!!!

Don’t wait to get an hour spare time, or till you get back home because Probably you will be tired after having a hectic day, and before you know what has happened, you’ve dozed off or it will skip your mind.

You don’t have to call, an instant message. “hello babe” how are you doing? just checking upon you has done the magic. What matters is that communication had taken place. . You that really know how excited they would be receiving such message, because it got to show you have their interest at heart. .

Make out time on weekends

Is your job so demanding that you hardly make out time during the week? you can try weekends especially if your are free at such time. Most companies are usually off during weekends. A few others might not be off, but close earlier than they do during the week . You can make such time to be with them And catch up with days you were apart .

Be diplomatic

Don’t yell or fuss whenever she complains about your lack of attention and busy schedules on her. Don’t tag her attitude as “nagging”. It got to show she really cares. Because if she doesn’t, she wouldn’t give a damn weather you called, messaged or not.

Try to make her understand. She has every right to complain but explain things to her in low and lovely tone. Let her Understand your busy schedules doesn’t change your feelings towards her. With time, she will begin to adjust and start seeing things from your own perspective.

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