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How to balance your love life and goals.

  • Love life and goals are one the vital aspects of life. Both are important because they help to build one into a better individual in the society. Going into  each stage could be a life transforming moment as they prepares you for  another phase of life.
  •  Let’s look at importance of each to our lives.
  • Love life.
  • Being in love is an awesome feelings. Especially when you are with the right one who feels the same.

Life without love could be boring. How do i mean? You are in a relationship with the expectation that it will eventually lead to marriage right? And getting married equally involves breeding a complete  and happy home which includes  (Your spouse and children). You wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life being lonely and single.Being in love with your job  is good but not the ultimate.

  • Now imagine having your goals in life  fulfilled without having a companion. Imagine Having a life filled with luxry, Good and furnished apartment, estates, huge money in your bank account, fleets of cars, different kinds of groceries. Without having anyone by the side  to complement it. Your spouse and children are meant to add spice to your achievement and compliment your effort. You need someone who would make that dream become a reality. Assuming you have that special one, whom by all indication has what it takes to support your dreams and help you achieve you goals. Would you rather risk loosing them, all because you want to achieve your goals? Knowing fully well, that there is probability of meeting a gold digger when the success finally arrives.


  • Goals.
  • Goals are very essential in life. setting a goal and achieving at the targeted time helps one become successful in life. Success has its own advantage towards a relationship. It may not be a priority, but is neccessary and adds spark to it. First, a successful person will be in a rightful mind to relate well with his/her partner. They can hang out or go to vacation to any place of their choice. Achieving your goals helps you raise your family and give them the best in life. As a man, No matter how passionate you are with a woman, you stand a chance of loosing her soon if you a’int working to have your dreams actualized. Because soon, she might meet someone who is ready to walk her down the isle.
  • This explanation summarizes the importance of love life and goals respectively. Hence the need to strike a balance between both.
  • Balancing Love life and goals can be daunting. But quite achieveable if you are determined.

How to Balance your love life and goals.

Set your priority.

Setting your priority involves knowing when to focus on a particular activity, while others could be kept pending for the moment. But that does not mean you are ignoring other activities. Your love life shouldn’t distract you from your goals. It is absurd to visit your lover when you are meant to be in school,  work place , or skill acquisation centre. Have a time table for your activities of the day. Schedule it in such a way that you won’t  end up  skipping an important activity. Morning hours should be for work and not for aimless visits. Weekends are often the best for visitations. Especially if you are always  busy within the week.

Communicate often 

One of the best ways to balance your love life and goals is by effective communication. Especially when you hardly have time to spend with your significant other as a result of tight schedule.  Ignoring them totally  is an indirect way to prove to them that they doesn’t matter. You don’t have to quit your activity, but a simple text is a reminder that they are always in your mind. Otherwise, they will assume you really don’t care and might be forced to move on. Communication helps to build bond and intimacy, especially when both are physically absent.

Build your trust.

Another effective way to balance your love life and goals is by building trust. trust brings about security and erases any form of suspicion. You can build that trust by being transparent with your significant other. Avoid doing things which could make them begin to suspend you every now and then. When your partner trusts you, you won’t have any cause for alarm. Because when you explain to them about your tight schedule, they won’t doubt you. They will simply understand while hoping you make an adjustment. But if reverse is the case, they may assume you are cheating on them. Which might be the end of the relationship. 


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