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A building under construction.

A building under construction has three important personalities which enables the building project come into accomplishment.they are.

A building under construction. 1
Building construction

The project owner

this is the basic and most important of all other personalities. He detects, directs and issue out instructions on how the project should be carried out. He is also responsible of all the financial responsibilities needed for the task to be accomplished.

The Engineer :

these are set of individuals who are trained in setting and mapping out a building plan. They also give out instructions to the laboureres, directing them on what to do.

The labourers:

they are the least personality. Their roles and functions depends solely on the owner and the Engineers. They can’t function or carry out any responsibility without being assigned.

Of all the list of personalities mentioned, the owner of the building project seems to be the bedrock and the basics of any building under construction.

This scenario gives an explicit definition of our responsibilities and accountability to our lives.
No matter how close or attached you are to certain kind of people. You still have to understand that other people’s opinion generally have the least role to play in your life. similarly, The duty of people in your life can be summarized as follows.

observe -your life is like diary, as each day passes by, people are so eager and often curious to know what becomes of you.

Critisize – there are people who often finds it so pleasuring and fun looking out for people’s fault and mistakes. Such people are ever ready to critisize others. They often look out for flaws rather than effort

Interpret – a lot of people are often ready to pass out their judgement after observations.

With all this illustrations, it can be deduced that You are the most important and essential personality of your life. Because you are the architect of your life. Your dreams and achievement depends and relies solely on the foundation you set up. While others observes and critisize you, your duty is to reshape and reconstruct your life into your desired form, just like the building owner. Others may contribute, but your opinion and decisions over your life becomes the ultimate.

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  1. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article!
    It is the little changes which will make the greatest changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!

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