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Raising a child with 6 Good parenting technique

Good parenting tips
Good parenting tips

Good parenting technique is an act of raising children in the right and moral way. Good parenting is necessary for the moral, social, intellectual and psychological well being of the child.

Children are the most treasured inheritance, their vitality and value in a home cannot be overemphasized. This is why most married couples who are yet to convince some years after their marriage becomes worried, frustrated and depressed. Some who might had  lost hope of giving birth often resorts to adopting a child while still anticipating.

Moreover, there are people who got married for the sole purpose of  procreation, these all tops the reason why children are of great value to their parents and society at large.  Hence the need to groom them properly.

Children are like raw and natural gold. Despite its value, its glowing nature may not be  recognized except it undergoes several refining processes. Similarly, you can only bring out the best in a child when nurtured and groomed in an appropriate way.

Unfortunately, so many parents neglect this role. And that’s why we see a lot of children psychologically depressed despite having both parents. Being a parent does not just involve giving birth. Any woman in her reproductive age can give birth, but not every woman can nurture a child.

Training a child  is not an easy task, it requires a lot of patience, As their behaviors transforms as they get older. Before we talk about good parenting technique and what it implies, we are going to be looking on the different stages of growth in children .

Different stages of growth in children and the role of parents in each stage.

The infancy stage- this is the basic stage in every child’s life. Which usually begins from 0-2 years.

This is is the stage where a child learns how to crawl, walk, talk. At this stage, a child desires to be do things on its own without the aid of the parents or any adult.

For example a child at infant stage will at a point desire to explore what it means to do things on its own without the assistance of the parents. Like standing erect, walking, crawling or feeding him/herself.

Development stage– this is  stage that comes just after the infant stage. It is usually between 3-7 years. At this stage, the curiosity in children begins to develop.

They are so conscious of the environment which stirs the curiosity

in them. This is the stage where they often  observe the happenings in the environment.

At this stage, they always desire to  imitate certain things you do and sometimes your motives of doing them.

This is why children at this stage are usually difficult to control because they hardly stay at a place.

One minute, you are driving them away from the sitting room because they seem to be disorganizing things. The next minute they are playing with your mobile phone. Children at this stage ought to be watched closely to avoid endangering their lives.

The learning stage– this is  another vital  stage where the brain of a child begins to develop and advance usually begins from 7-11years.

At this stage, a child becomes more conscious of the environment and tends to copy every thing within a short time. This is why you would see some children doing certain things which are way above their age and you wonder where they learnt it from.


Most times, they learn It from you as their parents or from the society. As they watch you, their brains becomes so active to ingest whatever behavior or information you portray .

And before you say jerk, they become an expert in it. This is why parents need to be careful in whatever you do in the presence of this young ones. Don’t assume they are just kids, the truth is that they are silently observing and learning.

Avoid making love in their presence, avoid arguing or fighting in their presence. because all this negative behaviors sends the wrong signals to their brain.


The adolescent stage

This is the most critical stage in children. The transition from childhood to adult stage which usually begins from age 12-19.

This is the stage where everything can go wrong if not checked. at this stage, a child begins to set out plan for his/her life.

And the tendency of having a good future strongly depends on how he/she commenced and ended at this stage.

This is the stage where most parents often cries out because their children seems hard to control. At this stage, most children desires freedom. And wish to live a life free of excessive monitoring and restrictions.

one of their priority at this stage is to have their privacy, as they feel they have arrived. At this stage, emotional feelings begins to develop, as the desire to have a close friend of the opposite sex becomes intense.

Parents need to be more watchful at this stage  and treat their ward with caution as the tendency to be made or marred depends greatly on this stage.

several ways to raise a  child with Good parenting techniques.

Imbibing morals in them

One of the good parenting-tips in raising a child is by teaching them how to live a moral life.

One of the problem with most parents is that as soon as their ward begins school, they will leave every responsibility to  their teachers, forgetting they have the greatest role to play in the life of their ward.

Parents have to understand that academic learning is quite different from moral. The school might not teach them every good moral they need to learn, therefore, it is your duty as the parents to take up that part. There are some children who began to learn good morals even before they were enrolled in school. They learnt how to greet, respect

and respond politely to an elderly ones. This is because their parents never neglected their duty.

It is always good to begin early, as any moral you imbibe on a child at an early age stays within him/her. He/she grows with it and might find it difficult to deviate.

Express your love towards them

Another good parenting  technique is to Always express your love towards them. Discipline them when they misbehave, but at the same time,show them love.

Let them know you are doing that for their own good and not because you hate them. Don’t  abuse them or compare them with their colleagues to the point that they will begin to question if you are truly their biological parents.

Abusing  a child or always comparing a child  to another often brings about low esteem and inferiority complex.   It incurs hatred in them .

Always form the habit of declaring your love towards your children. Tell them that you love them repeatedly especially the adolescent females. With that, they won’t be lured by any male whose sole intention is to deceive them with such phrase.


Develop a cordial Relationship with them 

Good parenting tips

Another vital good parenting  tips  is to always have a parents-child relationship with your ward. Be so close to them, that they will always be open to you and never keep  any secret from you.

This is mostly important to the females one who are more vulnerable and prone to deceit, abuse and sexual molestation.

A lot of adolescent had fallen prey to bad life styles and men who never had good intention for them because they were afraid of speaking up. Some are currently undergoing molestation yet afraid to open up to their parents because there is no relationship existing between them and their parents. Aside the fact, that they are living together in the same apartment and taking care of their needs.

Moreover, Some parents are so bossy and unapproachable that the children often finds it burdensome to confide in them.  Develop that intimacy with your ward that they will begin to see you more like a best friend than a parent. And would feel free to confide in you at any point in time.

Don’t let them confide ina stranger or friends first. i am certain you know the outcome which is better expressed than experienced.

Respect their decision and always give them audience

This is where most African parents fails it. Being a parents does not imply being bossy and authoritative.

It is the duty of a child to accord respect to their parents. But parents owe the child his/her own respect too. And what do i mean by this? Always give them a listening ear too. Hear their own opinion and suggestion too. Don’t always issue instruction and make it a final verdict, without hearing their thought towards it.

Respect their own decision too even if it must not be carried out. They are human too. Respect their dreams, vision and goals. And allow them go for their dream course.

They also need freedom

Good parenting tips

A good parenting  tips involves giving  your ward a life free of so many restrictions and do’s and don’ts. i understand you are trying to restrict them from choosing the wrong path.

However, you ought to apply wisdom while doing that, and ensure you ain’t overdoing it.

Children who are being restricted so much by their strict parents end up being so curios with the urge to explore their environment and find out about that which  they are being restricted of. In the process of doing that, they might end up being led astray.

Such children who are being restricted so much are more vulnerable to deceit as a result of their naivety. let them be a bit exposed and know what is happening around them. that is for the adolescent ones.

Don’t Exclude sex Education.

One of the good parenting technique you must not neglect is sex Education. some parents find it as a taboo discussing sex Education with their children with the phobia that they are too young for that.and this is why we have so many cases of rape and molestation among children.

They seems to forget the fact that children learn faster as they get older and there are many peodophiles in the society. Don’t wait for your child to start hearing some words outstide.

Sex Education does not mean teaching a child how to have sex, but educating a child about his/her reproductive organ, body and the dangers associated with pre marital sex.

Don’t wait till they get older. Start early. be real don’t conceal anything. Tell them is penis and its function. Tell them it is vagina, and what it is meant for. Encourage them to report any male who tries to molest them or tamper with this organs. And finally advise on the need to remain celibate  till marriage.














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