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Should I go back to my ex?

Is it right to go back to your ex?

The issue of Ex’s surfacing from nowhere to interfere in a present relationship is a very critical issue that really calls for adequate attention.

The true definition of an EX.

The prefix “Ex”. Which was derived from the word Expired means no longer valid or in existence. When a  break up occurs, it is assumed that the relationship has come to an end and their presence in your life no longer exist. You then have two options. Either to make up by settling  whatever is the  issue or part ways.

If you’ve both chosen to part ways, you are expected to learn whatever lessons that is necessary and move on so as to avoid repeating it in your next relationship. Moving into another relationship immediately may not be the best especially if there are still unresolved feelings.

But reverse is the case today, so many people break up. Only to start entertaining distractions from their Ex’s. Don’t allow your ex ruin your present relationship. If you can’t handle the issue of  being friends with them without involving emotions, is better to  part ways and stop constant communications. Most times, they ain’t coming back  for a genuine reason. They called to see you doesn’t necessarily mean they missed you. It could be to lure you to their satisfaction and dump you afterwards.  I’ve never seen a food item retains its potency, value or taste after expiring. Or a product still strong and effective after undergoing series of repair. .
If you can’t resolve your issues during break up.

What makes you think you can resolve them after break up?
If they can’t change during the relationship, how do you think they would after break up?
Remember If you were both meant for each other, there wouldn’t be the break up in the first place. Whatever made them to leave you initially would still make them to leave you the second time.

Resolution after break up. How possible is it?

Respect your new partner. If you haven’t moved on, please save someone the heartache of being emotionally attached to you whereas your heart is still with another.
Don’t entertain ex’s distraction to avoid loosing at both ends.

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