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Love and emotions

Love and emotions 1
Love and emotions.

Often times, we tend to misunderstand this two terms…and that’s the reason most people believe that true love can never exist without sex.

Emotions are just feelings which can be either lust or infatuation They can’t be outrightly described as love. Though sometimes it can gradually progress to the feelings of love.

Emotions are just feelings which could arise as a result of being physically attracted with someone of the opposite sex without desiring to have any future with them. It is usually for short term satisfaction.
This explains why people can claim to love each other. But as soon sexual intimacy takes place, the once professed love and affection becomes a history. They mistook their emotions for love. They only had chemistry as a result of build up hormones being stimulated by their sexual organs and sending the wrong signals to the brain.

When you are truly in love with someone, no matter how attractive and gorgeous they are, your first desire or step may not be to get physically involved with them via sex, but to get to know more about them, their personal life, biography and attitude in general especially if you have the desire to include them in your future or develop a long term relationship with them

In other words, emotions can lead to sex, but may not progress to true love. This is why is always advised to define your relationship at the initial stage. So you wouldn’t end up mistaking romance for true love.

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