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Men ask. How can I avoid domestic violence?

Men ask. How can I avoid domestic violence? 1
Young woman trying to protect herself from a man's clenched fist.

This is one of the greatest challenges facing a lot of men in marriages today. The ability to put their emotions at check in other not to be violent.

Marriages are full of inevitable up's and down. Even the most success foul marriages a times have to deal with marital issues which arises occasionally ranging from anger and resentment from one or both spouse. But their ability to maintain an orderly and peaceful home depends on how both were able handle their emotions at such times.

There is an increasingly rate of domestic violence in our society today because of the urge to feel superior and respected by both partners. Women don't want to be suppressed both physically and emotionally. on the contrary, men wants act bossy and authoritative at all times, owing to their egocentric nature.

Most men complain about their wife's intolerant and disrespectful attitude. Replying back in a rude manner. abusing them at any slightest provocation. Which to them is a dent on their ego. And so in the bid to retrieve their Ego, they end up becoming violent, hitting their wives and punching her like a bag of salt.

I wouldn't blame them either, because even as good as it sounds, is not always easy to remain calm when you are being offended or pushed to the wall. It is humane to want to retaliate. And to worsen it all, men receives a greater part of the blame by the society, regardless of who erred.

However, two wrongs they say can never make a right. Being violent does not make one superior but

Rather, an act of cowardice. A gentle man does not exhibit violence, but rather pursues peace at all times. Easy right? Hell No!!! But here are some steps to enable you.

. Leave the scene - you don't fight a fire incidence by waiting to put off the fire when there is an outbreak, but by avoiding its outbreak. There are scenarios when there would be heated and severe arguments, one capable of leading to violent. The best approach towards avoiding such scenarios is to leave the scene. Walking away helps you suppress your anger at that moment to avoid unleashing abusive words and becoming violent.

. Tolerance - humans generally are most times provocative in nature, and your wife isn't an exception. If you haven't learn to tolerate some of her flaws you may end up murdering her out of anger. For a home to be peaceful and accommodating, both spouse have to be tolerant and accommodating to each other. Otherwise the home would always be on fire.

.understanding - understanding the nature of women would go along way in helping you curb domestic violence. It is often said that the strength of a woman lies greatly in her tongue. This may be an idiomatic expression, but in most cases, is true. When you understand this as a man, you would always learn to ignore some of the attitudes exhibited by women especially constant and unnecessary nagging.

Emotional silence - nothing gets to a woman easily like ignoring her. Because women are emotionally inclined in nature . And that's the best and proven method of getting a woman submit rather than abusing her physically

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  1. Domestic Violence Prevention Centre is a non-government community based organisation that provides specialist domestic violence support services to the Gold Coast region.

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