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Insecurity In relationship 1.

Insecure couples

insecurity has caused more good than harm in a lot of relationships/ marriages today. It has contributed to the increasing rate of heartbreak and divorce….the fear of the unknown, the fear of what may not be certain and " mere speculations and assumption.

Now the question is how do we curb this Negative trait. Let's look out some factors contributing to this.

Inferiority complex

individuals with low esteem tends to develop some phobic in most aspect of their lives…they always feel neglected and less appreciated. They have this mindset that they might not be too good for their partner and thus often nag, interrogate, and assume they are being cheated on. This trait makes them become too needy, pushy and emotional stable.

Lack of Trust

Trust is like a glass ware. Once broken it can no longer be fixed to its initial state. When there had been a previous issue of infidelity. From one or both partners. It ignites an insecure feelings to the affected partner that he/ she may find it difficult to trust the other party. And this leads to constant assumptions over what may not be the fact. Trust is earned and once lost, might lead to insecurity.

Unresolved issues

misunderstandings are inevitable part of a healthy relationships, however. When they are allowed to linger on for a long period of time and not resolved abruptly. It may lead to insecurity. Because there will always be a recall or reminiscence of the past memories one or both parties are usually scared of the same occurrence resurfacing in subsequent occasions.

In summary, insecurity can be easily gotten rid off. If partners learns to understand and tolerate each other on every aspect. Resolve every issues within themselves without any interference of third party. And also avoid other aforementioned factors which seems to be the leading course of insecurity.

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