green lights to your crush without looking desperate

Giving green lights to your  Crush without looking cheap is everyone’s desire. And so you have this Cute dude  you’ve  always admired. His awesome  looks is quite appealing. Having spoken with him on one or two occassions, you discovered that his qualities were beyond looks. in addition to his  looks,   […]

secrets toward being attracted to the right partner

Getting attractedto the right partner Being attracted to the right partner is one of the secrets toward having a Healthy relationship . It is the basic requirement if you are seeking for a lasting relationship. This is because the success of any relationship lies solely on the effort of the partners […]

Is this love or infatuation?

    Love or infatuation?this question seems not to get out from your mind. You’ve probably heard a lot about these two words, but yet you still finds it difficult to  differentiate between both. You are not alone in this, as so  many individuals  are in similar situations, still confused […]

Having multiple partners. Wrong or good?

Having multiple partners is becoming a norm and trend in our society today.with a lot of factors being considered as the reason why so many folks prefers having a multiple dates over one faithful partner. Several reasons why people prefer to date multiple partners. The fear of disappointment the fear […]

Five signs of compatibility in relationships

Compatibility in relationships is one term that has been greatly misunderstood and misinterpreted by many. At the mention of the word “compatible”our minds often goes with having similar resemblance, in relationships we often picture a scenario of  two people who seems perfect for each other, possesing similar trait, hobby, likes […]

Can a broken relationship ever be fixed?

A broken relationship they say is better than a broken marriage, yet Most people a’int willing to give up  despite seeing the signs that a relationship is truly  over.  I  understand the feelings. Is so easier to tell people to move on. but honestly, is more easier said than done. […]

Compromising in a relationship, when to say No

Compromising  in a relationship is so common this days especially at this time when is almost difficult  to please some folks. in the bid  to get them satisfied, you may be compelled to do things against your wish. Dating folks who rarely consider other people’s interest could make you succumb […]

Imaginary relationship. Its psychological effects on relationships.

Imaginary relationship are those relationship that  occurs as a result of the fantasies  and assumption built on our minds . From the word “imaginary” which implies we imagine they are real, we assume they are facts, we expect them to end  in a particular way. In this type of relationship, […]

How do i know the right career for me?


Before the proposal. Five things you Should know.

    Before the proposal is an article aimed at preparing your mind  before proposing to that special one or accepting proposal from that special one you desire to build your forever with.  In other to avoid some mistakes commmon among  married folks, And avert some negative situations that may […]

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