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4 Reasons relationship ought to begin with friendship.

Relationship ought to begin with friendship

Every relationship ought to begin with friendship, yet so many are ignorant of this. Is quite easy and possible to meet someone of the opposite sex, get attracted to them and develop interest with them even without getting to know much about them. Such instances are so common this days as it explains the reason why the rate of break up’s and divorce are so prevalent in our society today.

Don’t quote me wrong. I am not trying to rule out the fact that instant relationships otherwise known as “love at first sight” where couples never became friends before actually becoming intimate Ain’t totally possible. However, I want to strongly emphasize on some positive reasons why a relationship ought to begin with friendship.

Four reasons why a relationship ought to begin with friendship.

Absence of intimacy.

These days, most relationships begins with intimacy, often making it difficult to differentiate if it was love that actually brought them together or lust. Is quite easy to start up a relationship with someone as a result of their body physique and facial beauty. But unfortunately, such relationships may not last as their isn’t any other ingredient that ignites it aside intimacy.

However, with friendship, you tend to build a lasting relationship because you’ve learn to love and accept them without any conditions attached.

When a relationship has its foundation on friendship, you spend more time discussing about each other’s goals and purpose in life. You wont ever be bored of one another, no matter how long you’ve been with each other. There is always something to talk about. Ranging from humours to your personal experiences in life. Even though, intimacy may still come, but that would be at a Much later stage of the relationship as you ain’t making it a priority.

Absence of pretense

Friendship creates a medium and room for transparency. Most relationship ended as a result of lies and pretense From one or both parties. It wasn’t real… Both were all acting up to impress each other. For instance, a man borrowing a flashy car from his friends just To meet a social media female friend for the first time. in other to get her attention and love.

Another instance is having to lie about your job or business status just to impress another . Such wouldn’t be necessary if you were friends and already knows what each other does for a living. , With intimacy, is all about dramas. But with friendship you will begin to adjust with each other, the moment you began to see some flaws and attitudes which you never knew was in existence in them.

It creates bond.

Friendship creates bond

Bond is one of the reason why relationship ought to begin with friendship. Haven’t you seen partner’s who wouldn’t separate despite the constant misunderstandings, fights, differences they normally have. their relationship ain’t so wonderful or perfect, but they have never thought of breaking up with each other. even when they do, they make up immediately because they can’t stand to see each other go their separate ways. this can only be possible when friendship is involved and had been made a priority in a relationship.

But when it is all about sex, you will always be pissed whenever your partner does something that infuriates you. There will always be threats of break up every now and then.

It induces trust and security .

Friendship induces trust and security.

Nothing Excites people than knowing that someone believes in them and are assured that they wouldn’t betray them in anyway. That feeling Is awesome .

And friendship increases its possibility. The word “friendship is quite different from romantic “relationship”.

Friendship is a form of relationship where you’ve built loyalty and sincerity with someone in such that you ain’t scared of being hurt by them.

Moreover, it is quite easy to betray someone you just met couple of days, got attracted and began an intimate relationship with him/her, than someone you’ve known for a very long time. The memories of your past lovely moments, what you both have been through together, the bad and good days, will make it difficult to betray them as your conscience will forever prick you. Read also

In a nut shell, Friendship may not guarantee a successful marriage, but it increases the chances of having one. Weather or not you began your relationship with friendship, is necessary you build the friendship with your partner to ensure a more lasting union.

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