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5 things Every singles should know


Every singles should know

There are several things every singles should know before considering spending their life time with that special one.

Life is made up of different phases/ stages, each stage each filled with its own good times and bad times, ups and down, challenging and victorious moments, expectations and disappointment. For example, As an infant, our expectations and needs are not really much other than being fed and taken care of by our parents/ wards.

As we grow up, our needs and desires begins to change and advance. As an  adolescent/ teenager, we feel the need of independence.

The need to be less restricted by our wards, even though that is almost impossible as they tend to protect and shield us so much against peer pressure, as a result of our vulnerability at such sensitive time and age.

From adolescent/ teenage age, we transform into a youthful stage where the need to be independent and achieve one’s dream is at its peak accompanied with youthful exuberance.

This is the stage where one begins to plan His/ her life as any decision made at this  point can either make or mar one.

There are two vital aspects every youths takes into consideration which has the tendency of determining the fate of their future. That is the achievement of dream and marital settlement. While the former may be accomplished by hard work and commitment.

The later doesn’t necessarily need hard work . but taking extreme precautions and ensuring you are prepared  psychologically, emotionally and economically . in other not to rush out soon. Hence the need to draft the topic. ” “what every singles should know”.  For one to achieve both aspects of dreams, there are certain knowledge that needs to be digested.

A lot of single men and women are seriously searching and anticipating for a life partner. But unfortunately, most ain’t prepared to handle the responsibilities that comes with it.  Deep down, they are overwhelmed by their age, and pressures from the society,friends and relatives. A lot often misinterpret such pressures and age factor as a sign of readiness. Hence their desire to settle down at all odds.

While others contradict the two terms ” marriage and dreams”. Some women have the mindset that one  can be used to substitute the other assuming both ain’t forth coming.  I’ve heard countless women conclude that if they couldn’t get a good paying job after graduating from school, they will endeavor to marry a rich man. According to their philosophy. ” they will definitely not loose out in both”.

A handful of others believes that getting a job and working towards accomplishing one’s dream is just for male genders. With such mindset, their philosophy and target in life is just to go to school, graduate and get hooked up with a rich fellow who would finally walk them down the  isle. This is a wrong mentality!!! Some others still believes that achieving one’s dream can be quite possible and easy at any stage, and hence they tend to relax while they are still single.

This is why every single should know certain things at some point in their life to avoid  making regrettable mistakes.and so what are those things?

5 things every singles should know. 

What every singles should know
What every singles should know


You are more advantaged now.

Every singles should know that they are more advantaged to accomplish their dream and be whoever they wish to be at this point than later. This is because marriage comes with a huge responsibility. When you marry,,is no longer about you, both your hubby and kids. There will be more house chores to do and kids to take care of.

All these may be accompanied with limited time. Haven’t you seen some men pleading or instructing their wives to resign from their job so as to take proper care of their homes?  Sometimes, such request may  be accompanied with a  compensation plan.Am not trying to say that is a good idea, neither am I portraying that one can’t handle both.

However, the message am trying to pass here is that while it  may be possible to  balance both, it may be quite difficult aand stressful.

This is  why one needs to be more dedicated and committed to his dreams now than later.  Your single hood should be a time of sowing seed. At this time, there is more enthusiasms and energetic spirit to spur on even when you might not be getting your desired result. While on the contrary, you will most likely to give up soon if you are married because of so many other responsibilities. Simply put, single hood is a time of sowing  whereas marriage is a time of harvesting. You plan in single hood, while you adjust in adult hood. Endeavour to utilize this stage to your advantage.

Marriage is a phase of  life.

Every youth should know that marriage is a phase of life and not a full accomplishment or achievement. Unfortunately, a lot of folks have this stereotyped view of marriage.

Some see it a substitute to their dreams. Hence they put their life on a pause mood while anticipating for it.

Marriage is great, but there is more to life other than marriage. You know why you feel so overwhelmed whenever the word ” marriage” is mentioned? It is solely because you haven’t been there. When we are inexperienced over something. We rate it extremely high and hold it in a high esteem. But once the experience begins, the worth and hype might diminish.

Marriage is not a bed of Roses.

Every singles should know that marriage is not a bed of roses. Some people believes that marriage is a moment of relaxation in one’s life.

Some women are anticipating for marriage with the sole reason of escaping the pressures at home, either from their siblings or parents. And so they assume that getting married will give them some kind of comfort  and solace they’ve always craved for. But unfortunately,marriage is not always as we presumed.

As hard as it sounds,We ought to prepare our minds for the worse, we have to prepare our minds for challenging and trying moments as well. Am not saying this to scare you. Certainly, there will be good times. However, be prepared in both ways as life is unpredictable. What matters is conquering at the end.

You can be  happy while single

Every singles should know that marriage does not and would never solve all their life problems. A lot of  people particularly women have lost  confidence   in themselves and resorted to   depression.  just because they feel age is no longer by their sides and  they haven’t gotten married.

The truth is, if you’ve not developed that self confidence in yourself, don’t ever assume that marriage will complement you. Love and cherish yourself first, hold yourself in high esteem, while waiting for the right person and the right time. While you are lamenting and sobbing that you haven’t gotten married. A lot of people are seriously undergoing emotional traumas in their marriage. Nothing guarantees complete happiness in life. You just have to find it within you and embrace it.

You can achieve whatever you wished to .

Every singles should know that success and achievement is a no respecter of age,social  status or family background. There ought to be no  excuse except the one you’ve admitted and chosen for yourself. You may not come from a wealthy background, but you alone can decide to change the status quo. Don’t live with it. Brace up, and make things happen. You are the positive change you’ve always anticipated.


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