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5 Dangers of rebound Relationship.

Dangers of rebound relationship
Dangers of rebound relationship



What are the dangers of rebound relationship?  This question is not an uncommon question.

So many folks desires to  get into a new relationship, probably as a way to forget their ex, without realizing the effect of falling in love immediately after a break up.


Heartbreak is the most awful and frustrating feelings no one even wishes for his/ her enemy. Its effect is synonymous to loosing a loved one.


You wished you could just wake up and realize it was just a dream. You can’t help but wish they could tell you they were only joking by ending it.


About Rebound relationship


Immediately, after the end of a relationship, a lot of people have this urge to mingle again. Especially the one whose heart was broken or who still have a spot or feelings for their ex. Is just hard to come into terms that you can’t be with them again.


They are scared of being single again, probably because their life and everything that concerns them revolves around the relationship. And so they smile at every opposite sex that comes their way, gives out their digit to every stranger they meet anywhere.


Pay attention.


Just because your relationship has ended, doesn’t mean your life ought to end as well. But rather it should be the beginning of a new phase in your life. Do not be in a haste to jump into a new relationship especially if you have not healed completely from your previous relationship.

Dangers of rebound
Dangers of rebound relationship

What you should do  after a break up. 


This is the period to re- evaluate your life, this is the period to improve in your career, skills and intellect. This is the period to improve in every other aspect of your life including relationships .this is the period to Learn from your mistakes to
Know where you didn’t get it right. no matter how bad the relationship was or the state of trauma it left you in, there is always a lesson to learn from that experience. To know how best to handle your next relationship in other To avoid such reoccurrence . let’s look out some of the dangers of rebound relationship some reasons-why-rebound-dating-ain’t healthy.



Dangers of rebound Relationship.



One of the dangers of rebound relationship is over expectations. When you are still stuck with the feelings of your ex, you will often expect your rebound relationship to possess the same trait as your ex. You will have a stereotyped  description on how you want the relationship to be. This is just similar to being in an Imaginary relationship. When is becoming apparent that  this expectations ain’t going  to  be a  reality, it often leads to the second dangers of rebound relationship which is



 comparison is  another apparent dangers of rebound relationship . you might end up comparing your new love with your ex. There is a big difference between falling in love and having a rebound partner. The former occurs naturally, with genuine feelings. While the later happens for a purpose. Either to get back at your ex or get over the feelings. At first, you might try to adjust with them.It might seems like you are beginning to adapt with this new love. But some where along the line, you might begin to miss your ex, hence fantasizing about the memories you once had with your ex, which will end up in comparison. 

The truth is that most rebound relationship usually doesn’t end well and doesn’t last for long too. Because you will end up comparing your new lover with your ex. Toiling with their feelings and subjecting them to emotional trauma. And by so doing, you are inviting karma into your life. 

Mixed feelings


True love just like the name implies is a true and honest feelings. It comes with a genuine  heart void of doubts and  deceit. Whereas rebound relationship can be deceitful because the feelings ain’t sincere and genuine.

and the love ain’t true. Sometimes, you may feel you are beginning to fall in love with your rebound. At other times, you will assume they are just a rebound and nothing more. This will often leave you with an unstable mind. And so the question is how long do you intend to continue having those feelings? 



Vulnerability is another visible dangers  of Rebound relationship . it  makes you vulnerable to more heartbreaks. Because as your looking for a shoulder to lean on, some people will try to take advantage of the situation.

They will use and dump you leaving you in a more depressed state than you were before. A lot of people particularly women have fallen victim to this.  After  an awful break up, especially the one initiated by the other party.  is natural to seek for solace and comfort in the arms of an opposite sex.

But unfortunately, one might  be misled by another who has an ulterior  motive different from the one possessed by the victim.  

Clingy and  neediness.

When you get into a rebound relationship, you might be leading the other party on. He/ she might assume that you want a real relationship, hence might give in so much  commitment to the relationship. When they suddenly finds out your intention, they might find it difficult to move on because they had already fallen in love with you. The negative aspect of it is that they will end up becoming so needy. Such neediness can lead to obsession .am certain you know the effects of having someone so obsessed with you. It can be so scary and threatening. The victims  might seek for revenge if they don’t have their feelings reciprocated.  In other to prevent this, avoid leading people on and stirring their emotions just to  get over a hurt. You are only subjecting them to an emotional trauma of what they are ignorant of. And such might equally lead to karma. 

In summary, say no to rebound!!! Allow yourself to heal before venturing into a new relationship. Rebound can only make you a slave to your emotions and feelings.




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