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Infidelity in relationships, How to avoid it 1.

Man with Lover Caught by his Wife

One of the common challenges that people often face in a relationship is the ability to avoid double dates.

To some folks, it is just an impossible task, hence they tend to justify it with the quote “All men are polygamous in nature.

Double dating is so common this days among both genders, because of the quest to taste different varieties. Humans are insatiable in nature, and this insatiability extends to every aspects of our life. This explains the reason why a man with a beautiful wife would still go ahead to cheat with other women despite having a wife with adorable qualities. This explains the reason why a woman who have an adorable man that provides all her needs, but yet goes ahead to cheat with other men.

However, irrespective, of the prevalence of infidelity in our society today, there are still people practicing monogamy. It is quite possibleā€¦ And can be achieved by adopting the following measures. –


the importance of discipline in our lives cannot be over emphasized. Discipline breeds self control. Without discipline, we may end up satisfying our material quest at the expense of our future. As a married man, it may not be easy to keep your eyes off that your secretary that dresses seductively to office everyday if you lack self control and discipline.


contentment brings about self fulfillment. But lack of contentment leads to unnecessary quest. Contentment makes you realize that your

Partner or spouse may not have the best of qualities, shape or stature, but learning to love and cherish them the way they are without having to double date.

Apply cautiousness

prevention they say is better than cure, it is better to prevent any situation which may likely lead to infidelity. If any man or woman of the opposite sex starts getting unusually close to you, be careful and watch it, else you may succumb. It could be your colleague in your office, business partner or even neighbour. Set limits and boundaries with any friend of the opposite sex. Avoid any situation that may increase your chances of cheating on your spouse.

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