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How to spot a player


This is one of the question that has raised serious concerns and has been a source of burden to a lot of women out there.

It is the dream of every woman to have that special man who just doesn’t desire to be in a relationship with her, but also treats her special and does things that sweeps her off her feet.

But unfortunately, that desire is often difficult to come by as Most men do take advantage of women’s emotional weakness and fragile heart. They tend to manipulate the gullible ones, by leading them on, and luring them to commit after which they flee having had their way and accomplished their mission.

With the societal pressures on women in most parts of the country and the general belief and status quo that women ages faster than their male counter, and so have limited time as regards to marriage. It has always been the desire of every woman to have a man who interested in having a committed relationship with him. One that can easily lead to marriage. And so in the bid to achieve this. A lot of them have fallen victims to men who only wants to exploit them sexual without having to commit and at they the end, dumps them. Leaving them shattered and hopeless.

In this write up, we are going to briefly discuss some possible ways to identify “players”. But before we proceed, let’s look at the definition of a player.

” A player in this context implies someone usually a male folk who ain’t interested in having a long term

Relationship. But rather interested in what he/ she stands to benefit. It is synonymous to the word “flirt”.

Ways to identify a player.

  1. Is always about him – players are often self centered. They ain’t interested in their partner’s benefit but only that which benefits them. Ever heard a woman complain that his partner does not include him in his plan? That’s an example of a player. He does not include her partner in the decision. He makes it alone without consulting her nor seeking for her opinion.

2. Tries so hard to impress – first impression they say matters a lot. And so players often take advantage of this word in other to lure their prey. They do this often by devising every possible means to make her succumb like excessive gifts, excessive attention and the rest. They start this at the early stage of the relationship. They don’t do it for love, but rather to impress you. Especially having you do things they desire.

3) pleasure comes first – a lot of women have complained about this..meeting a man for the first and all he’s interested is having sex with them without trying to engage them in any meaningful conversation. Because their goals in the relationship are short-term termed. they don’t see any vital reason as to talk about meaningful things like your goals, ambitions and interest in life.

4.Easily to call quit – they easily call off the relationship if you refuse to give in to their demands. To them, Absence of sex implies absence of relationship

5) cheats a lot – one of the major characteristics of a player is that he flirts with different women. They don’t really care about their partner’s feelings as regards to their behaviours.

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