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Am i making the wrong sacrifices in a relationship?

Wrong sacrifices in a relationship
Wrong sacrifices in a relationship




Are you making the wrong sacrifices in a relationship? Are you sacrificing so much in a relationship? Does it ever feel you are going an extra mile to keep your relationship? Does it feel you are being manipulated by your partner by doing things which you wouldn’t have done ordinarily  Are you having any experience with any of this? Then I must commend for reading this article.

First, is there such things as wrong sacrifices in a relationship? How exactly can a sacrifice go  wrong?

The word “sacrifice” is a very sensitive term. It means a lot in a general aspect, It is an act of benevolent and kindness towards humanity. It equally denotes a huge prize we pay to achieve a great and magnificent things in life.

To be successful in life, one has to pay the sacrifice of hard work, persistence, perseverance and tenacity. For a student to succeed in his/ her academic pursuit, sacrifices needs to be made. Such sacrifice entails reducing the sleeping and leisure hours,and spending more time in one’s study.

People who engage in diabolic acts to succeed also make sacrifices to keep their status quo. Sacrifice is an inevitable part of life.  However, when the term ” wrong” has been attach to it, it simply means that something ain’t right.

Is either that one is sacrificing with the wrong intention or sacrificing in the wrong places . In Relationship, most of  us makes a lot  of sacrifices just to ensure that our relationship works. Such act is good, as it denotes commitment and the value one has towards the relationship.

However, there are times when we do it in a wrong way. There are situations when making sacrifices  might not be necessary especially in  trying to make a relationship work. And now the question is. How can you know when you are making the wrong sacrifices in a relationship?what are some of the sacrifices-you-should-never-make-in-a-relationship?

4 signs you are making the wrong sacrifices in a relationship.

Compromising your values.

Is quite unfortunate that a lot of folks finds it difficult to differentiate between compromise and sacrifice.

I once had a conversation with a young woman who was severally broken and traumatized from a broken relationship.

I paid attention as she lamented on how she invested emotionally and sacrificed a lot to save her relationship but all to no avail.

I became curious  to understand the kind of sacrifice that prompted to such break down and complaint like this. I was so shocked to hear that she accepted Anal sex just to keep his partner and save the relationship.

Yet after doing all this,she still lost the relationship. I wouldn’t say she was lured into it because it was solely her choice and decision. She might be under pressure, but not under any obligation. When you sacrifice for someone, you do things that  will be of immense benefit to them. You go extra miles to put a smile on their face.

But certainly not at the expense of your own happiness. When you sacrifice in a relationship, you do things to spice up the spark in your relationship. But not at the detriment of your own happiness.

You sacrifice to have the receiver benefit, and not to harm you in return. No matter how you love your partner or spouse. You certainly can’t lay down your life for them. Or can you?  There are other ways to show them you truly love them.

That is what sacrifice entails. Remember, that your are equally special and important.

They wouldn’t want to loose you if they truly love you. When you compromise. You ruin your goals, ambitions, purpose and in some cases life.  But when you sacrifice, you do things that will benefit  your partner or strengthen your relationship. Even if they don’t appreciate your effort, you might not have much to loose.

Consistent sacrifice without reciprocation.

One of the common ways people make wrong sacrifices in a relationship is sacrificing in a relationship and yet nothing having it reciprocated. No doubt, we are not meant to seek for rewards when making sacrifices, it ought to be done willingly.

However, when it comes to relationship, there ought to mutual concept and reciprocation. Without which it might be regarded as a one sided relationship  We sacrifice willingly, but most times as humans we expect to get reciprocation.

This reciprocation shows mutual intention. It depicts appreciation.  In relationship, it is not the duty of an individual to keep it soaring. It ought to be a collective effort. So when you see yourself always making sacrifices in a relationship without having it reciprocated, I must be honest with you, you are simply making a wrong sacrifice in a wrong place. The earlier you realize this, the better for you.

Sacrificing as an obligation and not willingly.

One of the major  characteristics of sacrifice is that it is not imposed on one. It ought to be done willingly. You are neither under any obligation or duress to make sacrifices.

When you are sacrificing under this condition, it is a sign you are  in a   toxic relationship  You shouldn’t be compelled to make sacrifices. It should be your sole decision. You should have thought of it and see it as something that truly Worths your time and effort.


You are sacrificing to win your partner’s love.

This is one of the common mistakes and wrong sacrifices most people make in a relationship. Sacrificing just to  keep a loved one or secure their heart in the future. But can you really secure someone if they don’t wish to be secured? I really don’t think so.

An example is sponsoring a woman in her academics with the intention of getting marital benefits from her. Such is a wrong sacrifice. Humans are unpredictable. And as long as they ain’t married to you yet, the choice and decision to accept your marriage proposal is still their’s to make.

They owe you no explanation whatsoever. A lot of people had fallen into chronic depression as a result of this.

Making commitments with the intention of having a future benefit. But ironically, it doesn’t always work as we presume or expected. Women ain’t excluded too. Some has made a commitment just to secure a future with a man. This is what we call making wrong sacrifices in a relationship. Not until there is a mutual intention and understanding, such sacrifice will not secure the relationship.












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