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5 signs you are loosing your worth in a relationship






5 signs you are loosing your worth in a relationship 3Loosing your worth in a relationship is the easiest route to Emotional manipulation and abuse. A lot of people get so entangled with the butterfly feelings at the beginning of a new relationship. They see the relationship as a goddess that needed to be worshipped and honored at a very point in time. With such mindset, nothing else matters.  Even when their happiness seems to be affected. They are ready to secure and fight for their relationship even at the detriment of their happiness.  But ironically, we can’t fight to be loved. We can only fight for love. This is what a lot of folks especially those who haven’t realized their worth are ignorant of.

You can only accept to be in a relationship, you can only discuss about your preferences  to your partner. But then, how they chose to act afterwards is strictly up to them.  Just like the saying. ” you can force a horse to the stream, but you can’t force it to take water. And so what should you do at this point? Always remember your worth.

What is self worth?

“Worth”on its own signifies the value we place on a thing or item.  There are so many gadgets, clothes or accessories  we may desire to have them. But we can’t afford them at the moment probably because their prize is too high. And this prize determines its worth. It shows how relevant and valuable the item is.

Now the definition is no different when self is attached to it. It shows the importance and value you attach on your self. Now, you are not an item or commodity  that is meant to be prized or patronized.

However, your worth lies on the value you place on yourself. This value determines how you love yourself and wish to be treated by others.

This value will help you realize that you are the best version of you and so you  deserve the best. It will help you take charge of your life to the point that you can never tolerate any form of abuse or Ill  treatment from people. You will never settle for less or compromise your principle in the bid to please someone.

You will never thread your happiness for just anything. It builds self enables one to see the good in him/ herself even when no body else does.

But unfortunately, loosing your self worth  may derail all these.  You can’t really give out what you don’t have. When there is no self love, relationship suffers a times. Because  in the bid to secure your partner’s attention,you might end up being unnecessarily paranoid and insecure thereby scaring them away.

What are the signs that you are gradually loosing your self worth in a relationship what are the signs that -you’ ve- suddenly forgotten-your worth in a . Let’s find out.

Signs that you are loosing your worth in a relationship.

Begging for attention.

Love is not an  obligation that one has to impose on another. It has to be given freely, and reciprocated without composure or persuasion.  It is awesome to be in love, but it is wired to beg for love.

Begging for love only signifies that you ain’t competent to have them. You are indirectly telling yourself that you don’t deserve their love.

Hence, they are only doing you a favor by dating you. If you want to hold in high esteem and respected by your partner, do not beg for attention.  I understand this is the most difficult thing to do when in love.

There is always a curiosity to find out why your calls are never returned, why they hardly visit or permits you to visit. But do you know the most annoying thing? Why trying to feed your curiosity, you might end up loosing your  worth.

You will never get the attention because you’ve ended up boosting  their Ego by giving them the impression that you can’t live without them.  And the more they ignore you, the more you get hurt.

Willing to compromise.

One of the obvious sign that you are loosing your worth  in a relationship is having to comprise your standard or principle just to please a partner. When I hear a lady say she  had sex just to keep her relationship or avoid her partner from cheating.

I often imagine an individual with a low self esteem.  Relationship needs the respect from both parties in other to thrive.  If they can’t respect your decision, it simply means they don’t value you. When you see yourself doing wired things or accepting any obligation just to please your partner because he/ she threatens to leave, then you are loosing your  worth in such relationship. And soon, you may realize it doesn’t really worth especially if they have no genuine love for you. You don’t have to lower your standard just to please anyone.

You always apologize at their own fault.

Aplogy is one of the best antidote towards having a successful relationship/ marriage. However, Apology has to be a mutual virtue . both partners ought to possess it. It is a sign of respect to your partner and a regard to the relationship. If you are in a relationship where you ought to apologize at any slightest provocation just to keep the relationship moving. Is high time you have a rethink. Owing up to one’s responsibility is a sign of maturity and responsibility, Apologizing when at fault is a sign of respect and value to a relationship.

People who find it difficult to use the five lettered words” sorry” do that deliberately  just to boost their Ego and show their relevance. And when you are consistently doing that on their behalf, they may never change.

Such behavior  continues even in marriage.Now ask your self. Will this relationship still survive if I decide to keep mute just like they do? Sometimes, you need to show your relevance and worth by allowing them own up to their faults. It shows that you know your worth, hence you can’t accept any form of humiliation from anyone.  Let them know that you deserve to be accorded respect too. Why not break that status quo.

Stop loosing your worth in the bid to save a relationship. They need put their own effort to save it as well.


You are scared to be lonely.

Do you always find yourself getting paranoid or being scared whenever they threatened to leave? Then you are loosing your worth. This is the common reason why so many people get stuck in a toxic relationship. Self confidence is a virtue everyone needs to possess. Basically, you don’t need a relationship to be happy. Your happiness should be borne out of the fact that you really appreciate your self and achievement. Every other factor including relationship becomes a complement.

You fight your rivals

Being with a partner who cheats and sees himself as a trophy that needed to be won by many contestant can be annoying. It feels like you are in a tough contest with different competent individuals with just one interest and aim. ( to win his heart).

You loose your self worth when you engage in such. And the worse being fighting your rivals just to be at the top of the game. Always remind yourself that you are a trophy too. You deserve the better. You are loosing your worth when you keep fighting for people who doesn’t give a damn about you.



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