How can i stop being desperate in a relationship?

To quit  being desperate in a relationship requires a lot of self control especially for folks who made their relationship a top priority. Desperation is a negative trait which triggers the mindset to get something at all cost, irrespective of the odds or disastrous outcome. Desperation occurs when there is […]

4 Myths about marriage

Myths about marriage, what comes to your mind at the mention of the word marriage? What are the things you’ve heard about marriage that scares you? Or made you develop a different view about marriage? Your mindset and perception towards anything in life is what determines the amount of effort […]

Excessive communication in relationship, healthy or bad?

Excessive communication a good or bad idea in a relationship? Communication is one of the essential factor which had been proved to enhance relationship especially  a distant relationship relationship where couples hardly get in physical contact with each other. That shows that communication itself is a healthy habit in a relationship. So […]

Discover the 5 True meaning of intimacy in relationships.

  The meaning of intimacy in  relationship is a very essential topic, because the word “intimacy”has been greatly misinterpreted by so many folks. The word “intimacy” is a noun which was literally derived  from the Adjective “intimate”which means to be close or attached to someone.this shows that intimacy can occur […]

5 Signs you are dating a narcissist

Dating a narcissist can be so daunting and stressful especially  when you wish to be in a committed relationship. Who is a Narcissist? A narcissist is someone so  obsessed by him/herself. Narcissist  admire themselves a lot to the point that they often think less about others. Narcissism is a negative […]

Top reasons for divorce

Top reasons for divorce are those factors that contributes to the high rate of divorce in our society. Just like every other issues and Unforeseen circumstances in life, divorce can occur for  wide variety of reasons beyond our human control. However,  in the course of this post, we are going […]

Self love quotes To boost your confidence

  self love quotes are not just quotes or Factual words, they are inspirational and powerful words purposely written with the aim  of boosting our self confidence and relieving us from low self esteem. Many a times, we are faced with challenges,  intimidation, suppressions, Depression, rejections, denial, betrays,  and  disappointments.  Such […]

understanding your spouse

Understanding your spouse takes a lot of patience, hard work and a times humility. This is because human attitude and personality varies with individual. No matter how emotionally attached you are to your partner or spouse, your personal attitude still varies. Even identical twins who shared same placenta in the […]

How can we stop constant arguments?

How can we stop constant argument? Is arguing with your spouse a natural part in a relationship?This is one of the common questions married couples or folks in a committed relationship are seeking for an answer to. And a problem which seems to have defiled solution. Arguments are common trait […]

After break up, common mistakes you must avoid.

Few days, weeks or months after break up is usually the most hectic and  toughest for people who are going through heartbreak. Especially for people who are the receiving end. That phase of life is usually daunting. You wished you could just wake up just to discover that it was […]

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