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Regaining your self worth after a break up

Regaining your self worth after a break up 1
Self worth after a break up

Regaining your self worth after a break up can be very challenging especially when you are at the receiving end.

People who initiate the break up often finds it more easier to move on than their counterpart.

Because despite their reasons of initiating the break up and before coming up with such decisions, their minds were already made up to do so. So with that, the hurt becomes minimal on the giver’s end  than at the receiver’s end, that is if actually there is a hurt.

Have you ever been heartbroken? And in the bid to recover your relationship, you find yourself doing things which you wouldn’t have done ordinarily, just to save your relationship, but unfortunately, you ended up loosing both(your self esteem and relationship)? If this was your experience, I just want to assure that you are not alone in this.

A lot of persons have done more weird things just to save a relationship and they ended up regretting because they later discovered that it wasn’t worth the effect.

Sometimes, we find it difficult to control our feelings and emotions while in love. When the heart is still in love, and break up happened unexpectedly, nothing else matters to the heart than trying to have their loved ones back again.

At that moment, you no longer care about your sanity or dignity. You plead, bumped into their houses announced, showed up in the places you assumed they would be, even went as far as kneeling before them in public to plead for a second chance, not mind the embarrassing scene you might be creating. And amides of all this, you kept being ignored and rejected.

At some point, it became dawned  on you that their mind had been made up already. Is time to move, you wish you could just erase the good memories you both had.

But unfortunately, that doesn’t seems to be happening so fast. You’ve lost both. This is when the feelings of regrets begins to surface, you wished you never pleaded in the first place, you wished you never showed them your weakness.

You felt humiliated for trying to plead for a second chance. You feel like a looser already for letting them know how devastated you were without them. now they are beginning to feel Egoistic.

At some point, you no longer have the interest of getting back your Ex, but to get back your self worth which had been dragged to the mud.

Now the question is how can you regain your self worth after a break up especially if you’ve done all the the listed above?

How to regain your self worth after a break up.

Regaining your self worth after a break up 2
Regaining your self worth after a break up

Admit it is over

One common mistake we usually make after a break up is to assume that we still have chances of making up with our Ex. And this is why we do a lot of things which tends to hurt our Ego and self worth.

Regaining your self worth after a break up first involves admitting that it is over especially when you’ve pleaded with them for a second chance.

Now is time to move on. Stop pleading, stop stalking them, stop bumping into places where you might see them.

Stop doing all that. Just pick up the remaining of your broken heart and esteem and move on. It is not too late to get back your esteem. It only entails quitting the effort of trying to get their attention back.

At a point, they will begin to wonder what suddenly happened. He/she hasn’t communicated or bugged me with calls for a while now. It is only then they will realize that you’ve become smarter and matured in your reasoning and attitudes.

Quit blaming yourself and admit you are a human. 

One attitude which often hinders people from regaining their self worth after a break up is constant blame on oneself.

It is human to blame yourself especially after putting aside your Ego to ensure it works out but all to no avail. You will begin to wish you never did that.

However, you also have to understand the fact that you are a human with emotions.

There is actually nothing wrong with fighting to get back what you once cherished. You did nothing wrong my dear. If you keep on blaming yourself, you will always feel worthless. And someday, they will notice that which will cause you more heartache.

Make your life awesome and enviable

This is the most effective way of regaining your self worth after a break up.

Nothing fans the ego more than having a successful life.Rather than spending your time posting your pictures on social media and tagging your Ex just to prove you’ve gotten over them,  why not spend it on being more productive. You don’t need to fake a good life without them.

You ought to make it a reality. Learn a good skill, be creative. Spend your energy in a productive activity.

Don’t plan on Revenge

After break up, most people plan on revenge as a means to get back their esteem which had been trampled with. They do this either by seeking for a way to make their Ex jealous or dating their best friend just to back at them.

This is a childish behaviors  and a sign that they haven’t moved on. The more you keep doing this, the more you are subjecting yourself to further heartache, especially if your Ex ain’t even observing that.

But  If you can quit doing all negative things we mentioned earlier, is just a matter of time, you will forget everything that happened, and your worth regained. Always remember that  moving  and regaining your self worth after a  break up after a break does not always happen instantly. But time they say makes it possible. With these steps, you can still find-confidence-after-a-breakup.




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